The Mountain Kingdom

Description: The Iron Peaks is a mountainous country. Snow-covered peaks and treacherous gorges mark this domain, defying any who would traverse it. The air feels crips and thin in the upper reaches of the mountains, and wind can chill a traveler to the bone. Rivers race through the ravines, carving their way through the rock as they’ve done for millennia. Hardy aspens cling to the urth, and shrubs cover the entire landscape. The Iron Peaks protect neighboring Grudgewood from the worst weather — which means the Mountain Kingdom is buffeted all the worse. The howling of the winds, like lost spirits in these ranges, makes locals whisper that those who lose their lives in the mountains must inhabit the wind for all time.

The hobgoblins of the Mountain Kingdom have done little to mar the outer surface of the mountains — instead, they build fortresses within. Each province has one such fortress, the home of a single and powerful family. Though the crags may grow rough and battered by wind, the interiors of each clanhome are marvels. Not all settlements exist below ground of course — but one of the reasons the Mountain Kingdoms do not fear invasion is because they can always retreat to their rocky fortresses.

Capital: Rivenrock is the capital province, and Stone’s Rejoicing the capital city. The overthane rules here personally. All matters of justice teh thanes cannot decide come before Gregg Greyface here. This settlement has become the domain’s center of trade.

Trade Goods: Mountain crafted weapons and armor are highly sought after throughout the Westlands. However, they rarely leave the Mountain Kingdom itself — hobgoblins of this region tend to trade with one another exclusively. The main trade route leads to Hooptown, and other routes include those to the Horse Plains and to the Bread Basket.

Allies: The Mountain Kingdom has no true allies. They are too proud and suspicious to ask for help of the humans and kobolds to the east, or even to the other goblins to the north and west.

Enemies: Neither do the hobgoblins of the Mountain Kingdoms have mortal enemies.

Special Conditions: Unknown to most, there is a unique breed of orcs living under the Iron Peaks — the orog, a vicious and intelligent race distantly related to the orcs of the North. The goblins of the Mountain Kingdom are locked in a constant war of defense, keeping the orog locked under the mountains.

The Mountain Kingdom

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