The Horse Plains

Description: The wide, rolling land of the Horse Plains varies from grassland to swamp to rocky highland — making it prime territory to raise horses, cattle, and sheep. Those who tend the roaming herds are called landrunners. These rangers, trained from birth to know the animals of the plains, ward the animals from dangers both humanoid and wild.

These plains and highlands are home to some of the toughest goblins of the Westlands. Some have shady pasts, some live blameless lives. All feel grateful to their regent, the Mhor, for the chance to live in relative freedom. This large domain is sparsely populated and the locals don’t care much for the constant presence of outsiders.

Capital: The capital of the Horse Plains is the fortress Bevaldruor, or Shieldhaven. It lies in the province of the same name, atop a rocky bluff that overlooks miles of plains. Its central location the kindgoms means the Guardians can reach a problem anywhere in the domain with relative haste. Shieldhaven’s strategic importance requires invaders to take it in order to hold the province — but first they have to reach it. The Guardians are excellent defensive fighters and are capable of outlasting most foreign sieges.

Trade Goods: Freshwater fish, game from trappers and hunters, crops raised by freesteaders, wool and mutton from shepherds, beef and cattle livestock, and, of course, horses are the Plains’ main exports.

Allies: The Mhor views the nearby Rittersmarch as a friendly vassal — though the growing friendship between Rittersmarch and Grudgewood has strained relations for all. The Horse Plains are allies with the people of the Bread Basket. The Mhor remains the only defender of trade routes between Rittersmarch and the Bread Basket, meaning both domains will always try to keep him happy.

Enemies: At best, the Horse Plains and Trident’s Lake are uneasy neighbors; at worst, the Mhor works to restrain Baron Tael’s land-hungry tendencies without angering him enough to invade. A state of cold neutrality exists with the Delta King to the north.

Special Conditions: One needs to know only a few laws in the Horse Plains. Most of them seem like common sense, boiling down to one essential rule: Do anything you please, as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else. Also, the Mhor has made it illegal to consort with or employ ogres and giants. Magic is viewed as deadly, dangerous, and best avoided.

The Horse Plains

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