The Borderlands

Description: The Borderlands are one of the least developed domains in the Westlands. It has swamps to the east, a major freshwater lake to the west, and borders the vast Northern reaches to the north. The interior terrain — verdant grassland — stays farmed and fenced. Residents of the Borderlands keep to their own business — but they know their neighbors, and they will defend their companions to their dying breaths. Though solitary, they are fiercely loyal.

Only three of the seven provinces of the Borderlands are inhabited and settled. Borderland residents do not wish to see their land destroyed through war, and it is well that the domain’s neighbors feel the same way — no army has ever marched this domain. Any ruler who would despoil the shady trails of the forests here would see her allies turn to enemies and her enemies raving for blood. An unspoken truce exists here.

Folks say a group of bandits has hidden out in the depths of the marshlands, yet no one has ever produced any evidence. Some think the interlopers are lizardfolk, while others call the whole story a lie.

There are eight settlements scattered through the Borderlands. These towns average a population of about 1,000.

The Borderlands

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