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5: Golden Voyages, part two: Urth to the Moon

The Revengers have returned.

Emerging from the depths of the Underdark, our band of heroes find themselves in sweaty, jungled land called The Middlemarsh. Mildred the Mad remembers a life unlived. Bea Purplebottom remembers her familial home. Bertram Figg remembers past failures.

Ervendio Kuraphai sees signs that point to his birthplace, on the Moon. Valeria Janglemancer is faced with signposts from long ago. Golgaraz Saerilus looks to the east, where more pieces of the rod call to him.

It’s been two years since this band of heroes began their journey in the Haunted Halls of Grudgewood. What will they find when they return? Will their actions help the forces of Law … or plunge the Urth into Chaos?

These are the days of high adventure!

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