Grudgewood Region

Description: Largely unsettled wildlands, the central point of the Grudgewood region is Grudgewood itself: once a backwater mining outpost near some abandoned ruins, Grudgewood has become a bastion of hope for humanity.

Allies: Rittersmarch.

Enemies: Fort Hangtooth Region, Cano City

Special Conditions: A trade route with the Oakenburgh province in Rittersmarch brings lumber to Grudgewood, and sends silver to Oakenburgh.

Alignment: Chaotic-good

Grudgewood (4/1) high: Law: RA (3); Temples: CM (1), CW (1); Guild: MM (2), RA (1); Sources Dr (1).
Eddistone (1/4) avg: Law Dr (1); Temples x Guild RA (1) Sources Dr (2), DB (2)
South Cliffs (2/3) avg: Law RA (1); Temples BK (1) Guild LBFF (2); Sources Dr (0), DB (2)

abbreviations: RA=Red Al; MM=Mayor Mammarie; BK=Barrow Knights; CM=Church of Martiff; Dr=Drea, DB=Duke of Bark (fort hangtooth), Ne=Cult of Nemo; LBFF=Last Barrow Fish Folk & Co; CW=Church of the West, SR=Sri Raji

Law: Red Al and the Barrow Knights split control of Grudgewood-proper, but more than once their forces have come into physical conflict. There has been little bloodshed, but tensions continue to rise. Elsewhere in the domain, roaming forces loyal to the Duke of Bark patrol what is mostly wilderness.
Temples: (temple of martiff))
Guilds: Mayor Mammarie oversees most legitimate businesses, including banking, Grudgewood trade, and the Canicus Dias School. Red Al keeps a finger on “illegitimate” trade in the region.
Sources: Drea the Frowzywig is the primary arcane power in the domain, and has claimed the tower at Eddistone Point as her own. Along the southern cliffs, the Duke of Bark holds sway.

Regency Generated-Accumulated: 67-16
Treasury: 19 GB

Trade Routes: Grudgewood to Oakenburgh (Rittersmarch), silver::lumber?; South Cliffs to Sri Raji, I forget::coffee etc; Grudgewood to Mountain King., cheese/grain/books::metal farm & mining tools

Army: The armies of the Grudgewood Region consist of the Last Barrow Knights, the kobold Flapping Wings mercenary company. There is one unit of knights in Eddistone — formerly Barrow Knights, now they are sworn to Drea.

  • 2 unit of archers
  • 1 units of knights
  • 1 unit of cavalry
  • 1 unit of infantry (stationed in the Shattered Hills)
  • 1 unit of scouts

Regent: Red Al is the major authority here, but his power is challenged from within — Aloyisius Bouchard of the Barrow Knights openly opposes him at times, and Mayor Mammarie is, by title, the elected ruler of Grudgewood. The Duke of Bark’s forces & influence creeps down from the south, and it’s only a matter of time before rising tensions turn into open conflict.BLOODLINE: minor, 10.

Important NPCs: Red Al, Bunk, Brit Hulme, Drea, Doon Urd, Durge, Dragoon Kys Urd, Father Robert, Gorge Entome, Hennelly, Jelmayne Vissius, Aloysius Bouchard, Karl Cutter, Mayor Mammarie, Mae Urd, Phillaeus Phillbert, Rex,

Grudgewood Region

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