Grudgewood is a frontier town at the southern end of the Goblin Kingdoms. Located near the Grudgewood Bluffs, the relatively new settlement has no permanent government, no laws — and no legal authority to even exist.

The unofficial leader of Grudgewood is Red Al rumored to be a former bandit and thug who now runs the Lonesome Tankard, colloquially known as the Tank, an inn and saloon that is the hub for adventurers and locals alike.

Grudgewood exists in the rough, hot, southern Westlands. It sprang seemingly overnight from the wilderness when ruins were discovered relatively close by, since dubbed the “Haunted Halls.” The Halls were once a fortress of some kind, but over the centuries they have become infested with monsters. In spite of several attempts to explore them, the Halls continue to draw adventurers, explorers, and those interested in forgotten magic. Despite these continued expeditions, the Halls remain home to dangerous beasts, unsprung traps, and — perhaps — undiscovered treasure.

Just outside of town are the remains of Mad Hettie’s hut. Once the town’s apothecary, she was killed as retribution for an attack on the goblin tollkeepers of a nearby bridge.

Grudgewood represents the “magic rush” of the Westlands, in which humans and other species try to snap up the remains of a forgotten time that have been largely ignored by the goblins.

Grudgewood is less than a week’s ride from Fort Hangtooth, a goblin castle ruled by the Duke of Bark. The Duke has declared Grudgewood “a human blight that will be wiped from the Westlands,” but so far he has taken no obvious steps to make this happen.



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