AD&D - New World

78: The Risen King

our heroes meet the wolf...

Drea is dead, but the battle rages on!

The Risen King, formerly Aloysius Bouchard, comes down the stairs from the tower above. The rod-bearers — Ervendio, Golgaraz, Valeria — feel instinctively that, though this is the body of the fallen Aloysius, it appears to be a corpse animated by the spirit of the Wolf of Arcworth — Nemonad Arcworth himself!

“You are arrived too soon,” says the Wolf, “but I will see you returned to my bosom!”

The death knight Sir Robert Husk points to Valeria and unleashes a devastating power word: kill. Though she should die, it is Marq Urd who sacrifices himself so that his knight and master might live. “Second” Marq falls, and Valeria falls apart.

The battle falls into chaos. Nemonad summons several spider-fiends and one of the Barrow Knights turns against them. Bea is separated from the others and one of her spells surges — she now believes herself to be her most charming with her finger up her nose. Husk hurls a fireball at the party — Valeria’s holy trident deflects it, saving their lives. Ervendio and Golgaraz turn the party ethereal and they escape Eddistone Point.

The Revengers have met their enemy and they have fled. They bring the corpse of Marq Urd, but they leave behind the Barrow Knight who turned against his fellows when he sensed evil around them. Fleeing back toward Grudgewood, they intercept a message from Eddistone that reads:

Regretful announcement that Drea the Frowzywig has passed … suspicious circumstances … please detain the Knights of Grudgewood for questioning

At the toll bridge they bury Marq. Golgaraz magically constructs an elaborate crypt for their friend, and Valeria composes a poem in his honor:

In this tomb lies a knight who was so bold;
with a sweet dog-like mien
and a heart never mean
if you know what I mean.
a noble and virtuous kobold.

For adventure he never sought no gold
He would fight for the right
to do only what’s right
up until his last rite.
That noble and virtuous kobold.

He died fighting evil long foretold,
but he left his own mark
when his blows hit their mark
and he cried “I am Marq!”
And we weep for our virtuous kobold.

Camping and putting their friend to rest, Carol/Ann wonders aloud what and why they had just fought, fled, and lost for. Why did Drea have to die? What was she doing with Husk and the Wolf? Was she in league with them, or their thrall?

What now for the Knights of Grudgewood? For Mildred’s Revengers?

Group Awards
Escape from the Wolf 600

Group Total: 600 Individual Award: 100

Individual Totals
Bea 3100 (Finger Pickin’ Charmer 3000, Group 100)
Ervendio 3100 (What Did We Just Fight For? 3000, Group 100)
Golgaraz 3100 (Ethereal Guide 3000, Group 100)
Kit 3100 (Parley Deferred 3000, Group 100)
Mildred 3100 (Almost A Frowzywig 3000, Group 100)
Valeria 3100 (Weep for a Virtuous Kobold 3000, Group 100)


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