AD&D - New World

77: Infernal Command

our heroes return to Eddistone Point...

Valeria says goodbye to her grandparents in Sri Raji. As they prepare to travel the urth in their own right — their generations-long task of looking after Kit’s egg finally complete — Valeria secretly slips 200 gold pieces into their luggage. They, too, slip 200 gold pieces into Valeria’s bags.

The Revengers travel to Skunt by mushroom boat, a bustling fishing village in the south of Barrow Wood — a kingdom they have played such a key role in building. From Skunt they catch a trade caravan to Grudgewood. This part of the kingdom, once a wild and wooly playground for brigands, was now downright civilized.

The Revengers encounter a familiar white camel — it’s Georgie! He not only survived the spider-fiend attack back in Amara, he’d been bought and traded all the way to Grudgewood. Georgie gets spooked when Kit tries to eat him, and all of the caravan camels run away. Valeria jumps atop Georgie and calms him; the others are reined in by Valeria and Chow Chow.

Returning to Grudgewood, Valeria meets Mayor Mammarie. Bea tries to intercept/interject in their interactions, in case Mammarie proves to be a bad influence. Mammarie invites Bea to an upcoming town meeting, which Bea accepts.

Mildred, Valeria, and Marq head out to Mildred’s grave. Mildred digs up her own bones — touching them, Mildred’s demon lord speaks to her. Mildred’s two bodies are … merged. The memories of her two lifetimes are returned to her and she finds herself an old kobold again. Her demon lord tells her she’s finally met her first challenge. Her next task is to destroy the Frowzywig — Drea, the Purple Witch of Eddistone Point, and one of the rulers of Barrow Wood itself.

After Mildred’s “resurrection,” she and Bea compare memories. They were both dead once, they met on the Yggdrasil. Bea gives her corpse’s mummified finger to Mildred.

At Red Al’s tavern, Mildred makes a case to go confront Drea — but she withholds her intention to kill her at the behest of a demon lord of chaos.

The Revengers return to the toll bridge, the site of one of their first adventures. This time, they pay the toll to cross — a copper piece apiece. They travel to Eddistone, around which a small village has bloomed. They are met by wary guards, who tell them Drea is very busy — too busy to meed with adventurers. But they announce themselves as the Knights of Grudgewood and are granted entry.

The first floor of Eddistone Point has been changed from a stable to an audience chamber. Drea sits on a grand dais, with a hulking and menacing armored man to her side — Kit recognizes him as Sir Robert Husk, the Arrikkhan and a death knight. Husk radiates evil, but Drea does not.

Kit initiates peaceful parley as Mildred tries to pick a fight with Drea. Drea is reluctant — she will not give up her title as the Frowzywig. Drea says The Risen King — formerly Aloysius Bouchard, but now a living god — is resting and unavailable to be seen.

Valeria asks Drea is she realizes Husk is evil. Drea says that good and evil, law and chaos, are all tools in the hands of their wielders. Valeria draws her trident and challenges Husk to combat — Husk accepts! Mildred mutters thankfully under her breath.

The Barrow Knights rally around Drea and Husk. Golgaraz webs some of the knights and Lil Yankee throws a boomerang at them. Bea conjures a shadow elephant and Ervendio prays for his party’s protection. Marq takes a defensive position near Valeria, who begins her duel with Husk.

Drea dimension doors away, but inadvertently leaves her owl familiar behind — the same owl who once came to the Revenger for help when Drea was imprisoned in this very tower. Mildred magic missiles the owl, killing it. Drea dies — the demon lord appears to Mildred again, telling her this was completed her second of three tasks. Her next and final task is to tame the living god.

Drea is dead, but the battle continues….

Group Awards
Georgie! 1000
Overdue Toll 1000
Drea the Frowzywig 12,000

Group Total: 14,000 Individual Totals: 2334

Individual Totals
Bea 5334 (Civic Responsibility 3000, Group 2334)
Ervendio 5334 (Captain of the Knights of Grudgewood 3000, Group 2334)
Golgaraz 5334 (Boomerang Yankee 3000, Group 2334)
Kit 5334 (Parley 3000, Group 2334)
Mildred 5334 (Self-Resurrection 3000, Group 2334)
Valeria 5334 (Hump-Wrangler 3000, Group 2334)


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