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66: Out of the Underdark

our heroes see sunlight

Mildred, having infiltrated a Temple of Lolth in pursuit of divine drow secrets, hastily exits when the priestesses there turn on her. Likewise, Bea and Valeria leave the home of Orlo the vampire when they find the cost of restoring Bea’s sight to be too great. There are many opportunities for adventure and reward in Erelhei-Cinlu, but the pervasive evil of the drow makes it hard for the Revengers to take advantage.

Back at the Inn of the Spider’s Nest, Ervendio has set up overlooking the druids in the stables. Golgaraz communes with LEX, who tells him the seventh piece of the rod is upward, and to the northeast.

Meanwhile, Bertram has set a trap for Klakko, after recruiting a band of gamblers who run a long con on Klakko. They track the deep gnome to a gambling den called the Grub, and then lure him to an inn called Hideaways where they take him for every piece of gold he has — which is only about 1/3rd of what he took from Bertram. Bertram ensures Klakko’s loyalty through fear — using the same tactics he once tried on Paqi. This time it works and Klakko promises to gather information for Bertram — “numbers, movements, everything.” Klakko isn’t entirely sure what that means, but he promises to do it.

Back at the inn, Ervendio and Golgaraz hear a commotion downstairs. Maeve has been killed by a drow patrol after stepping out into the street without her traveling cloak, which has been stolen from her. The other druids are distraught and want to battle the drow. Valeria and Bea come upon the scene, and though they do not agree with the drow’s reasoning for killing Maeve, they realize they must respect the dark elves’ laws.

Ervendio prays to the Kuraphai, asking who stole Maeve’s cloak. The rat is their answer.

Initially Carol/Ann is questioned about the cloak, but she denies it; also she is very drunk from serving as Bertram’s bait. Also, she keeps staring at Golgaraz’s butt.

That’s about the time Mildred returns to the inn. Mildred doesn’t deny “borrowing” Maeve’s cloak, but believes it’s Maeve’s own fault for venturing out without it. The druids are ready to strike out on their own, and Ervendio, Valeria, and Golgaraz are all of the same mind: this city is evil, the drow is evil, it’s time to leave.

Bea wants to stay and investigate Trill Tormtor, the drow Orlo asked her to murder; Mildred doesn’t see what the big deal is about at all; Bertram wants to stay and meet with the deep gnome queen again. Reluctantly, he tells the party of his meeting with Queen Haverdash XVIII.

The druids, though angry and feeling betrayed, agree to see things through for the chance to escape to the world above.

Bea goes off to get more info on Trill — she determines he’s a bad guy, but maybe not a he must die kind of bad guy? But she also learns that Trill’s family, the Tormtors, as well as another noble house, the Eilservs, have turned away from Lolth and are worshipping an “old god” referred to as no one.

Ervendio knows that, in certain dialects, “nemo” is an elvis term for “no one” — and Nemo was the name given to the Wolf of Arcworth by the goblins in the prison under Cano City, goblins who had also turned away from their chosen god — in the goblins’ case, Edrick Half-Ogre.

After getting some rest, the Revengers go to Gnomeland to meet Queen Haverdash XVIII.She is kind-hearted and happy to see Bertram. Haverdash has arranged for passage to the surface using deep gnome tunnels — it will take a week, and be hard-traveling, but with deep gnome guides it should be relatively free from monsters or drow. At Bertram’s request, she provides travel cloaks for the other druids, and she personally gifts several scrolls and magic items from the deep gnome archives — including an instant fortress that once belonged to her father. In return, she asks that Bertram deliver a letter to the top-world gnome, Facistasia Claudia Wonderfrock IX. With a buttshake and well-wishes, the Revengers part ways with the deep gnome queen.

The Revengers embark on the final leg of their journey out of the underdark. They lose two more druids on their way to the top-top, but they finally reach the sun-lit above-world. Carol/Ann has accompanied them (Ervendio gives her a blindfold to protect her sight), as has Roger. They are accompanied by 9 surviving druids, and Svendar. They are somewhere in the jungles of the Middlemarsh. Home is still leagues away…

Group Awards
An Inter-Gnomish Covenant, 6000
The Cult of No-One, 6000

Group Total: 12,000 Individual Award: 2000

Individual Totals
Bea 3200 (I Left My Eyes in the Underdark 1200, Group 2000)
Bertram 3200 (Gimblott Shark 1200, Group 2000)
Ervendio 3200 (Gift of a Blindfold 1200, Group 2000)
Golgaraz 3200 (Slow Convo 1200, Group 2000)
Mildred 3200 (Green Cloak 1200, Group 2000)
Valeria 3200 (We’re Leaving 1200, Group 2000)

5 level-1 scrolls (Bertram’s choice)
potion of giant strength (randomly determined, DMGp142
cloak of protection 1
dust of illusion (15 pinches, each lasts 1d6
6 hours)
Daern’s Instant Fortress


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