AD&D - New World

65: Into Erelhei-Cinlu

our heroes enter the city of the drow

In the aftermath of the battle at Tower Dree, Ervendio ethereals Valeria free fom the drow she’s globbed to. The Revengers debate what to do with their drow prisoners, but ultimately they decide to leave them in the guard house tied up. They cast lock on the door to the guardhouse, then travel on.

Approaching the fabled vault of the drow, they stumble into a nest of giant spiders! Bea fireballs the dangerous webs away and they fight off 7 of the spiders. Valeria is poisoned, but survives the effects. Bertram spies a fat, bloated queen spider, but the party decides discretion is the better part of valor — they slip away instead of fighting it for whatever treasure it was protecting.

They finally enter the vault — a high-ceilinged dome containing a drow city, fungal farms, merchant mansions, and other unknown dangers + delights. The dome is lit by floating red spores — almost like stars that have fallen to the ground — and by a massive purple … peach pit suspended at the top of the dome. It is truly an alien world under the urth.


As they plan their approach to the Black Tower — the final guard post before the city itself — Ann confesses that she is really Carol/Ann, a were-rat. The party feigns surprise, and ensures Carol/Ann that they accept her among their number.

Using the medallions they found at Dree, the Revengers exchange them for green cloaks of passage at the gates of Erelhei-Cinlu. 7 of the druid companions must pretend to be slaves, remaining tied up at all times.

Erelhei-Cinlu is a city of drow and a place of evil and opportunity.

The streets are narrow and packed with all kinds of terrible villains: drow, bugbears, dastardly trolls, kuo-toa, even the occasional mind-flayer. You glimpse sights undreamed of — murder in the streets, monstrous homunculi, and spider webs flung down to pluck up an unsuspecting humanoid for a quick snack. Occasionally the crowd parts and a drow gallops through on a nightmare — an ebon-black horse with flames for eyes.

Carol/Ann leads them to the Inn of the Spider’s Nest, where they obtain double-rooms for a reasonable price. Mildred takes the form of a rat. Bea and Valeria bunk together.

Bertram goes downstairs to the inn’s tavern. He encounters several deep gnomes, but Bertram is reluctant to speak to them. After Bertram ignores them, the deep gnomes pick pocket Bertram’s massive personal wealth (3,000 gold!). Bertram catches them and slices his own coin purse open. The residents of the inn happily steal his gold and escape.

Morning approaches — or, what passes for morning in this underdark city. Erelhei-Cinlu is a city of magic, evil, and opportunity, where almost anything can be obtained … for the right price….

Group Awards
7 Giant Spiders, 2450
The Black Tower, 1000
Entering Erelhei-Cinlu, 1000
Inn of the Spider’s Nest, 1000

Group Total 5450, Individual Award 909

Individual Totals
Bea 2109 (Spider-Burn 1200, Group 909)
Bertram 2109 (Don’t Touch That! 1200, Group 909)
Ervendio 2109 (An Elf Among Drow 1200, Group )
Golgaraz 2109 (Thinking of Scissoring 1200, Group 909)
Mildred 2109 (Dreams of the Rat 1200, Group 909)
Valeria 2109 (Attack the Untouched 1200, Group 909)


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