AD&D - New World

64: The Tower Dree

our heroes enter drow territory...

The party approaches the Shrine of the Kuo-Toa. Ann warns that the kuo-toa are deadly, mad, and evil, but by making monetary tribute they should be able to pass through the shrine without trouble.

The Revengers join a line of pilgrims approaching the shrine of the Sea Mother, a horrible statue of a lobster-faced woman. Ann is sent to ask one of the drow in line about the proper procedure.


Ann returns with information — by making a simple tribute they can pass by and continue their journey — but the drow also berates and insults Ann. Valeria comforts her, telling her that her Uncle Teks taught Valeria how to take a bath using only dirt. Golgaraz tells her she’s quite pretty, for what she is. Valeria says Ann smells like mushrooms (which she likes to hear) and Bertram says she smells like dirt (which she doesn’t). Ann’s self-esteem crumbles and she runs away. Mildred & Golgaraz push through the crowd to comfort her, pointing out that she has done great work to get them to this point. Ann takes comfort in this, and takes some credit for the work she has done. She almost lets slip that she is really Carol, the rat they met earlier, which everyone already knows anyway.

Mildred’s undead creatures continue to follow and creep everyone out — the kuo toans give them a wide berdth.

The Revengers witness a kuo-toan pilgrim approach the statue of the Sea Mother, pay a pile of platinum, and disappear in a splash of sea water. It reappears moments later and is makred by the priests and priestesses with an inky stain on its forehead — blessed by their terrible, alien god.

The party moves on peacefully, glad they were no longer beholden to Torsi and his gnomes to rob the shrine. Ann warns them they are approaching the Tower Dree, a guardpost leading into drow territory. Ervendio asks if it is dangerous. Of course!

They us the slave trick again — Bertram disguises a rope as a chain and fetters, Bea turns into a bat, and Ann assumes the role of slave master. Svendar begs/demands Bertram’s clothes & belongings away from him. Jeff doesn’t want to go, but Bertram gives up everything. Valeria promptly takes Bertram’s clothes from Svendar & wraps her trident in them.

The drow at the Tower force Ann to “sell” her slaves to them, sending Ann alone through the gate with a pack lizard and some gold. One of the drow tries to whip Bertram, and Valeria casts aside her slave disguise to defend him — the battle is joined!

Valeria arm-locks one of the drow. The drow captain fires a pink, globby burst from a wand — bonding Valeria and the arm-locked drow together.

Bea summons a shadow monster, 6 grippli, a sand lion to help her in the battle.

The druids scatter! Bertram chases after them. He re-awakens Maeve’s faith in herself and the druidic cause. She kisses him on the mouth. She gathers the other druids while Bertram goes after Svendar. He is frightened — Svendar, who wields only Bertram’s pot and Jeff, is commanded by Jeff (promptbed by Bertram ) to get back in the fight. Svendar has lost his harp somewhere in the Underdark, but Bertram has awakened some new fighting spirit in him!

Meanwhile — Mildred’s vampiric touch accidentally whomps Valeria. Ervendio’s first blow against a drow is skull-piercing one-hit kill. Golgaraz lobs a fire grenade and sets Ann and the pack lizard on fire. Ann puts herself out, but all of Bea’s summoned grippli are killed in a similar splatter.

The drow are defeated — two prisoners surrender and a third is still physically bonded to Valeria. The pack lizard is extinguished.

They make camp & loot the bodies. The Tower Dree is theirs. Valeria suggests they change their name to the Phantasmal Force. Are they Phantasms, or are they Revengers….?

Group Awards
The Shrine of the Sea Mother, 1200
7 drow, 4550
1 drow captain, 975
6 burned to death Grippli, 0
Svendar’s Awakening, 600

Group Total: 7325 Individual Award: 1221

Individual Totals
Bea 2421 (The Lion Attacks the Captain 1200, Group 1221)
Bertram 2421 (I’ll Have What He’s Having 1200, Group 1221)
Ervendio 2421 (Headshots the Drow 1200, Group 1221)
Golgaraz 2421 (Foggy Dirge 1200, Group 1221)
Mildred 2421 (Vampiric Touches A Friend 1200, Group 1221)
Valeria 2421 (Dirt Bath 1200, Group 1221)

3 heavy crossbows
14 crossbow bolts
7 suits of chainmail
1 suit of captain’s chainmail (captain)
8 glittery drow cloaks
8 clasping medallions, with a total of 5 different sigils
3 atlatls
7 short swords
1 captain’s short sword (captain)
1 metallic wand (captain)
8 pairs of boots
1 ring (captain)

various food & supplies (tower supplies)

a singed pack lizard
some burned up chests of gold pieces (820 gp salvageable)


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