AD&D - New World

6: "Return to the Haunted Halls"

our heroes exit + enter the Haunted Halls...

- Leaving the Haunted Halls, our heroes avoid arrows from above. Canicus attempts to reunite with the group.

- Amongst the kobolds there is a hideous, winged urd — a bat-winged creature that attacks from above. Bertram creates an illusion of the corpse discovered within the halls that gets the urd’s attention. It also gets Canicus’s attention, but the group manages to regain his attention.

- Khalid ventures back into the owlbear cave to rescue Smiley the mule, and the group escapes the canyon unharmed. Another winged creature is seen overheard, with a dark-cloaked rider. Is it a Night Wolf?

- Journey to Grudgewood — they meet a bugbear traveler, who tells them the Pope was nearly killed by snake men, who appeared out of smoke. Khalid alone recognizes their description as Serpent Lords, normally kind creatures from his homeland.

- Bertram antagonizes the traveler until it nearly comes to blows — but the bugbear is hypnotized and sent away.

- Back to Grudgewood, Red Al blows off the heroes since they did not return with a magic item for his case.

- The heroes rest up, then agree that the best way to proceed is to help the Kingdom of the Twelve Barrows. And the best way to do that will be to gain Red Al’s favor. They return to the Halls.

- They encounter a green slime, but finding it impervious to all of their attempts of attack, they evade it.

- Khalid sets off a trap in a hallway. The group encounters a small band of kobolds — mercenaries from the Flapping Wings company — and even though one of them hits Canicus with a poisoned crossbow bolt, putting him to sleep for a few minutes, the rest of the kobolds are dispatched. 2 are taken prisoner as our heroes begin to question them…

Bea: 119 (50 RP, 20 spellcastery, 49 group)
Bertram: 129 (50 RP, 20 distracting the urd, 10 vs. the bugbear, 49 group)
Canicus: 119 (50 RP, 20 rescuing a fake maiden, 49 group)
Ervendio: 119 (50 RP, 20 horsecare, 49 group)
Jongle: 119 (50 RP, 20 puppet show, 49 group
Khalid: 129 (50 RP, 30 rescuing Smiley, 49 group)

Group XP Rewards
Escape from the Halls: 50
Evading the Wings: 50
A Bugbear in Need: 15
Return to the Halls: 50
Evading a Green Slime: 33
Kobold Guards: 95
Group Total: 211, 49 each

??? none, I think — except for what you bought back in town


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