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32: The Terrible Truth About Sri Raji

our heroes recast a mighty weapon

Arriving in Tvashtri, the Revengers split up. Jongle, Bertram, Khalid, and Minja head to the Great University to seek information on their mission while Ervendio and Bea take an unconscious Proteus — overwhelmed by the strange new power lurking within — to an inn.

The University Revengers, trading a scroll of detect magic for entrance to the University, are witness to the daily choosing of an unfortunate soul who will be sent to the Maharajah Arijani as a blood sacrifice. They are paired with Paqi, an eager university student, who gathers books for them on the maharajah and lycanthropy. They discover the most common recommended cure for lycanthropy is death by silver weapon or magic, and that the Maharajah is revered as a kind of beautiful & terrible folk hero. Paqi does not return from the last mysterious tower in which he endeavors to bring back books for the Revengers.

The Inn Revengers spend the evening recuperating. Bea dabbles with a moody teenager to make Jongle jealous, but Jongle never sees them. Proteus lounges with his head in Ervendio’s lap all evening. In the morning, Jongle brings them to the University, where the others spent the night among the stacks of books.

The united Revengers meet with replacement assistant Billie, who searches for more books on Sri Raji’s history and introduces them to Sidrathi, the scholar they were sent to meet. He confirms that the tiger statue is Ravanna’s Bane and is capable of destroying Arijani. Sidrathi believes that if the Maharajah is destroyed, the mists will part and Sri Raji can rejoin the larger world. He warns them of the Dark Sisterhood, priestesses of Kali, and points the Revengers toward a blacksmith who can reforge this mighty weapon, and tells them the nomadic Vistani can be found outside of the city, and may be able to answer other questions they have. Bertram asked for Sidrathi’s silver dagger in lieu of information on a cure for lycanthropy; the scholar agreed, and gave it. Khalid left a card with Sidrathi, telling him of the need in Grudgewood for experienced teachers.

The Revengers drop the tiger statue off with Kopi, the halfling blacksmith who previously reforged the bolt into the form of a statue to keep it safe. Then they venture outside of the city to find the Vistani camp, where Bertram gets drunk, Jongle & Minja celebrate their wedding, and the group sits down with an old Vistani, crone, who reads their fortune with a deck of tarokka cards.


Asked about the Maharajah, she draws The Illusionist as the focus card. The card opposing the focus is The Elementalist, representing the natural forces of the cosmos and the natural triumph of nature of the work of mortals. The card supporting the focus is The Temptress, a creature of beauty and seductive words.

The focus’s past is represented by The Philanthropist, The Avenger, The Priest, and The Soldier — the Revengers are told that Arijani was born a mortal son of the avatar of Ravanna, but he betrayed and murdered his father. He was punished with imprisonment on this island, but by becoming a living avatar of Kali, Arijani gained power over the land itself, and allied himself with the Dark Sisterhood a militant group of assassins who exert the dark goddess’s will on the land.

The focus’s near future was represented by The Miser and The Anarchist, representing an implacable and jealous creature, and the forces of constant, chaotic change.

Finally, the focus’s resolution was represented by The Dictator — a man imprisoned by swords and heavy chains — and according to the old Vistani, whoever destroyed the Maharajah would be forced to take his place here on the island.

The old woman disappeared into the night after the reading of the cards. As the Revengers returned to the Vistani celebration, Jongle stole the old gypsy woman’s tarokka deck.

In the morning, the Vistani camp was gone — the Revengers found themselves camped around a dying fire. Khalid found that all of his silver had been taken, replaced by a simple pair of dice.

After retrieving the recast Ravanna’s Bane from Kopi, the Revengers travel north to Bahru, the Accursed City, home of Maharajah Arijani. They encounter a wicked naga who attempts to charm Proteus, but they easily overcome the deadly beast. They hypnotize it and trick it into a dream-state, in which it reveals the location of a hidden door to Arijani’s temple — around a narrow ledge and to the back. Proteus kills the naga as Khalid investigates its barrow, discover a cache of potions and scrolls.

Before the party stands the empty and abandoned city of Bahru, and the temple of Arijani…

Group Awards
Secret Knowledge Revealed, 600
Read the Tarokka, 3000
Spirit Naga, 5000
Group Totals 8600, Individual Awards 1434

Individual Total
Bea 2184 (Ingenue for a Moody Teen 750, Group 1434)
Bertram 2184 (Researcher 750, Group 1434)
Ervendio 2184 (Caretaker 750, 1434)
Jongle 2184 (Take A Card 750, Group 1434)
Khalid 2184 (Fortune Received 750, Group 1434)
Proteus 2184 (WereSnugglebunny 750, Group 1434)

silver dagger
Revanna’s Bane, recast as a silver crossbow bolt
tarokka deck, stolen from a gypsy seer
a pair of dice, in exchange for Khalid’s silver
a crossbow

Naga treasure: 2 potions , 1 gem, scroll of geas, scroll of non-detection, scroll of protection from cold, scroll of protection from undead


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