AD&D - New World

27: Father Robert

our heroes rescue a prisoner + return home

Separated by the magicks of the Judge’s Court, the Revengers explore two wings of the lowest level of the Cano City jails. Khalid, Ervendio, and Bea encounter the illusionist Volo, a gnome who has eluded them several times before, while Bertram, Proteus, and Jongle meet The Bailiff, a tanar’ri in service to this level’s master, a herzou called The Judge.

Khalid, Ervendio, and Bea manage to incapacitate their nemesis Volo. Though they are nearly interrupted by a wandering manticore, but Ervendio’s impromptu ventriloquisim sends it away. They discover a treasure trove of magical items, scrolls, and notes in Volo’s sanctum, and they decide to leave their foe tied up and gagged with an old sock — incapacitated, but very much alive.

Meanwhile, Bertram, Proteus, and Jongle manage to fool the Bailiff into believing that Jongle is really Zensher, the warden of the Halls of Torment. The Bailiff falls for Jongle’s continued polymorph and presents the trio to the Bailiff. Jongle bluffs his way past the Judge, despite not understanding a lick of the Judge’s abyssal speech. Proteus, realizing that the bones the Bailiff is arranging are that of The Risen King, collects the bones while still invisible. They pass through the main corridor of this level, passing through a dark cloud that plays on their deepest doubts and fears: loneliness, the death of their friends, the doom of their peers.

Rejoined in Volo’s room, the Revengers search the place and discover the old illusionist’s notes and spellbook, but nothing on Father Robert. Ervendio has also discovered a wand — The Second Key, the second piece of the rod of Nemonad Arcworth. After briefly possessing it, he passes the wand to Khalid, who previously possessed the first part.

Before the group can decide how to proceed, a blood-curdling scream cuts through the air — it is the Bailiff, having discovered his bones are gone. The Bailiff arrives, enraged and eager for blood, but Jongle convinces him that Volo is the thief. The Bailiff murders Volo — who, in reality, is a young gnomish girl, and not an elderly man at all. Bertram, once again, has a brief moment of realization that he is alone — but needn’t have been.

The group passes through a reconstituted dark cloud that attacks their physical and mental well-beings, and Ervendio’s elven eyes perceive secret doors that lead to prison cells. They discover three Knights of the Twelve Barrows — Sir Gorge Entome, Sir Jelmayne Vissius, and Sir Brit Hulme, all of them wounded in some way or other, as well as Father Robert, their quarry.

Rendering themselves silent + invisible, the Revengers pass secretly past the Judge and make way for a mysterious portal. Proteus quaffs a potion of fire giant strength in order to carry away the Judge’s chest of treasure, and nearly kills himself carrying away a freezing silver key, as the group passes through the portal — finding themselves on the salt plains of the Abyss, the plane of chaotic evil and devilry. Quickly planeshifting away, they return home — finally — to Grudgewood.

But Grudgewood is itself in the throes of chaos. Aloysius Bouchard and the Knights of the Last Barrow have declared war on Grudgewood, laying siege and catapulting the last bastion of humanity. A dozen Grudgewood citizens have been killed, including the scout Jyson Muraz and the newly-transported librarian Hannah Clutchwood. Tensions are running high, and Red Al asks that the Revengers — now, due their reward, officially Knights of Grudgewood — sneak into the camp of the Barrow Knights and assassinate their leader.

Red Al has offered the group the night to rest and think over his request. A red dawn awaits, and a fateful decision that could alter the destiny of humanity….

Group Awards
Volo — Defeated! – 10,000
The Bailiff — Outwitted! – 8,000
The Judge — Avoided! – 8,000
The Second Key – 20,000
Father Robert — Feed! – 30,000
Barrow Knight Rescue – 3,000
Group Total: 79,000. Individual Totals: 13,167

Individual Awards
Bea 13,917 (Homeseeker 750, Group 13,167)
Bertram 14,117 (Forever Alone 750, Last Will & Testament 200, Group 13,167)
Ervendio 13,917 (Manticore Deceptor 750, Group 13,167)
Jongle 13,917 (Bedeviler 750, Group 13,167)
Khalid 13,917 (Wand Bearer 750, Group 13,167)
Proteus 13,917 (Bonetaker 750, Group 13,167)

potion of extra-healing (x2)
ring (from Volo’s finger)
jewelry worth 3500gp
scroll of shadow magic
scroll of project image
potion of hill giant strength
5,000 gp
Volo’s spellbook
Volo’s notes on illusions
The Second KeyCoelum — 5-inch segment. can create a slow effect once a day with a duration of 23 rounds.
the freezing key

The Chest of the Judge
8,000 sp
5,500 gp
1,700 pp
jewelry & gems worth 21,000 gp
a wand
a ring
four potions
scroll of polymorph other
scroll of eyebite
scroll of incendiary cloud
scroll of disintegrate
scroll of advanced illusion
scroll of permanent illusion
scroll programmed illusion
a suit of elven chain mail


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