AD&D - New World

Moonwar 5
Mutiny ?!

- beastmaster turns to goop

- Dana leads them out of the jungle, where the animals are fighting each other

- next cube: FOGLAND

- sleep fog everywhere

- Goza, Roc, Xoldak fall asleep

- Thornn & Maladein save them

- Goza figures out how to make the EYE destroy itself

- figures out each of the 10 lesser eyes matches up with a beholder power

- meanwhile, they had found a suit of armor/beholder mech outside of the tunnel!

- when they return — it’s gone!

- a mess-around with Fuma, who doesn’t want to let them up on the ship

- Goza climbs, Maladein puts them all to sleep

- Fuma in the “brig” (Goza’s room)


- agreement: Fuma is (informally bo’sun); going to accompany command crew on next mission. The crew doesn’t understand “the quest”

- Goza is formally first mate

- away teams to scatter amongst the cubes?

- meanwhile: Stonecrop is a flesh golem/believes Roc is his master.

fogland, 1200
mutiny averted, 600
loot, 2523

group total: 4323 individual award: 721

Dana Noodle 771 50, Group 721)
Goza 771 (Official First Mate 50, Group 721)
Maladein 771 (Still Captain 50, Group 721)
Roc 771 (Flesh Master 50, Group 721)
Thornn 771 (Didn’t Kill Xoldak 50, Group 721)
Xoldak 771 (Slumber Party 50, Group 721)

1 oil (unidentified)
1 potion (unidentified)

300 cp
200 sp
100 gp
300 pp (-27, paid to the crew)

9 arrows (unidentified)
suit of chain mail

7 scrolls:
false vision
anti-magic shell
hypnotic pattern
control undead
limited wish

Moonwar 4
The Life & Death of the Beastmaster

Captain Tobart demands to duel Maladein for control of The Void Mother’s Hand. Roc volunteers as champion. For an opening gambit, Roc (critically!) kicks Tobart in the nards.

Tobart falls to his knees in extreme, extreme pain. He starts to twist and transform — Tobart is actually some sort of transformed beholder! His eye stalks have been sewn shut, and the Tobart-beholder floats up and away as the crew fire missiles/swing polearms at it.

Tobart’s crewperson Stonecrop stays behind, now unmoving and mostly unresponsive. He responds to simple, direct questions — if they are worded precisely so — but Stonecrop takes no action as Roc and Dana Noodle pick him up and cart him belowdecks. They take Stonecrop to the brig, but as that is now Goza’s quarters, they simple put him in the corner of the room, facing the wall.

Meanwhile, a large asteroid has suddenly appeared overhead, twisting and turning toward the ship. Double-meanwhile — a beholder tyrant scout ship also appears, zooming toward the Hand! Xoldak and Thornn take the helm (on the open-to-space bridge) and zoom in close to the asteroid. As the asteroid spins, they see a glass dome built onto the surface — but the Hand flies down into a wide canyon that leads to a massive, circular door.

The door opens automatically, and they fly the Hand through a dark, twisting cavern that leads deep into the asteroid’s interior. After twisting and turning for 2 hours, the tunnel opens up into a large, lit cavern. The crew ropes one of the magically-lit orbs and maneuvers it into the open-bridge. They approach another huge, circular door, this one inscribed with a message (in Common) from the Arcane :

If you are reading this message, that which we feared has come to pass. We built a powerful weapon for the Sazaur nation. We feared it may grow beyond our power to control it. We devised a way to neutralize the project, but we will not do it ourselves. That is not the way of the Arcane.

You cannot have bypassed our defenses if you are of the Eye Tyrants. Know this: The Ravager depends on the energies of the Queen’s Eyes. The ten lesser eyes dwell in their own domains within this Hive. The greater eye sees all, but none can reach it.

Enter this complex, locate and destroy the ten lesser eyes. Only this will end the menace of The Ravager.

Passing through this second door, they enter the Hive. Several floating cubes, all covered in vegetation, rotate under a massive diamond at the top of the Hive. They approach one of the Cubes and spy a black monolith rising from it. The monolith is a beholder-sized tunnel that the crew can crawl down, one by one.

Inside, there is a dense jungle. Dana Noodle leads them through the wilds safely. Inside the cube, each interior surface has its own gravity well — meaning, as they look up overhead, they can see another “ground” overhead. There are small colosseums on each surface, and a larger one directly above.

The crew visits a small arena, which holds a tank of water. Rock plays with some hippocampus while the others wait in the beholder-sized seats. Roc feels at peace, even though he almost gets rammed to death by the hippocampi.

At the large colosseum, they are met by a human who calls himself The Beastmaster, a totally nude dude who leads a pack of gorillas. The lesser eye of this cube is seemingly embedded in the Beastmaster’s chest. He challenges them to combat (“why must we fight? because we are alive!”) and the two forces collide in melee!

Maladein immediately puts the gorillas to sleep, while Dana Noodle grapples the Beastmaster to the groun. Though the Beastmaster wriggles free, Dana has detained him enough to prevent the Beastmaster from doing any direct damage. Goza (critically!) slashes a gash across the Beastmaster’s chest — bursting the lesser eye and killing the Beastmaster.

From all around the room, the jungle erupts in screeches, howls, and the gnashing of animal jaws! The gorillas awaken from their magical slumber. The crew of the Hand has destroyed one of the lesser eyes, but this has caused the jungle to go wild….

Group Awards
Beholder’s Got Nards, 250
Enter the Hive, 200
The Beastmaster, 1200

Group Total: 1650 Individual Award: 169

Group Totals
Dana Noodle 219 (Jungle Trek 50, Group 169)
Goza 219 (New Roommate 50, Group 169)
Maladein 219 (Sleep Like an Ape 50, Group 169)
Roc 219 (Critical Nards 50, Group 169)
Thornn 219 (Asteroid Flyer 50, Group 169)
Xoldak 219 (Flying Blind 50, Group 169)

Moonwar 3
what if this IS hell?

After the fight with the embassy guards, Thornn is taken into custody and the rest of the crew (minus Goza) regroups at a tavern called The Laughing Beholder. It’s run by a beholder named Large Luigi., who Roc rubs the wrong way; it is the first of many personality clashes.

Discussing their plan of action over many, many drinks (except Xoldak, who is straightedge), the crew gets rather drunk. As they continue to discuss whether to break Thornn out, turn themselves in, or make a run for it — Thornn walks in! She has been exiled by her house and must now live as an outsider.

Reunited, the crew decides to seek the location of the Scro homeworld. They ask Large Luigi if anyone on Bral sells maps. He tells them to go to Old Rollio’s Book & Map Emporium, and to tell Old Rollio that Large Luigi sent them.

They find the map & book shop off the main market square. The Emporium is a three-story shop of rare maps and tomes, with the map room on the third floor. Rollio warns them, “no magic, no sketches, no etchings.” While the crew goes upstairs to the map room, Roc wriggles behind the desk and surreptitiously looks look Rollio’s catalogs. He finds no reference to the Scro homeworld. Rollio grows angry when they tell him they were sent by Large Luigi — there is a vague understanding of bad blood/business rivalry between the two.

Upstairs, Thorn finds a large star chart with a scro homeworld listed in a distant star system. It has an X through it, as well as through its sun. Other planets and suns are similarly marked. As it is a rare, old map, Rollio asks 3,000 gold for it. Maladein tries to make a sketch of it, and Rollio bans him from the Emporium, kicking everyone out of the store.

Before they exit, the group is approached by a shadowy figure. The robed figure is interested in their talk of “seeking the void,” and he tells Xoldak to meet him at the illithid embassy tomorrow. Maladein grievously offends the robed figure, questioning his intentions for talking to the group to begin with.

Meanwhile, Goza has been given a job his bosses in The Gauntlet, a privateer company that patrols the spaceways of the asteroid belt: go rescue the Skyrunner and Captain Jon Tobart, missing since he went out to seek a giant, weaponized beholder. Reward: 10% of whatever booty is recovered.

They rest on board the Hand, and the next day they visit the eerie illithid embassy. Thornn & Maladein wait in Stars’ Buck, an elven cafe.

A mental shade secretary directs them to floor 3, where they are met by R’ylleh, the robed figure from the Emporium. R’ylleh wants Xoldak to go back to Urth and find a nautiloid that’s crashed somewhere “in the snow.” It claims that whatever Xoldak finds there will disrupt the illithids’ current plan, which is to extinguish the sun. Also, it claims this will bring Xoldak closer to the Void Mother.

Reuniting at Star’s Buck, the crew has a brief skirmish with some snotty elves. Goza kicks one in the nuts, and they make a quick exit back to the Hand where they have three options forward: steal/earn the map (which Rollio was willing to trade, if the crew killed Large Luigi); go back to Urth and search for the crashed nautilloid; or find the Skyrunner. They decide to seek the Skyrunner, and Xoldak decides not to sabotage their navigation charts this time.

They spend three weeks at spelljammin’ speed!

When they arrive at the Skyrunner’s last known location, they find the boat adrift. The Hand rams into the Skyrunner, doing more damage to both. Maladein waits on the boat this time and Fuma leads the away team. When Fuma believes that Xoldak has challenged him for his position, Fuma accepts the challenge and readies to duel; instead, Xoldak commands him to stop and the crew goes forward without him.

In the _Skyrunner_’s hold, Goza finds Captain Tobart, accompanied by his large & quiet first mate Stonecrop. Captain Tobart knows of a massive weapon of destruction — The Ravager, a world-sized beholder that is heading to Urth. A beholder fleet continually returns to patrol and attack rescue vessels, so he recommends they flee back to the Hand!

On the Hand, Maladein is again quite rude to a newcomer. Tobart seeks Xoldak’s backing to challenge Maladein’s position as captain. Xoldak refrains. In the face of Maladein’s hostility, Tobart declares that he will be accepted as the Hand’s captain, fight for the position, or return to his hold on the Skyrunner.

The crew must decide what do to do…

Group Awards
The Maproom, 100
The Illithid Embassy, 100
Remains of the Skyrunner, 50
Rescuing Tobart, ((tbd!))

Group Total: 250 Individual Award 42

Individual Totals
Dana Noodle 92 (Quiet Dana 50, Group 42)
Goza 92 (Gauntlet Jobber 50, Group 42)
Maladein 92 (Rude Elf Dude 50, Group 42)
Roc 92 (Beholder Grudge 50, Group 42)
Thornn 92 (Outcast 50, Group 42)
Xoldak 92 (Void Brother 50, Group 42)

the wreck of the Skyrunner, sort of

Moonwar 2
rock of brawl

Navigator Xoldak points the Void Mother’s Hand into the black of unknown space, and Spelljammer Maladein unwittingly guides the craft in the given direction. As ship slowly accelerates to spelljamming speed, the rest of the crew is left to wonder: where are we going, and why?

Roc tries to attach the ballistae he’s been carting around from the Mingmoss onto the Hand, but his space-carpentry skills are not up to the task. Though it looks solidly attached, the ballistae rips away from the Hand’s frame while it’s spelljamming (10 points of hull damage to the Hand).

After a few hours of ‘jamming, the Hand automatically decelerates. Hooked up to the ship’s helm, Maladein can feel that the ship is approaching the gravity well of a massive object. The crew find themselves face to face with the frozen, floating corpse of a miles-tall colossus! Thornn spies some plantlife growing on the dead creature’s backside, so they decide to explore. They anchor the Hand to the colossus corpse and, leaving Second Mate Fuma in command, an away team of Maladein, Thornn, Roc, Xoldak, and Goza makes the treacherous trip from one gravity well to the other.

The air smells fouled on the dead colossus, but the away team manages to traverse the body and finds a wild jungle of thorns and crimson roots growing on the back of the colossus. They also spy a strange obelisk emerging from the base of the creature’s neck:


The words are carved in deep speech, which Xoldak translates for the crew. It appears to be some kind of … warning? Or pronouncement? Referencing the dying light of suns and the approach from Outside of … something terrible. Touching the obelisk gives different crew members different visions: Goza sees what he believes to be his lost homeworld, lit by the blue light of a dying sun; Roc sees a beautiful rainbow ocean; Xoldak sees the infinite dark between stars; Maladein sees nothing at all. Xoldak takes this as a sign that he is on the right path in pursuit of the Void Mother herself.

Suddenly, a neogi deathspider comes out of ’jamming speed overhead. Notorious slavers known to have personal umberhulk bodyguards, the away team chooses to flee rather than face these foes! Fuma brings the Hand about just in time, and the crew boards the ship. Maladein is too exhausted to spelljam, so Xoldak straps into the helm and takes the Hand to the Rock of Bral, an asteroid city-state where Goza is required to check-in with his employers.

Goza checks in at the dock offices for The Gauntlet, the privateer company he is contracted to. His supervisor, The Major, is surprised to see Goza alive, and tells him he’s being bumped down to the bottom of the order. He needs to report back in nine months to receive his next mission (and paycheck).

Xoldak believes that Goza’s vision of his lost homeworld is the next clue to finding the Void Mother, so the crew decides to visit the elven embassy on the Rock to research or ask advice about the unknown planet. At the embassy, they are stopped by two Kuraphai gate guards. Though Thornn identifies herself as Kuraphai, the guards are suspicious of the githyanki accompanying them.

Xoldak immediately tosses a smokebomb, and Xoldak and Goza run away in the confusion! Thornn, Roc, and Maladein stay behind, but after the hubbub the embassy guards won’t let them in on their own. The guards state their intent to arrest the crew and take them into custody.

Thornn turns and run to avoid capture, while Maladein immediately gives himself up. Roc is wary, and as the guards take Maladein into custody Goza breaks from cover and tries to bite one of the elves. The elf guard counters with a sword slash, which is met in turn by melee from Roc. In the confusion, Goza wrests Maladein from the embassy guard and Thornn returns and heals the wounded elf — but then Xoldak breaks from cover and kills the second elf guard with an arrow to the throat!

Thornn surrenders to the surviving Kuraphai guard as the others beat a hasty retreat. Thornn remains in custody in the embassy while the others must decide what to do next….

Group Awards
Colossus Exploration, 270
The Obelisk, 100
Elf Embassy Guards, 420

Group Total: 790 Individual Awards: 158

Individual Totals
Goza 208 (Scro Smile 50, Group 158)
Maladein 208 (Goes Limp 50, Group 158)
Roc 208 (Ballistae Boner 50, Group 158)
*Thornn*208 (Kuraphai Captive 50, Group 158)
Xoldak 208 (Ninja Vanish 50, Group 158)


Moonwar 1
new opportunities

War! While the forces of law & chaos clash on the Urth, a battle between good & evil rages in the stars. The mind-flayers and their allies (or are they thralls?) the githyanki & the drow have attacked the elf moon.

Two ships on opposing sides are conducting searches for refugees among the broken moon’s asteroid field. The Whispering Mingmoss, an elven man o’ war from House Koroset, searches for elven survivors, magical artifacts, and anything useful for the war effort. Among its crew are Maladein Koroset, a portly mage; Thornn Kuraphai, a druid; and Roc, a giff mercenary.

Meanwhile, the gith vessel Bloody Maw is searching for the recently discovered barbarian githyanki known to have lived in the hollow moon. Led by a vampire captain, the crew includes Dana Noodle, a monk stationed in the crow’s nest; Xoldak, a shinobi-priest of the Void Mother; and Farnum Biggs, a deep gnome engineer recently moved to the gith vessel.

The two ships unexpectedly encounter one another as they go about their missions. They scramble, but are unable to avoid minor damage as they run into the floating moonlets around them. Then — just as the vampire command crew turns to ash, as their king commits suicide on the planet below! — one of the moonlets hatches revealing a black & white moon dragon. The dragon spews forth a strange spray of gems, which affix themselves to crew members of both ships, transforming them into murderous shelled monsters. The ninja force on the Maw commit ritual suicide as their vampire-captains turn to ash, crew members fight the monsters and the opposing crew, all while the two ships lock together and careen onto the surface of a small moonlet. It’s chaos!

Xoldak attempts to join his ninja-bros in death with an arrowhead, but he’s stopped by Farnum. Maladein loses his sash in the fray and has the opportunity to leave his family name behind. Roc rips a ballistae off of the Mingmoss. Dozens of crew on both sides flee the chaos, into a moonlet cave.

Inside the cave, there are 33 survivors: 16 elves, 15 gith, a giff, and a deepgnome. The mouth of cave is blocked by rocks when the moon dragon makes another pass, and the former rivals agree not to fight as they search for a way out. Maladein assumes command of the elven crew, and one of the gith seamen named Fuma assumes command of the gith. They down a tunnel, deeper into the moonlet.

Up ahead, they find an autognome, left to stand guard for untold years. It’s lingering command is to protect the queen! When it asks the approaching sailors where the queen is, Xoldak responds, “Hopefully dead! We were sent to kill her.”

The autognome goes into attack mode. It’s new command: Avenge the queen!

As Roc slowly works his way to the front of the group with his giant ballistae, the others attempt to fight the autognome. Farnum fails to find an off-switch, though he’s certain there IS one. Xoldak fires an arrow which, by coincidence, causes the autongome to malfunction & explode, destroying it and Farnum Biggs. The only thing left of the gnome are is boots.

But the conflagration also reveals a large cavern up ahead, and within it: another spelljammer! This one is an archaic man o’ war, used in previous wars, either held here in storage — or requisitioned by pirates. While Thornn explores the ship, Xoldak drops Farnum’s boots into a nearby hole: “No one will remember you but me,” says the priest.

Inside the ship, Thornn finds no crew. Instead, they discover a prisoner: Goza the Scro, the last of his kind, a great goblinoid from a far away star. He asks for freedom, and is given it.

The assembled crews decide to form one new crew, and, after realizing that only Maladein can actually fly the ship, they pledge their loyalty to him as their new captain.

The ship is christened The Void Mother’s Hand, and they set out to rescue refugees!

Meanwhile, new navigator Xoldak gives Maladein a secret heading: out into the black, into the dark space between the stars. He seeks a rendezvous with the Void Mother herself.

Headed into the unknown, adventure and mystery awaits the crew of the Hand!

Group Awards
Autognome, 975
The Void Mother’s Hand, 600

Group Total: 1575. Individual Award: 263

Individual Totals
Dana Noodle 313 (50, Save the Ship!; Group 263)
Goza the Scro 313 (50, Festering Sore; Group 263)
Maladein 313 (50, Captain Koroset; Group 263)
Roc 313 (50, Ballistae Ripper; Group 263)
Thornn 313 (50, Heal the Ship; Group 263)
Xoldak 313 (50, Explosivo; Group 263)

archaic man o’ war, spelljamming ship

102: Edrick & The Wolf
our heroes reach the end.

The Revengers continue to explore the basement, opening/closing doors on stone golems, floating skeletons, and pickled beholders.

They find a room of floating ioun stones and claim them: Valeria, Jongle, Ervendio, Earnest, Carol/Ann, Jeff, and Keev get one. All of them gain a strange and unusual power … except Keev, who is first given gills (in some alternate reality, at least), and is then dimension doored away to another material plane. Jongle uses his 2nd wish to bring him back. Keev is kind of goth now.

Out of the dungeon and heading north, the party passes onto the steppe. The strange oil slicks they first saw in the ruined city of Tar Valor reappear, this time as great floating monoliths marking the border of the steppe: they have somehow been tamed or utilized by the horselords and used to create a massive, moveable dead magic zone.

The Revengers press on to the north as White Plume Mountain comes into view. The steppe seems calm, tamed, and free of monsters or magic. The party sees a huge camp of the horselords, numbering 10,000 or more. They skirt around the camp, greeted from afar by scouts who otherwise do not engage them.

Passing through the northern border of the dead magic zone, they approach the base of White Plume Mountain.


They are met by the Vampire King of Gith, the fabled leader of Gith and the Knights of Mypp. Now good & lawful, thanks to the influence of the altered rod Rex, the King turns over an insane Darcie Bill. Ervendio takes Darcie Bill’s rod and frees him, intending to arm him and face him in open combat, avenging the death of his mother. Darcie Bill accepts two weapons from the Revengers: Jongle’s magic whip, and Valeria’s axe, given to her by her godfather Teks.

Rather than fight, Darcie Bill promptly teleports away.

The Vampire King asks the Revengers their plans: they say they will unite the rods. He admits he has served evil for centuries, and says they may have his rod after he faces the sun. He steps into the open daylight and is immolated. The Revengers see to his funeral.

(Thousands of miles away, his progeny — the vampire lords of Gith — also turn to ash. Gith is free!)

The rod is united and the Revengers ascend White Plume Mountain.

Finally, they come face to face with the mortal remains of Edrick and the Wolf — pillars of ash, still locked in combat. They place the united rod in the Wolf’s grasp, and likewise return the trident to Edrick.

But now that the rod contains the mortal soul of Edrick, and not Nemo, that is the soul that inhabits the lich-god’s body. Edrick’s goodness & law unites with Nemo’s evil & chaos, creating a new creature: the Gray Lich, a force for balance. This strange, new being departs to wander the Urth, bringing balance with it, and putting right what once went wrong.

The Wolf is defeated! Now bound to an undead body, the deities that were Edrick & Nemonad no longer exist. Aware of its past, the Gray Lich is something new. Two friends, separated by time and war, have become one.

Though the Wolf is no longer, neither is Edrick. Valeria loses her connection to her god, and her holy trident turns to ash and disappears.

The quest is complete and the Urth is saved. Mildred is Revenged…?

Our heroes part ways at the foot of White Plume Mountain. What began in a lawless tavern in Grudgewood ends in the Stormlands, with balance restored. But evils still abound: Sir Robert Husk terrorizes the Barrow Wood, war looms as the Horselords gather power, the fight between elf and illithid rages in the skies, and, though their lord is gone, the cardinals of the Church of the West are still allied with demons from the Outer Planes. The days of high adventure do not yet wane!

But that is another story….

Group Awards
Gargoyle, 475
Edrick & the Wolf, 100,000
Loot, 400

Group Total: 100,875 Individual Award: 16,813

Individual Totals
Earnest 26,813 (A Good Friend, 10,000; Group 16,813)
Ervendio 26,813 (Give Him A Weapon, 10,000; Group 16,813)
Fresh Jeff 26,813 (A Letter From Bertram, 10,000; Group 16,813)
Jongle 26,813 (A Wish For Minja, 10,000; Group 16,813)
Ragnaught 26,813 (Ioun Stoneless, 10,000; Group 16,813)
Valeria 26,813 (No Gods, 10,000; Group 16,813)

8 gems, worth 50gp each
damselfly (2-seater spelljammer), Ervendio

101: A Ring of Three Wishes
our heroes change destiny

The skeletons are defeated and the Champions’ loot is looted. One of the skeletons develops a grudge against Jeff and cuts down his mirror images one by one, and nearly cuts down Jeff, but is thwarted by the other Revengers. Valeria heals Jeff with a laying-on-hands, in front of Ageptus, who finally reaches a conclusion in his ongoing crisis of faith.

The Pope declares Valeria the new Pope! He declares her to be Her Holiness Valeria, Bishop of Cano, Vicar of Edrick Half-Ogre, Successor of the Prince of the Companions, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of the West, Primate of the Westlands, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Canon Province, Sovereign of the Canon City State, Servant of of the servants of Edrick.

Ageptus pledges himself as Earnest’s squire, who is in turn Valeria’s squire. Ever uncomfortable yet accepting, Earnest says yes, we are all squires, we are all each other’s squires.

The party divvies up the Champions’ loot (they ID a belt as being inset with a gem of insight (when worn for 3 months, it will raise the wielder’s INT and WIS +1) and a full plate helm +2 (with water breathing x2 a day). They continue to carry magical/unidentified longsword, battle axe, and the scepter.

After resting, they try the doors leading off of the Champions’ loot room. They find a cell holding two long-dead skeletons, lying in an embrace. Valeria knows history on the bones: their life was tedious, violent, and brief; their death was long and cold. They were distant Arcworth relatives. Jongle searches the room and finds a golden ring amongst the bones — seeming swallowed by one of the dead. Jongle takes the ring as Ervendio performs funeral rites, putting their spirits to rest.

Jongle puts the ring on immediately — it is a ring of three wishes! The group decides to wish for the Rods to be good — turning them all Lawful-good, and turning their wielders Lawful-good in turn. Ervendio & Earnest are changed by the rods, and so, presumably, are Darcie Bill and the Vampire King of Gith.

Further exploration of the basement leads Jeff to the Book of the Anti-Phoenix, an old tome written in Old Common. It is related to the bird etching they found previously, detailing a cosmic being that waits for the end of all space & time. While it waits, it can be summoned by a death and an invitation. Once invited, it can tasked to kill … anything. Even a god. Ageptus volunteers to sacrifice himself to destroy the Wolf, but his told vehemently no.

The party camps in the basement again while Ervendio and Jongle identify items. Valeria plans to use the black bell to commune with the Wolf — bringing Ageptus along, to finally meet a god — to find out what’s changed now that the Wolf’s fractured soul is good. Two wishes remain in the ring….

Group Awards
Champions, 12000
Deathly Embrace, 1000
Lawful-Good Rods, 7000
Loot, 9000

Group Total: 29,000 Individual Award: 4834

Individual Totals
Earnest 14,834 (Squire’s Squire, 10,000; Group 4834)
Ervendio 14,834 (Skeletal Rites, 10,000; Group 4834)
Fresh Jeff 14,834 (Broken Mirror Image, 10,000; Group 4834)
Jongle 14,834 (3 Wishes, 10,000; Group 4834)
Ragnaught 14,834 (Insightful Belt, 10,000; Group 4834)
Valeria 14,834 (Pope Valeria I, 10,000; Group 4834)

gem of insight, Ragnaught (3000xp)
helm of waterbreathing +2, Ervendio (3000xp)
ring of three wishes, Jongle (3000xp)

battle axe

100: Bone Brawl
our heroes delve below the ruined city

The Revengers retreat to the ruined house, hoping to avoid more demons. Jeff gets the trap door open, revealing a dark shaft. He immediately jumps down into the darkness. Jongle uses his magic goggles to look down, seeing Jeff float down about twenty feet, landing before a wooden door.

There is a magic mouth on the door, which says, “Eating prolongs life. Feed me!” anytime someone new stands before it. Jeff recommends dragging a tanar’ri corpse down the shaft and feeding it to the door.

Ragnaught goes back out into the city and tries dragging one of the bar-lgura toward the trap door — but the creature is enormous and won’t budge. Ragnaught fails to see a strange creature moving in the shadows, and suddenly a fog settles over his froggy brain. Ragnaught is overcome with a desire to approach the strange creature.

Unaware of the trouble outside, Jongle and Valeria head down into the shaft as well. Ageptus joins them, after being told that he is invisible from behind. Ageptus doesn’t get it — he thinks the group is making fun of him.

Earnest heads out to look for the missing Ragnaught and witnesses a terrible creature with its tentacles wrapped around Ragnaught’s head! The thing has drilled its tongue down into Ragnaught’s brain, doing irreparable damage to the bullywug’s intellect. Earnest separates the creature from Ragnaught, and as the pair try to fight it, the rotting illithid turns to fog and escapes.

Down below, Valeria feeds a trail ration to the mouth on the door. It immediately opens. The party finds themselves exploring a twisting, elaborate sub-chamber — still intact, though the house above has been destroyed.

They discover a magical tapestry, which shows a heavily wooded forest, a strange sorceress, and a glowing archway. Valeria tries tossing another trail ration at the tapestry — it hits the glowing archway and she disappears! The others decide to follow her, wherever she has gone, by touching the portal one by one.

They find themselves not very far away at all — they have been transported to the forest outside of the ruined city Tar Valor. But surrounding them are boxes, each one seemingly for a specific member of the party. The Revengers each receive a centennial gift!

Earnest receives The Firehouse, a +2 quarterstaff that can loose a flood of water 1/day. Anyone struck by the water must save vs. paralyzation, or be blasted backwards 2d100 yards.

Ervendio receives the Kuraphai Book of Exalted Deeds, (a week to study; upon completion, +1WIS, XP to place into the middle of the next level)

Fresh Jeff receives the cloak of the chronomancer (+1 save vs. chrono spells; if no save permitted, one now is; 1 add’l spell per level while wearing; targets -1 penalty vs. chrono spells)

Jongle receives … a choice! He turns down the chance to consult the deck of many things as well as a set of magical barding, ultimately receiving a whip +1.

Ragnaught receives a coin of potions, which can produce a single potion or oil or poison per day. It is activated by biting the coin. Ragnaught can produce any potion, oil, or poison that he has direct knowledge of.

Valeria receives the amulet of interpretation, allowing her to speak & understand the first three languages she would not normally understand that she encounters each day.

They camp overnight, then return to Tar Valor and the basement. They find a map room — all of the maps are rotted, but Jeff wall-climbs to the cubbies and finds a single, rolled parchment. The parchment is an illustration of a strange bird:


In a well-room, Jeff tosses a stone down and hears a splash. A margoyle bursts forth from the ancient well, but the Revengers make short work of it. Jeff and Jongle explore the depths of the well, but find only fresh water.

From there, they discover a larger room with a warded table and treasures. The ward reads Here lies the treasures of the Order. Only Champions of the Order may take them up without peril. The treasures include a longsword, a helm, a battle axe, a scepter, and a jeweled belt. Jongle hopes an unseen servant might circumvent the ward — but instead, when the servant takes up a sword from the table, but when it is disturbed 4 powerful skeletal warriors burst from underneath the floor! The skeletons take up the treasures (wrestling the sword from the unseen servant) and attack the Revengers.

The skeletons are more than they seem — they cannot be turned. The skeleton wielding the scepter is caught in a timeloop (save vs. spells per round to break free) by Jeff, and Earnest is momentarily knocked to the ground by the skeleton with the battle axe. Though the Revengers have landed many blows, none of the skeletons have been destroyed yet!

The battle continues….

Group Awards:
Magic Mouth, 300
Tapestry, 300
Dark Illustration, 600
Margoyle, 975
Champions, ???
Treasure, 32,500

Group Total: 34,675 Individual Award: 6935

Individual Totals:
Earnest 116,935 (Triple-Double 10,000; Centennial 100,000; Group 6935)
Ervendio 100,000 (Centennial 100,000)
Fresh Jeff 116,935 (Timeloop, 10,000; Centennial 100,000; Group 6935)
Jongle 116,935 (Unseen Servant 10,000; Centennial 100,000; Group 6935)
Ragnaught 116,935 (Brain Bore 10,000; Centennial 100,000; Group 6935)
Valeria 116,935 (Triple-Double 10,000; Centennial 100,000; Group 6935)

Amulet of Interpretation, 3000XP
Whip, +1 500XP
Cloak of the Chronomancer, 3500XP
Coin of Potions, 7500XP
The Firehose, 10,000XP
Book of Exalted Deeds, 8000XP

99: Chaotic-fine
our heroes find the ruins of a human city

The party awakens to the horselord scouts making breakfast. They answer the Revengers’ questions and ask a few of their own, about the goblin lands and the bullywug marshes. They say they are sending a caravan to the Middlemarsh as soon as possible. They say there is a ruined city to the north, before reaching their own homeland: Tar Valor, an old city of men, but now a dangerous, evil place. Evil because of the danger? Or dangerous, because it’s evil? A good question!

One of the scouts (the Revengers never learn his name) says the great conflict of the universe is not one of evil vs. good, but of order vs. chaos. In order, there is only one truth. In chaos, many things can be true. In order, Edrick & Nemonad must always be enemies. In chaos, perhaps they can be friends once again.

The scout invites Ragnaught to join him & his companions as they travel back to their home camp; Ragnaught says no. The group rides north, headed for Tar Valor and hoping to find more information about the Wolf and how to defeat him.

They come upon an old tomb — a rock cairn — and Jeff and Jongle immediately climb inside. There are mummies inside! Ervendio stoneshapes a path in for the others/a path out for the tomb raiders. They web & set the mummies on fire, then wait for them to burn up. They investigate the stone sarcophagus the mummies were guarding and find the remains of a human named Seb. They loot his grave, finding some coins, a potion, a wand, a dagger, and a suit of scale armor.

They continue on and find a copse of fungal trees, guarded by a funginid. Earnest trades the liberated tiny funginids for safe passage through the copse. Continuing north, they cross a desert dune where the sand had been turned to glass.

Camping overnight, Ageptus has a crisis of faith. He considers abandoning his worship of Edrick, until Jongle creates an illusion of Edrick who tells Ageptus that he is special, just like everyone is special, but ehhh maybe more than everyone is special? Anyway, he has to make himself special. Ageptus believes he has been spoken to by the divine.

Meanwhile, Ragnaught has prayed to Isolt to reach out and touch Ageptus. She does, making Ageptus invisible when viewed from behind. Ageptus does not know this has happened; no one tells him.

The party passes through trees — real trees, not mushrooms! — and comes upon the ruins of Tar Valor. Ervendio tries to camouflage their passage, but when Valeria tries to hand one of her chatkchas, it slices the pope’s finger off. His screams attract demons!

They catch a brief glimpse of Zensher, a tanar’ri they first met in the jails below Cano City, and Valeria immediately stabs/sets him alight with her holy trident. Zensher. who was quite chatty with an illusioned Jongle back in the day, immediately teleports himself out of the fray. The party battles several bar-lgura, large demons they also encountered previously, in Cano City. Another tanar’ri — a man-sized mosquito with a human head — flies overhead, cackling and screaming.

As the battle ends, Jongle spies a shut-trap-door in the nearby ruins of a house. The flying demon cackles in the distance….

Group Awards
Breakfast Chat, 600
Mummies, 12,000
Bar-Lgura, 48,000
Gold & Items, 5589

Group Total: 66,189 Individual Awards: 11,032

Individual Totals
Earnest 21,032 (Fungal Passage 10,000; Group 11,032)
Ervendio 21,032 (Tomb Tunneler 10,000; Group 11,032)
Fresh Jeff 21,032 (Tomb Raider 10,000; Group 11,032)
Ragnaught 21,032 (Divine Intervention 10,000; Group 11,032)
Jongle 21,032 (Blasphemy! 10,000; Group 11,032)
Valeria 21,032 (Burn the Devil 10,000; Group 11,032)

6 copper pieces
76 silver pieces
116 platinum pieces

1 Wand of Secret Door & Trap Location (Valeria; range of 15’ for secret door location, 30’ for trap location; takes 1 round/uses 1 charge. Unknown number of charges remaining.)

1 potion (magic, unidentified)
1 suit of scale mail armor (magic, unidentified)
1 dagger (magic, unidentified)

98: These Were Bad Guys
our heroes kill a shaman

A shaman duel! Jongle immediately wants out, even as the Gordion shaman distributes small, sentient funginids for each participant to eat. The shaman eats his, and his fingernails grow and harden into talons. Jongle won’t eat his.

The shaman finally accepts that Jongle wants out, and starts to negotiate the terms: the shaman tallies that Jongle will owe him and the village 10,000 gold pieces, which can be paid upfront or — even better — owed as a debt.

As those negotiations continue, Valeria assesses the funginid Jongle refused to swallow. It indeed appears sentient – and Valeria senses that the shaman and many of the villagers are evil. She grabs the shaman, who in turn attempts to control her mind with a spell. Valeria drives her trident through him, killing him.

The gathered villages surround and rush the party. Jongle calls down an ice storm and the party retreats into the shaman’s tent, bringing his corpse. Earnest stands out front to guard them. The group searches the shaman’s body for the bone he mentioned — the one that contains information on the Wolf — but they don’t find it. They do find more jars under his bed, some of which contain small funginids, and some of which hold shimmering smoke.

They step out of the tent as the storm ends and discover that several of the villagers are untouched, but dead — roughly corresponding with the jars of the shaman that shattered when Valeria killed him and dragged his corpse inside. They realize the jars were phylacteries, containing the souls of the villagers. When they broke, the villagers died. They also realize — the bone may well be inside the shaman.

Jongle & Ragnaught cut him open as the others take walks and stand guard. The villagers are all hiding and afraid. Jongle’s ring of x-ray shows that one of the shaman’s forearm bones contains hashmarks and dots – they cut it out and take it. After hearing a story about whale bone penises, Ragnaught also cuts off the shaman’s genitals. After a word from the others, however, Ragnaught tosses it aside. The group leaves town.

A large plume of green smoke rises from the south, where they had left the funginid village previously. The sound of a storm rings out to the east. The party heads east, but takes refuge in a stone-shaped hut for the night.

The Pope is wary of Valeria’s actions in the village. He is unconvinced by her explanation that he was evil and deserved to die. He tends toward Earnest as the group settles in for the night.

Jongle deciphers the bone via a spell: it is a short and concise chronicle of the Wolf, and the village’s devotion to him. It states that the Wolf’s soul was separated into 7 pieces, but that one day it will be reassembled enabling the Wolf’s return. It likens the Wolf’s followers to sheep, who exist to feed their god, and whose souls are herded and tended to by the shaman.

The morning, the wild storm has passed. The air smells like lightning and blood. The party continues east.

After a few hours, they spy humanoids ahead on horseback, gathered around the carcasses of giant lizards. They are covered, head to toe, wearing goggles and masks — similar, but not identical, to Robuskinot the spell-fence — and carrying strange, long, narrow weapons. These outriders invite the party to camp and eat with them. One of them speaks Common, referring to it as “the old tongue.”

They trade myths & folktales. The outriders are followers of Nemo. They speak of a city to the north, beyond which is a “forbidden zone” where their “great khan” has assembled the Seven Tribes into an army. Now that the Chaos Storm has ended, this army is preparing to invade the urth in all directions — spreading out to find and gather the Rod of 7 Parts and return here to the old human kingdoms, where they will re-assemble the rod at White Plume Mountain, allowing the Wolf to return.

They are friendly, but the Revengers are cautious. All parties go to sleep, but separate watches are kept as night falls….

Group Awards
Gordion Shaman, 300
Outrider Meeting, 800

Group Total: 1100 Individual Award: 184

Individual Totals
Earnest 10,184 (Cold Sentinel 10,000; Group 184)
Ervendio 10,184 (Stone Shaper 10,000; Group 184)
Jeff 10,184 (Conscientious Objector 10,000; Group 184)
Jongle 10,184 (Duel Dodger 10,000; Group 184)
Ragnaught 10,184 (Corpse Carver 10,000; Group 184)
Valeria 10,184 (Shaman Strike 10,000; Group 184)

holy armbone (Jongle)


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