7: Strange Interlude

The Pelican, a merchant galleon of some renown, has just left port in the City of Osterness, the capital of the small nation of Heirath.

While Osterness has always been a crossroads from trade and travelers, the formation of the Chaos Storm drove all trade from Gith to its port, and it has become wealthy in the last centuries.

But! In the last few months, there have been fluctuations in the energies of the Chaos Storm. Sailors claim to have sighted islands that had not been there before, and to have navigated waters that previously could not be travelled.

The captain of the Pelican, a gnome named Gannus Tencoppers, claims to have found a passage to Amara through the edges of the storm. He has mounted an expedition to Amara that promises both opportunity and adventure. You are all on board, for one reason or another. You can be a sailor, a merchant, a spy, a wanderer or missionary, a guard or a passenger. Your history can secret or it can be scandalous. And your motivations can be entirely your own.

These are the days of high adventure!

AD&D - New World

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