10: The Goblin Kingdoms

The Time of Chaos is over. The Church of the West has fallen. Magic returns to the land!

With the Last Pope Ageptus gone and the Church of the West no more, new powers rise throughout the Westlands. Valeria Janglemancer — Paladin of the Gray Order leads the Realm of Edrick’s Daughters; Bertram Figg — timelost, now found — pulls the strings of the Revolutionary Council in Cano; Baron Slex Uzbogt — the Common King — mills and grinds the goblins of the Breadbasket.

Meanwhile, Red Al strives to make a place for humanity in the Barrow Wood; the Brotherhood of Devils operates in full view in Skullcap; Guilder Kainen holds the purse strings of many nations.

Will it be war? Peace? Can the Kingdoms be united? The old order changes, but what will rise to take its place?

These are the days of high adventure!