Sri Raji

A mist-enshrouded land somewhere in the Southern Ocean between the Westlands and Amara. It is ruled by Maharajah Arijani, and while outsiders do occasionally wash up on its shores, none are allowed to leave except by the Maharajah’s explicit decree.

Sri Raji is populated by a race of slight humanoids called halflings, otherwise unknown on Urth.


Records uncovered in the Great University at Tvashtri in Sri Raji indicate that the strange fog surrounding the island separated Sri Raji from the rest of Urth some time in the centuries before The Great Disaster. This means it has been perhaps 3,000 years since the people of Sri Raji have had direct contact with the outside world — and vice versa. Historical documents indicate that Maharajah Arijani has ruled Sri Raji throughout these long years.

Most stories of the Maharajah concern his great physical beauty, prowess in battle, and kind heart. But especially old texts — themselves only several hundred years old, and therefore copies of even older stories — tell a more complicated tale.

The Maharajah — Arijani — was once a mortal halfling, though even the earliest tales say he was fathered by the avatar of the deity Ravanna. His mother was a priestess of Kali, a dark goddess of creation and destruction. Arijani could have been a bridge between these two warring faiths, but instead he became a weapon one side sought to wield against the other. Arijani’s mother hid the infant Arijani among the poor and unfortunate of Sri Raji, the lowest caste of people known only as the unseen. Ignorant of his divine heritage, the young Arijani grew up contemptuous of his peers and his station in life, believing he was meant for better things and a higher purpose.

As a teenager, Arijani discovered the truth of his heritage through an unknown series of events. Historical re-tellings of these events are more difficult to come by than anything else in Sri Raji history, but there are indications of violence, great fires, and criminal warfare resulting in a showdown between Arijani and his father — the living avatar of Ravanna. Through some act of great heroism (or perhaps trickery), Arijani trapped Ravanna’s avatar and, in exchange for his father’s life, was promised a wish which he used to make himself master and lord of the domain of Sri Raji. But Arijani went back on his promise, and killed his father in spite of his promise.

The precise series of events that followed are unclear, but it is believed that this is when the mists surrounding Sri Raji arrived. This is also believed to be when Arijani fully embraced his mother’s religion, perhaps even when he became the living avatar of Kali herself.

Sri Raji

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