Lycanthropy - Sri Raji

Though lycanthropy — a magical curse which transforms a humanoid into a beast — exists in some form throughout Urth, it seems to have unique properties when encountered in Sri Raji.

The only known lycanthrope on the island of Sri Raji is the weretiger. It is not know if this is due the nature of lycanthropy on Sri Raji, or because of some unseen were-war through which the tigers were the victors.

There is believed to be two primary strains of lycanthropy on Sri Raji — true lycanthropy, which is not a curse so much as a natural state of being, meaning the lycanthropes in question are born with the ability to transform from humanoid to animal, and the more common inherited lycanthropy, which is passed on when a non-lycanthrope is bitten by one inflicted with the curse.

“Curing” the infected lycanthrope is a controversial subject. Most literature agrees that the only cure for the lycanthrope is death, evidenced by the fact that a dead lycanthrope immediately transforms back to its humanoid state. Outside of Sri Raji, certain lycanthropes are known to have been cured with a simple remove curse spell cast by an experienced priest, but this has never occurred within the mists of Sri Raji.

It is believed that, if such a cure is possible, it would require complicated rituals and spells, as well as the death of the “source” of the particular strain of lycanthropy involved.

Lycanthropy - Sri Raji

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