Edrick, Half-Ogre

Born a gladiator-slave in the arenas of Zephyrus, Edrick rose to become the living god-king and emperor of Ur. Dim-witted but kind, he was a just and patient ruler.

Edrick came to power after he killed an evil evoker named Wisp. Killing this powerful wizard gave Edrick control over Wisp’s transporting tower, and access to a ring of three wishes. Edrick transported the tower to Zephyrus itself, in the middle of the arena where he was once a slave, and used his wishes to create or empower armies that would be loyal to him, and to demand fealty from disparate rulers around Ur. One of his companions, the wizard Nemonad Arcworth, advised that with his third and final wish he will himself to become “a mortal divine.” Though Edrick did not understand the phrase’s meaning, he trusted his friend and transformed himself into a being both mortal and god at the same time.

For decades Edrick ruled Ur with the help of his closest friends and counselors. It was a time of grand adventures and relative peace, an age undreamt of, ruled by magic and mighty sword.

But Edrick was betrayed. His friend Nemonad was revealed to be a grand necromancer and an agent of chaos. He transformed himself into an undead lich and — though when he had ceased to be a living being was unknown — and became known as the Wolf of Arcworth. Edrick and his allies embarked on one last campaign to stop their former comrade and save their world. Though they succeeded, it was at great cost. Edrick sacrificed himself, disappearing from the prime material plane. The Wolf was destroyed as well, but arcane magic was infected with a chaotic taint forevermore.

Today, Edrick is still worshipped by the priests of the Goblin Kingdom, but unlike other old spirits of his stature, he does not grant spells to his followers.

Edrick, Half-Ogre

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