Code of Canicus, Scion of the Risen King

Herein lies the written record code of Canicus Dias, Scion of the Risen King. With each step he took on his journey to find the Benedictus, he slowly unraveled the true nature of the Risen King and the ethos upon which the Kingdom of the Twelve Barrows was built.

Burn the bodies to honor the dead Failing to do so before leaving the field of battle troubles the Paladin and he must pay extra tithing or create some form of tribute, or return and finish the deed. If circumstances preclude all of the above, the Paladin must repent to the Risen King for not honoring his fallen enemies. This does not apply to beasts or evil creatures, though the Paladin is just as likely to burn the remains of evil to prevent it from rising again.

Canticle of the Fallen
Though you now lay before me, defeated by mine hand, I honor you and the life that you lived.
Though you no longer draw breath, snuffed out by my blade, I honor the mark you’ve left on this plane.
Though your light has left your body, extinguished by my hand, I offer solace: the Eternal Flame of the Risen King burns brighter now, as justice has been exacted.

Sanctity of the Fallen Ally Any ally who has fallen in battle while under the paladin’s protection must be avenged. If it is not possible to avenge the fallen ally in the current combat, the Paladin must devote himself to this cause. This can be as simple as slaying the assassin, or more complicated such as undermining a whole institution that directly or indirectly caused the death of his compatriot. Abandoning this cause can have dire consequences for the paladin and may lead to the eventual loss of his powers and/or title.

Oath of Retribution
With these words I pledge to you my loyalty, my arm, and my shield.
Now we stand together, brothers in arms on and off the field of battle;
I will honor you as my kin and defend you as such
and know that if you fall, I will seek out and exact righteous vengeance
upon any and all who have delivered you from this world into the next.
This is my pledge to you, my battle brother. I will not falter.

Honor the Lives of Your Brothers-at-Arms To have spilled blood at the side of the paladin forges an indelible bond between the brethren-at-arms. With that comes the devotion of the paladin in both life and death to her comrade. Only if circumstances are dire and there is the risk of not being able to guarantee a peaceful repose for the dearly departed should a paladin instead burn the body to honor the dead. Failure to properly lay a battlebrother to rest can consume the paladin until he rights what is wrong.

To the Fallen Battlebrethren
Blood was spilled on the field of battle,
A dark day has come — it was not that of our foe
but that of a fellow warrior of light
a light now extinguished, gone to the beyond
now a pinprick of light in the firmament above.
Watch over us, guide our blades and let them strike true

Code of Canicus, Scion of the Risen King

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