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  • xMildred the Frowzywig

    Level 1 Witch Chaotic Good Age: 67 Height: 4' 1" Weight: 40 lbs. The day that Mildred the Fowzywig pierced the veil and knocked on the door of one Fexticculor’hemanin’dron, Demon Lord of the Orix Gate--to raise the corpse of her beloved pet …

  • Orlo

    A mysterious (and ancient) deep gnome wizard of Erelhei-Cinlu. [[:roger-kervfluffen | Roger]] brings Bea and Valeria to see him when they seek a cure for Bea's accelerated age.

  • Sword Mage

    A mysterious wizard who is said to haunt the unknown and unexplored regions of Trident's Lake. The Sword Mage's agenda -- and allegiances -- are unknown.

  • Manass

    A human wizard who joined [[:par-vatal | Par Vatal's]] Warriors of Winters for her first real quest. Vatal led Manass into the Mountain That Moves on a far-away plane from Urth. The rest of the party was killed when they were captured by kobolds. Manass …

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