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  • Minja

    An orphan whose parents found themselves trapped on the strange, foggy island of Sri Raji many years ago. Minja has never known her own homeland, and she was raised by _grandmum_ and _grandpap_, two halfling ivory carvers native to Sri Raji. Having …

  • Ajiht

    White-haired leader of a rebellious sect of (possible!) weretigers in Pakat, Sri Raji. He has entrusted the Revengers with a tiger figurine that, if reshaped into a crossbow bolt, can kill [[:maharajah-arijani | Maharajah Arijani]], the lord of Sri Raji. …

  • Sidrathi

    A scholar living in Tvashtri. He wishes for the cruel reign of [[:maharajah-arijani | Maharajah Arijani]] to come to an end, and he supplied the Revengers with historical knowledge of the Maharajah's reign -- including the name of Kopi, a blacksmith …

  • Billie

    A young student at the Great University at Tvashtri. Tasked with tracking down books for the Revengers, after the unfortunate disappearance of [[:paqi | Paqi]].

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