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  • 14: Manor Romance, Manor Torture

    Khalid returns! Emerging from a tree-tunnel from the Underdark, Khalid -- now a fungal-dwarf -- returns from his trip to Mechanus. Having left [[The First Key | The First Key]] behind, Khalid rejoins his comrades and the Revengers continue their journey …

  • Mayor Shevlis

    A human mayor of Oakenburgh, a small village in Prinzfeld Province. She does not believe the Revengers' warnings of a coming war. Jongle steals her necklace, and a shiny dagger.

  • xGraf Urd

    As provincial-lord of Prinzfeld, Graf is in charge of the entire region. He is rumored to be ill, and has not been seen in public for 2 weeks. ---------------- Graf Urd was killed by Horaz of the Pomarj before the orcish army marched east to …

  • Lill Urd

    The daughter of servants at the provincial lord's manor in Prinzfeld, Lill hid from orcish invaders for days before she was found by Khalid. She clutches to Khalid as the fungal-dwarf carries her through the bloodshed of their manor invasion... …

  • xGlrrk Banng

    An orc captured by the Revengers. [[:quintus | Proteus]] Fed a finger to him to question him as they invaded the Prinzfeld manor. [[:bertram-figg | Bertram]] saved him from being burnt by a c-c-c-combo of spells during a battle in the manor. ----- …

  • Graf Urd II

    New provincial leader of Prinzfeld, Graf Urd (formerly Tia Urd) was elected to this position after her grandfather, the previous Graf Urd, was killed by the Pomarj.

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