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  • Elhonna, the Sensual Healer

    Elhonna Urd was a kobold who lived around 400 years ago. Though certainly not the first brothel-keeper, she was a pioneer in improving the trade of sexcraft. Later in life, she turned her attentions to what she called _sensual healing_, and believed that …

  • Rathan Swordreaver

    In life, Sir Rathan Swordreaver was a cleric of elemental earth and a companion of [[Edrick, Half-Ogre | Edrick, Half-Ogre]]. He was also friend and companion to Nemonad, [[The Wolf of Arcworth | The Wolf of Arcworth]]. Rathan was horribly burned when he …

  • Nemo

    An aspect of [[The Wolf of Arcworth | The Wolf of Arcworth]], now worshipped by some of the goblins of [[Cano City | Cano City]]. The Revengers tangled with Priests of Nemo in the jails of Cano City while searching for Father Robert.

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