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    A human bartender with a personal connection to Bertram. Gives Bertram advice, bits of news, and knows when to keep his mouth shut.

  • Grumpus Purplebottom, Sr

    Grumpus Purplebottom, Sr. is the son of the well-known adventurer Bayo Purplebottom. Grumpus, however, is more of a businessman: he is the owner and operator of Purplebottom's Purple Bottoms, a wholesale distributor of spatulas and cock rings. Grumpus …

  • Stella Purplebottom

    Stella Purplebottom (nee Applewell) is the youngest daughter of the famous Applewells of Ocean's Deep. She is married to [[:grumpus-purplebottom-sr | Grumpus Purplebottom, Sr ]] and is the mother of Bea and Grumpus, Jr. Her brother, Fairfax, is a well- …

  • Grumpus Wesley Purplebottom, Jr

    Grumpus Wesley Purplebottom, Jr is a bit of a cad. He lives in Ocean's Deep. He is Bea's brother. He was turned into a pie by a _wild surge_ when Bea cast her first spell; this pie was eaten by his father, [[:grumpus-purplebottom-sr | Grumpus …

  • Doctor Easterly

    Dr. Easterly is a strange + mysterious doctor in Ocean's Deep's Docks Ward. He performed a delicate surgery on Bea, replacing her opal eyes with a beholder graft.

  • Dandalus

    Owner and proprietor of the Old Xoblob Shop in Ocean's Deep, a store of curios and adventuring memorabilia.

  • xMarq Urd

    A low-level warrior who signed up with the New Revengers, then found himself tied to a desk job in the Ocean's Deep recruitment office. He talked himself into the idea that the _real_ Revengers were from the heretofore unknown _moon office_. When asked …

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