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  • xMildred the Frowzywig

    Level 1 Witch Chaotic Good Age: 67 Height: 4' 1" Weight: 40 lbs. The day that Mildred the Fowzywig pierced the veil and knocked on the door of one Fexticculor’hemanin’dron, Demon Lord of the Orix Gate--to raise the corpse of her beloved pet …

  • Doon Urd

    A member of the Flapping Wings mercenary company, Doon Urd made a deal with Khalid: if the heroes killed Gud Urd, Doon would attempt to wrest control of the Wings and work with the Revengers. As the heroes fled the scene of their battle with General …

  • Mae Urd

    A kobold priestess of Elhonna the party meets on the road between Grudgewood and Prinzfeld. A _sensual healer_, she believes Jongle has a natural talent for the erotic arts.

  • xGraf Urd

    As provincial-lord of Prinzfeld, Graf is in charge of the entire region. He is rumored to be ill, and has not been seen in public for 2 weeks. ---------------- Graf Urd was killed by Horaz of the Pomarj before the orcish army marched east to …

  • Lill Urd

    The daughter of servants at the provincial lord's manor in Prinzfeld, Lill hid from orcish invaders for days before she was found by Khalid. She clutches to Khalid as the fungal-dwarf carries her through the bloodshed of their manor invasion... …

  • Becky Urd

    "Becky" is a homeless kobold Bertram meets while traveling with refugees from Oakenburgh to Grudgewood. Becky steals wines and cheeses from the other refugees, sharing his spoils with Bertram, until they are finally cast out by the other refugees. …

  • Graf Urd II

    New provincial leader of Prinzfeld, Graf Urd (formerly Tia Urd) was elected to this position after her grandfather, the previous Graf Urd, was killed by the Pomarj.

  • xMarq Urd

    A low-level warrior who signed up with the New Revengers, then found himself tied to a desk job in the Ocean's Deep recruitment office. He talked himself into the idea that the _real_ Revengers were from the heretofore unknown _moon office_. When asked …

  • xBimmer Dreadnought

    A tongueless kobold at work in the Dreadnought enclave in the Mountain That Moves. Touched by Kit's psionic powers, Bimmer seeks to learn more from the telepathic thri-kreen -- no matter what the cost.

  • Judee Dreadnought

    A kobold in the Dreadnought clan of the Mountain That Moves. She lost her baby when the Revengers invaded their enclave; the Revengers reunited them.

  • Boob Torn Claw

    Boob is a farmer and member of clan Torn Claw. He is found by the Revengers after they kill a bulette that has been ravaging the Torn Claw fields. _Charmed_ by Mildred, Boob leads them to the edges of Rusty Blades territory, pointing them in the general …

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