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  • Ajiht

    White-haired leader of a rebellious sect of (possible!) weretigers in Pakat, Sri Raji. He has entrusted the Revengers with a tiger figurine that, if reshaped into a crossbow bolt, can kill [[:maharajah-arijani | Maharajah Arijani]], the lord of Sri Raji. …

  • Sidrathi

    A scholar living in Tvashtri. He wishes for the cruel reign of [[:maharajah-arijani | Maharajah Arijani]] to come to an end, and he supplied the Revengers with historical knowledge of the Maharajah's reign -- including the name of Kopi, a blacksmith …

  • Paqi

    A young student at Tvashtri's Great University. Tasked with gather books for the Revengers, he never returned from a particularly dark & forboding tower. --- Weeks after disappearing into one of the towers, Paqi reappeared -- carrying a spellbook …

  • Billie

    A young student at the Great University at Tvashtri. Tasked with tracking down books for the Revengers, after the unfortunate disappearance of [[:paqi | Paqi]].

  • Ruffalo

    A poet. A wanderer. No one understands him. Kisses with Bea one night in Tvashtri. Longs for her ... forever?

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