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  • Red Al

    A burly frontiersman and one of the founders of Grudgewood. He owns and operates the Lonesome Tankard, the town's hub for adventurers, rumor, and booze.

  • Mayor Mammarie

    The friendly owner of Mammarie's Brothel, which is often one of the first stops of a successful adventurer returning to Grudgewood. Mammarie is a rarity -- a goblin with arcane training and progressive views on sex -- and this is likely why she chooses to …

  • xMartiff

    Though Grudgewood is technically illegal -- and therefore technically has no laws -- there is still a need for order in any settlement. Martiff is a former wandering ranger who has chosen to make Grudgewood his home. Though sometimes his relations with …

  • Bunk

    A hulking bullywug and Red Al's right hand man. If he's not behind the bar at the Lonesome Tankard, Bunk is wandering the dusty streets of Grudgewood seeing through a (possibly best unspoken) errand for Al.

  • Drea

    An employee at Mammarie's (and rumored wizard) from Grudgewood, she ran off more than a week ago with a passing hobgoblin. Mammarie convinced Red Al to send some of his mercenaries to coax her home, but they never returned. More recently, Drea's white …

  • Rex

    A gnoll from the Uplands. He is a blacksmith working in Grudgewood. He has a (not very) secret prejudice against humans, who he calls the "pig people," but he is generally regarded as honest and fair. He collects odd weapons, and enjoys learning how to …

  • xStefan

    Stefan lives in Grudgewood. He disliked Bertram's soup. He is believed to suffer from crotchrot.

    ------ He died from crotchrot. He was barely mourned, and will be little missed.

  • xKurl Urd

    Kurl was captured by the group as they explored the Haunted Halls. His colleague Stiv joined the heroes as a hired blade, while Kurl was tied and gagged and led through the Halls. ---- Kurl agreed to enter into the Revengers' employment while in …

  • xJyson Muraz

    A human outrider sent from Grudgewood to Prinzfeld to rally a squad of kobold dragoons. Kept prisoner at Prinzfeld Manor, Muraz was freed by the Revengers and sent south with the dragoons to fortify and defend Grudgewood from the Duke of Bark. ----- …

  • Phillaeus Phillbert

    A famous gnomish engineer. Transported to Grudgewood as a part of Bea's _wish_ that gave Grudgewood the resources to become a safe bastion for humanity. Until recently, Phillbert was in the employ of the moon elves.

  • xHannah Clutchwood

    A relatively unknown librarian, Ms. Clutchwood was once responsible for the Grand Library of Ocean's Deep, the largest library in the known world. As part of Bea's _wish_ to give Grudgewood the resources to become a safe bastion for humanity, Ms. …

  • Hennelly

    A woman from Grudgewood and a local leader before the battle with the Duke of Bark's army. Afterward, she is among the group that sets out to retrieve the town's dead. She is inspired by Ervendio to become a cleric of the recently deceased [[:martiff | …

  • Gorge Entome

    Sir Gorge Entome was rescued from the prisons of Cano City by [[:quintus | Proteus Valerius]] and Mildred's Revengers. Gorge's legs were stripped of their flesh by [[:the-bailiff | The Bailiff]] while a prisoner.

  • Brit Hulme

    Sir Brit Hulme was a Knight of the Twelve Barrows, imprisoned in the jails beneath Cano City and rescued by [[:quintus | Proteus Valerius]] and Mildred's Revengers. He was not tortured along with his fellow soldiers, and was given a _potion of hill giant …

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