Tag: goblin


  • xScalf, Witch-Killer

    A goblin bandit who led a group that took over Eddistone Point. He is fearful of magic, but has all the same taken on the gnome wizard Volo has a counselor. He used the mirror atop the signal tower at Eddistone Point to rally nearby goblin leaders to …

  • Mr. Dingledangle

    An old friend of Jongle's, Mr. Dingledangle makes a living by making costumes for the underworld of Skullcap. Surrounded by the madness of the undercity gangs, Mr. Dingledangle is good of heart and eager to help his friends.

  • Minja

    An orphan whose parents found themselves trapped on the strange, foggy island of Sri Raji many years ago. Minja has never known her own homeland, and she was raised by _grandmum_ and _grandpap_, two halfling ivory carvers native to Sri Raji. Having …

  • xCaptain Chas & the Blockheads

    A goblin squad present at the fall of the Twelve Barrows. Tasked with clearing out a library in the wake of the Battle for the Twelve Barrows, the Blockheads were felled in the Ferrentio Library by a group of Barrow Knights trying to hide out/escape …

  • xCpt. Chas Cameron-DECEASEDx

    Chas Cameron came from a large, wealthy Goblin family of six sisters and four brothers. His father held the title to extensive lands he leased to the church. The Cameron's raised their children to be humble, but understand that they were a cut above the …

  • Valeria Janglemancer

    A baby born in Huzuz, City of Delights, to the jester Jongle and burglar Minja Janglemancer. Born the night of their wedding ceremony, and under the same full moon that claimed the life of Proteus Valerius.