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  • Lillian "Lil" Yankee

    Animal Rending - Expertise in skinning and butchering animal carcasses. Derive the maximum amount of food from a carcass, harvest valuable products from the carcass without damaging them (fur, horns, teeth, hides, organs). No proficiency checks for most …

  • xCount Who Lives

    The rumored-leader of the Knights of Mypp. Impossibly old. Rumored to be a lich, as well as a vampire. Believed by Minja to hold REX the seventh piece of the Rod of 7 Parts.

  • Fuma

    A githyanki pirate who once vied for the captain's chair of the Hand. When he confessed he couldn't pilot the spelljammer, the rest of his crew rallied around the elven Maladein. * * * * * After a tumultuous stint as First Mate, Fuma becomes a …

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