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  • xRoger Kervfluffen

    A deep gnome (_svirfneblin_) living in the drow city Erelhei-Cinlu. He was set to bully -- or worse -- [[:carol | Carol/Ann]] when Bertram led her, as bait, to the Erelhei-Cinlu *Gnomeland* bar & grill. But Roger came to mistakenly believe Carol/Ann was …

  • Orlo

    A mysterious (and ancient) deep gnome wizard of Erelhei-Cinlu. [[:roger-kervfluffen | Roger]] brings Bea and Valeria to see him when they seek a cure for Bea's accelerated age.

  • Klakko Bottomfeeder

    A deep gnome of Erlehei-Cinlu who happened upon a surly Bertram Figg and stole his gold. Bertram retaliated by setting an elaborate sting for him, robbing him of all of his gold and more. Bertram left Klakko convinced that Bertram was his ever-watchful …

  • Ingressio

    A wererat spy and scout living in Erelhei-Cinlu. Works for the illithid. Encountered Mildred during the Revengers brief stay in the drow city.

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