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  • Glimmer Greyhaven

    A former companion of Edrick, Half-Ogre, and one of the Grand Companions present when the Staff of Arcworth was broken. - Swashbuckling times: Glimmer as a young adventurer. A warrior, a lover, a spelljammer. - On one of his swashbuckling adventures …

  • xMatron Artenia Kuraphai

    Ervendio's mother and the matriarch of House Kuraphai. She oversees her house's economic, social, and military obligations. Distant, cool, and very serious, she has survived centuries of warfare and bested enemies both foreign and domestic. It is …

  • Matron Tryan Kuraphai

    Mother of previous matron Artenia Kuraphai. Sister to Ervendio. Not as overtly racist as her mother, Tryan has taken her brother's advice and is preparing to establish a Kuraphai outpost on Urth -- the first of its kind in living memory.

  • Markaerus

    A young elf with black hair, pale skin and bright blue eyes. A warrior on the Starlight Blade, the fastest ship in elven spelljamming fleet. His ship has not been heard of since the battle against the planet-sized beholder corpse, more than a year ago.

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