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  • Shayjar

    A dwarven woman in service to Baybars, a wizard. She lives on an isolated island somewhere in the sea northwest of Amara.

  • xBaybars

    A dwarven wizard living on an isolated island to the northwest of Amara. According to the roc [[:old-reyas | Old Reyas]], Baybars is a necromancer who constantly sends undead creatures to his aerie. [[:shayjar | Shayjar]], formerly Baybars's slave, …

  • Melisende

    A dwarven woman living with her father, [[:baybars | Baybars]], on an isolated island to the northwest of Amara.

  • Old Reyas

    An elderly roc who lives on the island of _Kaff_, somewhere in the waters near Amara.

  • Aasim

    First mate and acting-captain of the _Sokurah_, an Amaran vessel traveling between Hernia and Muluk. The ship picked up [[:teks-tik | Teks Tik]] some weeks ago as the thri-kreen was headed to Amara in search of the third piece of the Rod of Seven Parts, …

  • Haroushin

    A dwarven priest who lives in Muluk, City of Kings. Teks had heard of him -- dimly -- and considers him responsible for his people's loss of The Third Key. Teks left his homeland to seek him out. While not evil, Teks believes he possesses a great and …

  • xMahara

    A wise healer of the desert, Mahara is a hermit who lives in the mountains outside of Talv. He is said to have mighty powers of healing, both divine and otherwise. Recently, people from Talv who have sought him out have not returned... -------- …

  • Ssshawha

    A helpful healer of the Burning Lands. Ssshawha met the Revengers at an oasis and healed Bertram's psychic scar.

  • Maryam

    Met by the Revengers in the ruins of Azaltin's temple below al-Anwar. She could not remember how long she had been imprisoned, but she had not seen her captors in some time -- perhaps years. She believed they were bandits who intended to explore the rest …

  • Nari al-Fanif

    An instructor at al-Bidir Sallah, *the Home of the Seekers of Knowledge*, in Huzuz, Nari is renowned for her research in lycanthropy. She offers to help the Revengers arrange a ritual through which Proteus may be cured of his affliction.

  • Weeping Dwarf

    A dwarf who signed up to join the crew of [[:jad | Jad, the Myrikhan]]. He accompanied Jad to the Steaming Isles and witnessed the slaughter of an island of intelligent animals, which traumatized him. He told the Revengers he had witnessed Jad …

  • Kul

    Recruited by Minja, he was left behind to fight spyder-fiends when the Original Revengers used _planeshift_ to travel to Yggdrasil.

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