AD&D - New World

Tognar's Room


Few aboard the Pelican know that before it had her name, before Captain Tencoppers, she was a pleasure boat for Prince Earnest of the Goblin Kingdoms. The entire ship had since been re-fitted, but concealed behind a false wall, remnants of Prince Earnest’s quarters remained. A private balcony, that had since been covered, beautifully detailed in rosewood; it was perhaps twice the size of even the captain’s quarters, and even offered a personal built-in toilet. It was Tognar’s escape, and perhaps the only thing that brought him calm on days like today. This space was also his most closely-guarded secret, something Tencoppers had taken with him to the grave. On the outside, Tognar kept a modest bunk with a couple indoor coreopsis and hyperium to keep up appearances, while at night, or when the crew was ashore, he would disappear into his inner sanctum, to drink wine and read romance novels.

Tonight was different. Something was troubling him. Still weak from burns he suffered in the fight ashore, he drank his curative ale and tried to get up to write.

“Six dead men, laying around a sabre.”

But it was the way in which their bodies were positioned that bothered him. Almost as if they were trying to get to the sword but couldn’t. Arms outstretched; like they were being blown back by a tremendous amount of force, determined in their moment of death to reach this one point on Urth—from six different angles, forming a six pointed star.

Tognar straddled Uno’s shoulders and watched from the ship as his brother threw rocks at the blade, yarling like a baboon in mating season. Ragnot was just getting started. This could go on for hours. He knew, like his brother, that something about what happened here—about how those sailors died…had something to do with that sabre!

There was something else that was puzzling Tognar, something he kept to himself. All six dead sailors had cut their own throats.

Beautiful Strangers
In which the Pelicans are charmed to meet someone

The Pelican sets out at last! The ships hold is full; the new crew is ready; the course is plotted. But the crew of the Pelican’s run into trouble when they drift off of their new course. They do not realize it, but almost immediately, their ships begins to drift off of their plotted track, and after sailing for some days, they are far from their goal.
A strange thing happens as they sail the open ocean—a voice drifts over the waves. Flynnighan and a number of crewmen seem transported, and the captain orders the ship to come about and sail towards the beautiful singing. In a matter of moments, an island is sighted, and crewmen begin leaping off the ship, including Flynnighan and Tognar, who sees what looks like a beautiful frog-mermaid on the rocky beach of the island. Ragnot swims after his brother and Margeth takes control of the ship, saving it from being wrecked on the rocks surrounding the Island.
Flynighan and a group of sailors end up on shore, though, where the Sirens (because of course they are sirens) begin to feed on them. Battle is joined and Flynighan’s mustache is sliced from his face, but the sirens are defeated when Margeth orders a broadside to fired from the ship’s balistas.
The Pelicans then begin to explore the beach, finding treasure in the shipwrecks around the siren’s lair. Margeth finds a sword as well, but when he picks it up it bites him, and he decides to bury it.
After some debate, Rhonda insists that the Captain take charge and lead them into the interior, where Kyrashi hopes to find any surviors of the Siren’s call.
Instead, they find a pair of floating tentacles monsters. Ragnot attacks one, and the Xantravars give chase. Battle is joined, explosions are set off, and the day is saved.
Wary of finding more of the monsters, the crew decides to leave the island once more. Before they leave, though, Ragnot digs up the magic sword. For some reason, though, he cannot touch it. He tries to destroy it instead, but it wriggles away, almost like a long snake or a worm. He leaves it on the beach and swims after the crew, who were rowing back out to the ship in their long boat.


Group Awards:

Xantravar: 1950
Sirens: 1,950
Total 3,900

Individual Totals

Tognar 1050 (Attention to Detail: 400, Group 650)
Ragnot 1050 (Swordbasher: 400, Group 650)
Valdus 1050 (Holding: 400, Group 650)
Kyrashi 1050 (Bodyguard: 400, Group 650)
Margeth 1050 (Broadside: 400, Group 650)
Flynnighan 1050 (Charmed by a Lady: 400, Group 650)
Rhonda 1050 (Off the Map: 400, Group 650)

S10: Strange Consequences
In which the Pelicans lose a friend

The Crew of the Pelican made their way to the Gith ship, and searched it top to bottom, searching for the coffin of the Vampire captain. As they searched, the crew found a number of maps and letters, as well as a copy of the ship’s log. While the log was written in a Gith Naval code, Margeth’s help let the crew read its contents:

_From the personal log of Overcaptain Sarkwath

I am diminished. Those fools below the surface believe me defeated, but I am not defeated. I am simply diminished. I have ordered my remaining crew to board the vessel of our enemies—it is good that I took so many thralls to feed on, as they can serve me as crew in the absence of my minions. We depart at nightfall.

Our enemies believe that they have stopped our ambitions. They do not realize that our true prize is no longer hidden in the deep. While they squabbled over politics, our agents among the Drow were sent the copies of the Map that Caladrel had drawn, and the orb was sought in the tunnels where he thieving gnomes had taken it.

It was not there.

They discovered a tablet instead. The gnomes were indeed trapped, as we had thought, but they used the magic in orb to escape. They left a dead space behind them, devoid of life. The tablet was left as a message to any gnomes that sought them out, a message that guided us back to the surface.

I had wondered why this island was filled with life so soon after the edges of chaos storm had left its shores. The plants were not twisted and mangled. But tablet provided me an answer. The gnomes tell us that they escaped secretly along the deep road, and that they used to orb to traverse the storm. They have struck out to the south, and they beseech their kin to find them. We can follow them by the traces of life left by the orb.

Messages have been sent. My lord will dispatch others. We will prevail in this as in all things._

Log in hand, the Pelicans sought out the Vampires coffin. They found it deep in the ships hold, but only after setting off a number of traps. Touching the doorknob caused Flynnighan to lose control of his mind and turn on his companions, and Valdus was forced to put him to sleep. Even more dire, opening the coffin released a cloud of thick gas that, when the party touched it, could turn them to stone. After a bit of debate, Uno walked confidently into the fog and was instantly petrified. His petrification, though, caused the fog to clear, and the party was able to stake the vampire.

No words were said over Uno’s body, as he would have wished.

The vampire was then dragged above decks with a stake holding it helpless. It was left in the sun to be destroyed.

The party spent the next two weeks attending to various bits of Business, preparing to leave the island. Deals were secured with the elves, and the Gith galley was fitted out with an elvish trading crew. Goods were taken on. Legs were gained and romances were had. Crews were filled out and investigations were undertaken.

As the Pelicans set sail for the south they left behind them a newly awakened Elven nation, ready to rejoin the world.


Group Awards:

Staked Vampire: 9,000
Trapped Coffin: 1,000

Individual Totals

Tognar 2,067 (GasMaster: 400, Group 1,667)
Valdus 2,067 (Holding: 400, Group 1,667)
Kyrashi 1,067 (Latecomer: 400, Group 1,667)
Uno 2,067 (What’s the worst that could…: 400, Group 1,667)
Flynnighan 2,067 (Player vs Player: 400, Group 1,667)
Rhonda 2,067 (Showing the Way: 400, Group 1,667)
Ragnot 2067 (The Forgotten: 400, Group 1667)

The Totally Tubular Tales of Riggynut Dankholme and the Courageous Crew of the Pellycam: Kippin Princhi Finnygum, Bossbroheim Crashi, Vullydeetz, Unono, Rondo, and his Broodbro Tognar

Eh boop boop. Upsidaisy outsie plainsie, spit outtada deepdrink n bakinnida bo-aht evafin yisssss, askim agin ovada great blue wavyspray, out unnada great blue britecap to drinky sunshine n frindshine, n some crikkskull witchybrew bleakyrum Tognar he bubblubbly outtada sweetweed… ehhhh somefrogheim bettachek dabakka Riggynutsies noggin, mebbe outsie leaksy himses brainsjuices, yekk.

One thingy, best days ehcommin, nowit widerealm gotsi one less bitesyshite vamper — deesgutsin. Riggynut vomitcomet ovada Pellycam starbird just in recollecty udda smellsi, achz sorilly bad, rilly rillybad. Eh bit we goodfrohg crew do allada goodwork, stabbychop screamsi vampshite n drag hims rottgob stinkshell outnup inna da purifficatin sunbeamies, n thatsitat, busty dusty nomo rotten musty crusty. Eh speshythanko aRondo for gitsi riddada smellsi, hhhhakk ehhhhhh booop.

Septing allathese nobefo herego Unono withim bigbrainjuice asloshin, hegetsim big idea tascootsi thruda ikki badmist, n wheeeeeuu herecomesie horrrificafication, we allus gotsto watchy biggiebuddy getsims gnollskins all statchuficated, rockstoned n lockstoned inna lasttime wonderypose. So saaad, himsi goodfrohg kinda, even if himsi badfrohg kinda. Allswe gunna miss him, speshly yourn goodfrohg Riggynut, who now gotsim nobe wrasslebroheim, sheeeeightsiee…

Eh so leastwise now wegotsus forda indifattigibby Pellycam one hikkiva wikked proudprow figgerhead. Goodfrohg Unono henow leadsa way thruday bluespray, hibootit, eh? N inna indi Riggy gitsimsi new bisti frindi, eh boooooop. Whokin gissit, inna coolbreeeze nightside, affa onebedrinki twobedrinki threebe, unnada twinkyblinks we chatsi, eh mostly Riggy chatsi but nofroggy elsi sogood listeny, no even broheemy Tognar, who rilly no gitsy Riggy. N we shootishitsy till upsydaisy peeksy daysight innada eastbeam n gleam, n time for snakkswim n thinna sleeptow, Riggygo adrag astern onna ropesy onna toesy, relaxidaisy yawnnnnnnnn smak smak. Soondays Riggynut hego offta see dem Grippylily frohgfrinds, if goodfrohg Crashi he givsimma okidoksi…

S9: Strange Days


We made our ascent to the surface with all hands of the away team plus the addition of two sea elves—Opal and Urbana— and Margeth, a former member of the githyanki crew, although a human.

A maze of tunnels separated us from the surface, we tried as best we could to navigate our way through. Uno talked to his god(s) for guidance.

“Grave danger is s given, whether up or down you choose. But hesitate one instant, and this moment’s chance you’ll lose.” he groaned.

I wish Uno gave the same reverence to the written word as he did to the clever turns of phrase he seems to muster when he concentrates. Is it divine or terrestrial? Who am I to judge?

We quickly became disoriented and came upon a camp of hostile barbarians. There was violence.

I had hoped we would be able to trade our way to the surface.

In some places in the world, such things are possible even with the most ruthless tribes if one knows the proper decorum. I try to find some solace in believing that there is a thread of common decency in us all. But in a places such as this, you see that perhaps not so long ago, we all weren’t very nice to each other.

We swam for our lives throughout the night, at times moving in circles. We finally caught a glimpse of light coming from the surface. We rested then in the pre-dawn glow. Suspended in cool ocean water, finally able to relax after we were confident we had eluded our assailants. The tide brought us to shore as one of our Grippli friends warned us of activity aboard the Pelican.

After commandeering a Grippli outrigger canoe, Flynnigan took command and entreated us to ram a Gith longboat that was approaching the stern of the Pelican. Just before impact I lept aboard the Pelican. We have successfully reclaimed our ship, but have yet to engage the main Githyanki vessel.

I write this letter from my quarters, which I’ve found in a severe state of disarray, and will update on the condition of my plants and specimens when I next have the opportunity to do so.


The Pelican!

Group Awards:

Sauguin Escape: 2,000
Cadet: 240
Group total: 448

Individual Totals

Tognar 1,048 (Let’s Talk About This: 600, Group 448)
Valdus 1,048 (Free Bird: 600, Group 448)
Kyrashi 1,048 (Spear Fishing: 600, Group 448)
Uno 1,048 (Let’s Get ‘Im: 600, Group 448)
Flynnighan 1,048 (Buckling Swash: 600, Group 448)

S8: What Strange Teeth You Have
In which the Pelicans defeat a vampire...

after the vampire’s defeat, Uno steps away to mutter into his bag of bones

I believe I understand the hierarchy of my traveling tribe.

Prince Flynnighan is nominally our leader, but these are obviously his golden days. They are not to last. His military advisor is Kyrashi, who will naturally take over the tribe when Flynnighan is destroyed. But Kyrashi’s reign will most likely be short and calamitous. He is brave and strong, but is too careful. A good chieftan must take risks, be sudden and foolhardy in his decision-making, and Kyrashi is thoughtful and wise. Thoughtful and wise are good qualities for an advisor, but not for a chief.

Ragnot is a young chief in the making. He finally came into his own when we fought in the home of one of the water-elf sub-chiefs. Ragnot could not overpower me, but he made a very good showing. I was impressed with his skill and ferocity! Later, when he kicked me in the gonadulars, he again proved himself to be sudden and foolhardy. He will make a good chief when is fire is balanced by loss. Perhaps it will be his brother who dies; perhaps it will be me. When this occurs, and only then, will he be ready to lead.

The mission to the sub-chief’s home was successful, but I do not entirely understand how. Flynnighan and Valdus retrieved papers with writing on them. I pretended not to look at their deadly symbols, but in truth I peeked. I could not make sense of their evil notations, but the others seemed to believe that whatever was inscribed there would be the downfall of our foe, Tykreth. This is only logical. When you write something down, you remove power from yourself and give it physical form. When someone else steals that physical power, it is theirs. We stole his power.

The theft of these writings worked in our favor, but of course by utilizing their profane power we were led to near-doom. We used the writings to bring both Teague and Amrinell under our sway — two other sub-chiefs of the sea-elves. We convinced them of Tykreth’s treachery and ill-intent — in fact, we learned that Tykreth is in league with dirt-elves, those who have shunned the Moon. And we learned that this group of dirt-elves worship an old god I have heard of in the North: we know it as Nemo, a skull-faced king with one eye. They call it the Nomad. In my land it is said the Skull King is gathering an army that will one day march south and make all of the future dead its thralls. I wonder if its goal is the same here? Perhaps all un-deads serve this god. Perhaps this Nomad is my final foe, the one that I dream about.

In any event. We were harassed by the local military powers, as has been our lot since we arrived, but my tribemates were in high spirits as we approached the meeting that would decide the fate of these sea-elves. We had convinced enough sub-chiefs to expel the gith and their vampire-captain, and I believe Prince Flynnighan had arranged the return of his boat. Foolishly the Prince was making deals and pledging loyalty in exchange for monies, instead of for blood or loyalty or babies or food. I tried to tell them again that monies is less real than magic, but the fools did not listen.

Well we paid the prince for believing in monies and in words on paper. The gith-captain commanded sea-elves we thought were our allies — Calladryl, which is a word in my lands for “soothing-balm,” murdered the sub-chiefs pledged to us.

Chaos ensued, as is the way of the un-deads. I had invisibled myself against the vampire-captain, so I was able to sneak close to his filthy form. My new blade struck his flesh, but it was Kyrashi who struck the final blow, turning the vile creature into mist. It returns to its sleeping place now — we must pursue and conduct the proper ritual to destroy it in finality. I have sworn to consume the vampire’s heart. If I fail in this, I will be damned.

The creature bit me with its horrible mouth before Kyrashi destroyed it. I could feel an age slipping from me. I forgot things — the invisibility spell I used to creep close to it. I found that I have a white stripe in my fur running down one side of my body, from the top of my head to my rump. Deacon Valdus was similarly afflicted, jumping in-between the vampire and Tognar; also, the Deacon lost a finger. But I think his bird ate it, so perhaps this was a ritual of power I do not understand.

I forgot to mention: some other water-breathing creature tried to kill us, in an alley. Prince Flynnighan conquered this blue-man and took his sea conch. Now our Prince commands the assassin’s sea-dogs of the deep. Perhaps our Prince will be long-lived after all!

In any event, our foe has been temporarily smote. We have captured the treacherous Tykreth and it appears we are not yet being directly blamed for these murders. I should return to my tribesfolk, however, as it sounds like Princeling Ragnot is seeking to destroy the vampire’s possessions. He claims they are evil and not to be trusted; this is true, but if we are putting our faith in written words, then why not the evil items of an un-dead?

We are beyond the land of taboo. Nothing is sacred now, except ourselves.

Vampire loot:
Gems: 19 fancy (1,900gp)
A Potion
A Ring
A Wand
A Book
A Crystal Ball

Minion Officers:
Weapon: Rapier
Padded armor
Weapon: Saber and Dagger
Leather Armor

Triton’s Conch
+2 trident


Group Awards:

Vampire: 8,000
Minions: 240
Sea Lions: 1,260
Triton: 650
Group total: 10,200

Individual Totals

Tognar 2,000 (Chromatic Success!: 550, Group 1,450)
Ragnot 2,000 (Spirit Archer: 550, Group 1,450)
Valdus 2,000 (One Turn Turn : 550, Group 1,450)
Kyrashi 2,000 (Lotion Bane: 550, Group: 1,450)
Uno 2,000 (Invisible Man: 550, Group: 1,450)
Flynnighan 2,000 (Lion Caller: 550, Group: 1,450)
Rhonda 2,000 (Mister Mist-er: 550, Group: 1,450)

S7: Stranger Danger
In which the Pelicans begin to get sneaky

Notes from the desk of Ailmer Variel, Captain, Abytesh Royal Guard:

The surface dwellers have been temporarily removed from my care and that worries me. Caladrel seems to have been put in charge of their surveillance and minding, and, recognizing his talents, no one in the guard trusts him. Perhaps I should not commit a thought like that to paper, but knowing Commander Caladrel, reading these notes will simply make him chuckle.

Despite being removed as their direct liaison—I was told I’m too “honest” for such a job, as if it was meant as flattery and as if it would soften the dismissal—I have asked a number of my guards to report on the surface dwellers’ activities.

The remainder of the night, after the library excursion and the hallway scuffle with Caladrel, passed uneventfully. In the morning, however, Caladrel once again visited, still pretending to be a servant. He slipped the surface dwellers a note of some kind. My guards were unable to read it.

Unfortunately, while Cprl. Urdahna was reporting this meeting to me, the surface dwellers were escorted by several guardsmen to a meeting with a Gith Liaison. Note—find out who these guards were; they were not acting under orders, and must have been compromised in some way. They must removed from service immediately.

The details of that meeting were private, but the following events seem to have taken place, according to servants in the area. The door was guarded from the outside, and barred. Negations took place. Negations broke down and a fight broke out. The surface dwellers killed two members of the Gith retinue, and a third fled the scene.

The Gith have claimed that the surface dwellers attacked them without cause, but I do not believe that. Both bodies seemed to be already dead, or undead, and were distorted my magic, making them monstrous. The Gith have refused to allow us to interrogate the third participant.

Urdahana, after returning from our meeting, reasserted herself and confined the party to quarters. Moments later, though, they left again, this time by the window. I will inquire again about securing the windows, but I have been told that my guards should treat the surface dwellers as guests and not prisoners, and this means leaving them unsecured at times.

The group then met Caladrel in the library, and soon after returned with him to their rooms. There, they spent some time in conversation. My guards report that they examined and then destroyed a number of papers, and examined a map as well.

Calardrel led the surface dwellers out of the palace and into the city. My guards were unable to intervene with Commander Caladrel escorting them. Damn this twisted chain of command.

They arrived at the home of Minister Tykreth and demanded an audience. My guards were given orders to wait and watch. Of all of the ministers that they could ally with Tykreth is the most troubling.

Guards reported that two members of the group left the party and entered the alley behind the mansion. They could not follow without giving themselves away.

Soon after, a significant disturbance began in the house. Servants reported a fight between the surface dwellers. My guards attempted to respond, but were told to stand down and continue to observe by Commander Caladrel. I would very much like to know what he is playing at.

Group Awards

Undead Goblyn: 975
Undead Merrow: 650
Dei (escaped): 1000
Guards: 350
Group total: 2,975
Individual Totals

Tognar 1196 (Bad Memories: 700, Group 496)
Ragnot 1196 (Brawler: 700, Group 496)
Valdus 1196 (Distractions : 700, Group 496)
Kyrashi 1196 (Blase with the Butler: 700, Group: 496)
Uno 1196 (Brawler: 700, Group: 496)
Flynnighan 1196 (A Prince: 700, Group: 496)

S6: Kyrashi's log
Under the Sea

Alas! I have journeyed home! At least I feel it must be home, though I have no memory of this place. Not even a trigger or fragment of a memory. Perhaps my home is another city under the waves in another part of the ocean. This is the first and only place I have seen another of my kind. In that discovery I revealed to the Pelican crew and passengers that I am not an average elf. Uno seems to have lost his fascination with me for that lack of elfness.

We found the city, which was Tencopper’s goal, and though i did not know it, one of my goals too. We found it, and were on the way to being forced out without any answers or parlay when circumstance kept us! We were being escorted to the cave we entered when a small zombie horde rushed in and started attacking the sea-folk! The remaining Pelicans and passengers showed their worth and dispatched the undead force quickly and efficiently. The fish serpent creature took longer to whittle. It was a vile thing, an affront to nature. Though I am revolted by all undead things. We were still to be ejected from the city when next from the tunnel came a vampire! With the audacity to lay claim to us for hanging as criminals! I recognize no Gith as any authority I am subject to. But these sea-elves would not know that, and so I did what was my only option. I had to request sanctuary in this city that may be my home. I had to request sanctuary as if I was a stranger, and maybe I truly am. We were taken to a palace where we overheard a merman quite loudly say we should be killed. We were taken to a room under guard and placed under observation by a spy it would seem. While under guard we learned the Gith had an envoy in the palace too and the elves wanted to discuss trade! The filthy Gith establishing ties here! To what lengths they would go for domination! This information collector did facilitate a meeting at Uno’s request. It did not go very well and Uno embarrassed us greatly and may have weakened our position here. We Pelicans must gain access to that meeting. The Gith must not be allowed entry here. I do not know how else to inhibit it. One would think that even hearing the words of an undead vampire lord would be enough to dissuade talk of trade. Vampires are crafty creatures, full of lies and conniving words. And this lord speaks for his nation. Would the rest of the Pelicans’ country let them speak for it? Would this sea city prefer trade with a country of free goodly folk? With Amara? Can we provide that for them? We must try and we must try to expel this vampire, though we will make an enemy for life, even the long life of an elf.


Group Awards

Ungulosin: 1400
Sea Zombies: 2940
Letters and scrolls: 500
Group total: 4,840
Individual Totals

Tognar 1507 (Bookworm: 700, Group 807)
Ragnot 1507 (Bro’s Night Out: 700, Group 807)

Valdus 1507 (Looking for Good : 700, Group 807)

Kyrashi 1507 (Human Shield: 700, Group: 807)
Uno 1507 (Nose Puncher: 700, Group: 807)
Flynnighan 1507 (New Captain: 700, Group: 807)
Rhonda 500 (Latecomer: 500)

S5: Dead Strange
In which our heroes lose their captain, and almost lose a friend.

From the field notes of Corvette Lieutenant Natwath, Gith Imperial Navy, Assigned to the Lanterna Dragule.

Sixthday- 900

The Galleon [SV independent/merchant, Pelican, Flag state: Osterness] was secured in the natural harbor with little resistance. Several Sailors fought back, but without a clear chain of command, the fighting was disorganized and ineffective. Our informant seems to have provided correct intelligence in this matter. Crew has been processed and assigned oars.

Passengers have been secured but remain unprocessed pending interrogation. Several prisoners may prove valuable as assets to the Empire. They are being held in the meantime in their quarters, and have been informed that any attempt at escape or organized resistance will be considered grounds for excecution.

A landing party has been assembled as is currently tracking the remaining crew of the Galleon who have made landfall.

Sixthday- 1200

Our landing force two Grung seaman on the island. They had been attacked by the Pelican landing party. The Pelican crew seems to have killed their leader and freed a number of servants. Reasons for this liberation remain unclear—perhaps from a misguided sense of “goodness.” Grung approached our search crew in an attempt to parley for victuals. They were terminated and processed.

Tracked enemy party to a campsite in the jungle, and then north to a small temple.

*note: several troops lost enroute to what seemed to be a field of exploding jellyfish. Samples have been taken of jellyfish specimens at the insistence of Overcaptain Sarkarwath, citing possible military applications.

Additional troops lost in breaching the temple. Man made rockfalls at both main entrance and at a hidden side entrance. Rockfalls will be cleared and then progress will resume.

Sixthday- 1700

Rockfalls breached. Temple covers a series of caverns. Several hours spent securing downed bridge. Interior caverns reveal what seems to be living quarters. Conditions are foul. Not surprising for these sort of island dwellers. Occupants are gone. Overcaptain Sarkwath ordered investigation of a pool and fountain in cave. Pool was surrounded by torches, and Overcaptain claims target may have entered water here to hide. Magical properties in fountain were detected but could not be ascertained. Overcaptain ordered Pegwai Cadet Margeth to drink in order to ascertain safety. Pegwai Cadet suffered transformation: gills. Overcaptain ordered all officers to prepare to make camp. Pursuit will continue at 600.

Seventhday- 600

Pursuit to resume. Camp broken. Undead officers to enter water. Living officers to drink and follow. I will be transformed.

Seventhday- 700
Significant time lost. Underground caverns collapsed. Troops required to divert to smaller caverns. Layout unclear. Exploration has been slow and resistance encountered in one corridor. Creature of indeterminate form. Several troops lost while subduing it—it seems to change form at will and attacks from the darkness of the corridors. In addition to troops, one officer lost: Lieutenant Geretai. Arraignments to made upon return to the Dragule. Body unrecoverable: consumed.

Corpse discovered in tunnels. Gnome, male, partial. Overcaptain Sarkarwath ordered interrogation of dead. Transcript to follow:

Overcaptain: Who are you?

Corpse: I am no one. I am empty. I am dead.

Overcaptain: Bloodless partial corpses! Who were you, in life?

Corpse: I was a captain. I was a gnome of the court. I was servant to a queen. I was a seeker of the deep roads. I was a liar and a thief.

Overcaptain: What was your mission in these tunnels?

Corpse: I groped in the murk. I was lost. I sought a path. The path. To find the other queen and her treasures. To find the deep ones. To make my fortune and bring it back to her. To find forgiveness.

Exit from tunnels discovered. Large carved passage leeds down. Significant depth and distance. Some troops lost: waterlogged flesh.

Seventhday- 1300

Trackers report contact with humanoids. Troops ordered to engage. Tunnel end sighted. Preparing for combat. Assessment to follow engagement.


Group Awards

Slithermorph: 3000
Slithermorph eggs: 400
Gate Trap: 1000
Group total: 4,400
Individual Totals

Tognar 1434 (Healing touch: 700, Group 734)
Ragnot 1434 (Hidden strength: 700, Group 734)

Valdus 1434 (Bird hand : 700, Group 734)

Kyrashi 1434 (Roots: 700, Group: 734)
Uno 1434 (Not of the moon?: 700, Group: 734)
Flynnighan 1434 (Gambling with life: 700, Group: 734)

S4: Strangers befriended
In which several friends are made

From the diary of Ragnot:

Eh boop boop. Grikk grikk outtada quickedsand, broheemi gimmeda speaaah n outsie. Eh thanko bro way way good. Deliver panouch to them badfrohgs, to boot them badmamma witch, eh we slapper good. Shoutsi go onta Vullydeetz, eh mebbego better to himsbirdsi, he bitesychop inna badmamma blinkydots, n herego Riggynut pokey onebe twobe withims debbel flypokky, thunk thunk!

Nobad lootsi, somefroggy getsim one pointybone badknife, n some morething, nobad, nobad. Unono slimespeakit letsus hurtem new sadboy frohgriifrind, eh he getta smakka from thisguy bully, n soonish, him kippattit. Income them rotpirate, and kippin get hisself astirred up n off inna crayzoy flitrun. Tognar gobe gettim offa speedsy, eh frogsigh whattim this frohgeim ado be followguy. Septing herego wegg deepinna flapjungo n outti this openplace whitta biggo bildin, n smakki rightinnim floatjelly aflap allroundem, ehbooooooom! Firefroggy pop like cornbits, ehblista innim skinsta, debbeltrebbelouchi, grikk grikkkk. Bigpoof fireballa flagwave brethrim — ah ennada sistri too — ah ennada nicegrippilily too — to punchi through flapjungo tseesus asmoky ouchy. Goodfrohg Vullydeetz he britefingri smoky broheemi, mekkin nopain nomono, eh boop. Goodfrohg!

Rondo sistri shwenna gogettim kippin, ivvyfroggy thinkso goodgo, eh whitser ado be go onninda bildin, biggo bildin. Inna smellbad deepdark offin we poky till herecomesem turtlswilch — ah bullytok, apojies… ah whatsem speakit… swirlbilly? Swirbilly fastwet, swallowem down down down down, all ehbe gongongon, nomo brithy. So Riggynut jumpem over dem riverswath onebe twobe threebe fourbe, ah, uhhhrrr… sivvybe… canno too much nummer, nomatter nummer, allbe. Septing oneguy grippilily oneskin too slippy, whoop! Down henum gobe, thanksthough Crashi thinksy smartsy tiesy ropesy, downswingy innada drinksi, but hegoodboy grab grippiboy, getsim outtie, so inni we goes all okidoksi. Ah septing Finnygum ha, he nowanni Riggynut robbo him goodshow, eh herego he ataptoe onna slikropi, n herego we asquinti gaspy when here hego slippitripsy, ah ya, grikkkk! Septing allit just one biggo slapfun grinhappy showtime, he okidoki, goodfrogheim he. Eh no biggo sprise, smellbad smellbadder onna otherside, n downgo we tfollowguy, but eh whitwe spysi but raggimuffins, n o fro them nolooksi good. Sikki allem, n hungriboy abone. N herego Unono agivem tasty, n Riggynut figger mebbe Unono nobad goodfrogheim alla after. Riggynut figger thisguys allem nobad groupi, gettim he tinybit weepsy, snifffffft, harble harble, grikkkk! Raggiemuffins feedem firstmost thems polliwoggies, so themno badfrohggie alsogood. Themsay they brekki briji to keepsem middlewoggies outta they goesie outsie, fraidscared issem allem the craystorm. We tellsem sokidoki allgone, eh no theybe toomuch fraidscaresies. Them takesi groupi inna biggo smellbad rotfish, ah rilly itsa brithfish warmkind, septing nomo brith, justonly wakedeth. Rillybad noise, rillybad.

N here innits widemaw issem one weirdstone wetbowl, stuck inna bitewhite. Saysem Riggymuffins, “Drinki drinki if yewinnigo downsy.” They speakit the deepdark deepdarker, down inna blackwet. N herego kippin adrinksi, speedy speedy himno waitsi, acrayzoy rilly. Kippin carehe only follow rhymesidaisy, summo doomletter, Riggynut nogettit. Tognar he speakit small atsme eh be donut getsit, nayer getsit. So herego Kippin jumpydivy inna blackwet, n eh whitser ado be drinki same as. N ach! Mistywet make magus atsme, O stain, grrrrikkkkkk. Brith begone by wizzyspell, O stain! Herecome wetbrith onna flappyneck, allus getsi flappyneck samesi, somake we allem biggosplish inna blackwet, n there brith nobiggie now, weirdi okidoksi, eh boop. Grippilily frogheimen them noluv alla weirdi, allem stay withem raggimuffins, septing onebe twobe, eh goodfroghs theyfroghs, newfrindi, boop. Eh n whitser ado be allwe groupi go on down down down down down…


Group Awards

Grung Shaman: 325

Grung: 70

Gorbel Trap: 330

The Whirlpool: 150
Deep Draught: 400
Group Total: 1,275 Individual Awards 213
Individual Totals

Tognar 913 (Captain’s Aide: 700, Group 213)

Ragnot 913 (Long Leaper: 700, Group 213)

Valdus 913 (Making Tracks: 700, Group 213)

Rhonda 913 (Latecomer 700, Group: 213)

Kyrashi 913 (Gills: 700, Group: 213)
Uno 913 (Digging Holes: 700, Group: 213)
Flynnighan 913 (Poison checked: 700, Group: 213)


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