AD&D - New World

75: Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Bertram
our heroes return to urth...

Bertram holds a memorial service for Roger. He burns Roger’s remains and offers a remembrance of the deep gnome who died on the Moon … but perhaps Bertram was speaking about himself as well?

“I’ve sometimes had to do things I’m not proud of, or adopt a persona that I loathe in order to finish a job,” Bertram said. "I don’t stand here today in judgement of Roger. He was born under different circumstances, but for all intents and purposes we could have been the same gnome.

“Maybe, maybe that’s why I’m here today…speaking at his funeral. Because I too am flawed, you know? I tend to abuse those most eager to please me. I remember, after weeks of Roger leading us through the Underdark, I couldn’t even remember his name. I told him to go back, that the world up above wasn’t safe for people like him. But that didn’t frighten Roger. In fact, he drank this new world in, and tried to adapt as best he could to the light.”

Ervendio’s sister Tryan arrives and takes her place as Matron of House Kuraphai. Ervendio convinces her to begin scouting Urth for a Kuraphai outpost, the first such elven settlement in generations. She agrees to send a scouting party on a small spelljammer, which will also return the Revengers to the surface below. He also asks Tryan to send word to Ervendio if Markaerus, his lost friend and companion, returns safely from the wars with the mind-flayers.

Ervendio takes Bertram to the ruins of the elven estate destroyed when Bertram inadvertently fermented rebellion there, years before. The place that Bertram tried to forget — tried to make Ervendio forget — the place that ultimately led them both to Grudgewood.

“Do the elves that died here deserve to be forgotten by the gnome that incited rebellion against them?” asked Ervendio. “Say their name. Say her name! This house does not exist anymore. Killed for their generosity.”

Though the bones of many gnomes laid unburied on this estate, the elves who died there had been interred. Ervendio led Bertram to the gravesite for Bree, the elven girl who died before Bertram’s very eyes. Finally confronting their shared past, Ervendio and Bertram could not come to an agreement on the meaning of what had happened on that elven estate, so many years ago.

Meanwhile, Golgaraz — now a gnome himself — introduces “Lil” Yankee to his new physical form. Though initially afraid, Yankee is calmed by Golgaraz’s telepathic assurances. She actually enjoys how small Golgaraz is now, and takes to wrestling him and tossing him about. Carol/Ann, meanwhile, has lost interest in Golgaraz as a romantic partner — but finds herself entertaining a gaggle of moon elves, entranced by her exotic underdark beauty.

While Valeria tries on dresses with the new matron of House Kuraphai, Bea researches the spellbooks and items recovered from House Silverwind. Bea nearly loses her mind reading the Vacuous Grimoire, she discovers the magical properties of a powerful lyre, a lucky horseshoe, and a fate-bending yo-yo.

Peering out over the lunar landscape, Svendar seems calmer after his torture at the hands of Darcie Bill. He relates to the Revengers, as best he can, the roles played by the different Knights of Mypp:

  • Svendar is the Paramander, a balancing force. He seeks to understand all sides, but take none.
  • Darcie Bill is the Fantra, a force of pure chaos. Not to be trusted. If the Count trusts him — that may be the enemy’s undoing.
  • On the other hand, the Lyan — his name in this era unknown to Svendar — is a force of pure law and order. He and Darcie Bill will surely be at odds in the coming conflict.
  • Jad was the Myrikkhan, a good dwarf who was, according to Svendar, “doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.”
  • The Garath is another force for good. He can sense the current Garath on the Urth, somewhere, but he does not know what role the Garath will play.
  • The Illrigger is dead — an evil being who nonetheless played by the rules.
  • The Arrikhan is the most dangerous of the knights. An evil being who, in Svendar’s time, was an undead knight called Sir Robert Husk. Svendar believes that Husk is still the Arrikhan of this era, which means he has only grown stronger over the centuries.
  • The Count Who Lives is the leader of Gith and the leader of the Knights — a vampire who possesses Rex, the seventh piece of the rod.

Svendar reveals one way to destroy to the rods and stop the Wolf from regaining their power: if the pieces are assembled in the incorrect order, those pieces will be destroyed — along with the person performing the ritual to reassemble them. Valeria is tempted to do so, but she worries that this will only delay the Wolf’s return, not stop it for good. Svendar offers to take the Revengers’ pieces and perform the ceremony immediately, but the party declines.

Svendar takes his leave of the group, intending to return to Urth and pursue his mission alone.

During the conversation with Svendar, Ervendio catches Bertram trying to steal the assembled rod from him. Bertram turns invisible and flees, exiting not only the Kuraphai estate, but the lives of the Revengers. Bertram has left a note in his quarters, but the note was written as if Bertram had stolen the rod and escaped with it. Bertram believes the Revengers have lost their way, and are too willing to sacrifice their morals in order to complete their quest.

Bertram once again finds himself on board the spelljamming vessel of Capt. Boris Dewhammer. Bertram wants to return to Urth, but Captain Dewhammer has “a few stops to make first.” Bertram departs the Moon, and his friends, for points unknown. .

Jeff stays on the Moon, serving as court jester for Matron Tryan. Valeria writes a message to Bertram and sends it into space with a spelljamming sailor. She asks the sailor to toss it overboard once he’s in deep space; the sailor agrees.

With Bertram gone, the others make plans to continue their mission. They board an elven man o war captained by Ervendio’s younger brother, en route for the libraries of Sri Raji, where they will utiilize the old-and-untouched libraries to research the rods….

Group Awards
Svendar’s Story, 6000

Group Total: 6000, Individual Awards: 1200

Individual Totals
Bea 4200 (Homework 3000, Group 1200)
Bertram 4200 (A Parting of Ways 3000, Group 1200)
Ervendio 4200 (Homecoming’s End 3000, Group 1200)
Golgaraz 4200 (Tiny Dad 3000, Group 1200)
Valeria 4200 (Message in a Bottle 3000, Group 1200)

no new loot

items identified:

1. Lyre of Building: 1/day, can be used to reverse/protect against disintegrate or horn of blasting, for up to 3 rounds of attack. 1/week, can be strummed to create mines/buildings/etc — the building is created over 3/turns, equaling the work of 100 men laboring for 3 days. Can also be used to build/repair ships.

A d20 must be rolled; on 1-3 (or just 1 if character is proficient with musical instrument), the lyre produces a false chord. If in combat, the chance for a false chord is 1-10. A false chord results in the effects of a ray of disintegrate.

2. Horseshoe of Luck: it never rusts, is always in excellent condition. It faintly radiates magic. Anyone bearing it gains a +1 to all saving throws. A horse shod with it can never go lame.

3. Yo-Yo of Fate. 3-inches. Can be used to add a +1 to any roll, before rolling. Its string shortens by an inch after every “roll.”

rings of no significance

longsword +1, +3 vs. shape changers

74: Elf War
our heroes join the interelf fray

Plans unfold for the Kuraphai assault on the Silverwind estate. Though a major house has not gone to war with another in living memory, all of the elves know that this likely means one or the other will cease to exist before the conflict concludes.

Ervendio leads the planning. He divides the Kuraphai troops into three groups, two of which will go over or through the forward gates, drawing the Silverwind forces forward. The main force, however, will rappel or feather fall down to assault the main manor itself. The goal will be to neutralize the Silverwind nobles, at which point the Silverwind soldiers and guards will be absorbed into House Kuraphai. Meanwhile, the Revengers will seek to engage with the Knights of Mypp Jad, the Myrikhan and Darcie Bill, the Fantra, find and rescue Svendar, the Paramander, kill the wyvern Sǐwáng, and retrieve the pieces of the Rod of 7 Parts already in Jad’s possession.

Valeria has objections to the plan — while she will fight in self-defense, to the death if need be, she has no intention of being an executioner.

At the estate, Carol/Ann assumes the form of a rat and sneaks over the wall, opening the gate to allow the Kuraphai assault to begin. Ervendio and Bea accompany the front gate forces, while Valeria, Golgaraz, Mildred and Bertram accompany the side-gate forces. Ervendio and Bea encounter Sǐwáng the wyvern, who is tearing through Kuraphai soldiers. Bea attempts to disintegrate the wyrm with her new eye — the first attempt seems to glance right off of the creatures thick flank, but her second turns the great wyrm into a pile of ash. Canicus Dias is revenged!

Another old foe, Jad, the Myrikhan, also meets his fate this night. Cutting his way through the Kuraphai with is flaming scimitar, Ervendio takes aim at Jad with his magic shield — turning the dwarf into an immobile statue of mud. A nearby fracas between elven soldiers knocks and the head off of the mud-that-was-Jad, and the rest of the “statue” crumbles. The only thing that remains unchanged is black, ten-inch rod — the combined pieces of coelum, so long ago stolen from the Revengers by Jad, as well as fiat, the third piece of the rod once sought by Teks Tik.

Bea picks up coelumfiat, but she’s horrified at the lawful order it brings to her mind. She turns it over to Ervendio. Individually, the pieces grant the abilities to produce hold monster once a day for 20 rounds, and to produce haste once a day for 23 rounds; in addition, having been joined together, they allow the wielder to fly at wil, as per the 3rd level wizard spell.

The side-gate team of Valeria, Golgaraz, Bertram, and Mildred move into the Silverwind manor itself. They witness the guards rushing away from the manor to join in the battle at the front gate — seemingly going well for the Silverwinds — only to have the tide turn as the Kuraphai at the cliff join from behind. The manor itself is deserted, with the nobles having taken refuge in secured rooms below ground. They find empty library rooms and entry halls and, going upstairs to the 2nd floor library, a magically-trapped door leading to a tower room.

As Bertram and Golgaraz debate how to undo a magical lock, Mildred turns into a small mouse and creeps through a hole in the stone. Inside the room, she opens the door to let in the others. They find a horrific site — Roger Kervfluffen, their deep gnome companion from the Underdark, has been killed, disemboweled, and sacrificed in some kind of dark ritual.

They enter the opposite tower and discover Svendar, inside a series of wards and candles, with his fiery fists shackled. As they enter this room, they witness some sort of portal closing — someone has just left the room. Golgaraz crosses the wards to free Svendar — and becomes a gnome! Utterly transformed, he frees Svendar and finds himself looking uncannily like Bertram — though still one-eyed. Carol/Ann, in drow-form, naked, and covered in blood after a successful battle, wants to confess her feelings to Golgaraz — but cannot find the attractive half-elf she is looking for.

Ervendio, Bea, and the Kuraphai forces storm the manor. The nobles of House Silverwind are found and killed, though Ervendio learns some other Silverwinds had left the estate when the Knights of Mypp arrived. They may now return and lead their house, though the once-mighty Silverwind family will fall into disrepute. They will no longer be a house of major influence on the Moon.

The Revengers search the manor for clues, treasure, and loot. Ervendio seeks magical items to bring back in tribute to his mother; Golgaraz and Mildred loot the towers; Bertram and Bea investigate the books in the Silverwind libraries; Valeria decides that poetry don’t make no sense no more.

But when they return as victors to the Kuraphai estate, the party is told of a terrible tragedy: Matron Artenia Kuraphai, head of House Kuraphai and Ervendio’s mother, has committed suicide. She was found in her private quarters, her guards unmolested, having slit her own throat. She is found with a note, addressed to her son. Written in his mother’s distinctive hand, it reads:

My Dearest Ervendio,

Congratulations on your victory in this war. Jad will be missed. I will see you at the Mountain That Moves.

Darcie Bill

The fourth piece of the rod, entrusted to the Matron, is missing. Ervendio’s sister is en route to the Kuraphai estate even now, to take her place as Matron.

The Revengers now possess the first three sections of the Rod of 7 Parts — sections 2 & 3 having already been joined together — as well as the sixth section. Darcie Bill has seemingly taken the fourth, the mysterious Count who rules the Knights of Mypp already possesses the seventh, and the fifth piece remains unaccounted for — though clues have indicated that it can be found at The Mountain That Moves. The final chapter of the quest begins….

Group Awards
Sǐwáng the Wyvern, 1400
Jad the Myrikhan, 4000
Coelum + Fiat, 10,000
Elf War Won, 6000

Group Total: 21,400 Individual Award: 3567

Individual Totals
Bea 6567 (I, Disintegrator 3000; Group 3567)
Bertram 6567 (You Can’t Pick Locks, But You Can Pick Your Friends 3000; Group 3567)
Ervendio 6567 (General of the Kuraphai 3000; Group 3567)
Golgaraz 6567 (Half-Dwarf, Half-Elf, All-Gnome 3000; Group 3567)
Mildred 6567 (Mouse Method 3000; Group 3567)
Valeria 6567 (Can’t Appreciate Poetry 3000, Group 3567)

coelum & fiat, 2 pieces of the Rod of 7 Parts (Ervendio)

from the Silverwind vaults (Ervendio) (powers spelled out, since Ervendio claimed them specifically for the Kuraphai)
1. bastard sword, +1

2. cursed dagger, -1

3. Durimal’s Potent Draft: Any drinker of this philter feels confident and strong. All morale checks are successful, and saves vs. mind-affecting spells area t +2 for 24 hours, or until a saving throw fails, whichever comes first.

4. Hypnotic Powder: this powder has a relaxing effect on its user. For 24 hours, the user is immune to all charm, hold, and fear spells.

5. Scroll of Spell-Catching: when held up like a shield, the user rolls a saving throw vs. spell when a spell is cast directly at them. On a success, the spell is “caught” and transcribed onto the scroll. The spell can then be “cast” from the scroll, or learned by a wizard. When cast or learned, the spell disappears and the scroll of spell-catching is blank and can “catch” another spell. Works on wizard spells of 1st to 4th levels.

from the Silverwind towers (Golgaraz & Mildred) (must be investigated to learn what they are)
1. a small lyre that appears to be made of brass.
2. a shiny, rust-free, well-made horseshoe
3. yo-yo with the symbol of a scale on it.

from the Silverwind library (Bertram & Bea) (some tomes’ purpose is clear; one is unknown)
1. Mental Impressions of the Retina: a spellbook by an elven illusionist named Johydee Silverwind. Contains the spells phantasmal force, improved phantasmal force, permanent illusion, and programmed illusion.

2. A grimoire with a multi-colored swirl on the cover. Text inside appears to be meaningless squiggles. Requires explicit study/full reading to understand what it contains.

3. Deep Fears of Humanity: a spellbook by Hallone Silverwind. Contains the spells shout, spook, scare, fear, and chaos.

4. a spellbook containing: (5 1st level spells of your choice)

73: My Dinner with Jad
our heroes have a dinner party


- back to the gith cave — drops off grain, talks about “the outcasts”

- teleportation stone! — Valeria gets stupid, ((dogg)) gets psionic powers

- back to Kuraphai — bath house, dinner plans

- Bea was scrubbed clean, Mildred too; Bertram had his back zit popped. Valeria feather falled into the bath, as Golgaraz chased Lil Yankee around.

- Volcano went to the kennel and got pregnant!

- Chow Chow…(lil yankee hanging on on him from underneath)

- Ervendio sets terms for the dinner

- at dinner, Jad makes the case that he wants to lock the Wolf away

- do you want to meet the Count? He can make that happen.

- Jad admits to sending the ghoul/Silverwinds to the Kuraphai estate

- this is an outrage & ends the dinner — Matron wants to/needs to go to war now with the Silverwinds.

- Matron is going to send the Kuraphai to WAR — Ervendio will lead them.

- they are going to go in & save Svendar?

- Jad hopes: “the next time we meet, it will not be with weapons in hand”

- Darcie Bill leaves Bertram a note with a dick-headed snail.

Group Awards
Bath House, 2000
Dinner With Friends, 6000

Group Total 8000, Individual Awards 1334

Individual Totals
Bea 3334 (Walking Stick 2000, Group 1334)
Bertram 3334 (Intelligent Black Head 2000, Group 1334)
Ervendio 3334 (Bathhouse Guide 2000, Group 1334)
Golgaraz 3334 (Weekends with Lil Yankee 2000, Group 1334)
Mildred 3334 (Suck the Life Force Outta Em 2000, Group 1334)
Valeria 3334 (Feather Fall Cannonball 2000, Group 1334)


72: The Avignon
our heroes encounter a very old elf...


- the move through the blasted desert — the go through the museum.

- they find ancient graffiti in elven: no value, go back

- Bertram collects some broken pottery shards. They find the ORB, covering it in a rag and taking it.

- heading across the desert, the Revengers discover an old barracks. Inside Ervendio is attacked by a scorpion. Valeria finds a desk drawer containing a severed skeletal hand wearing three rings. She closes the drawer, but Bea takes the rings. Downstairs, Bertram finds a vibrating dagger and a room full of elven skeletons, dead in their beds. Bertram is nearly buried by sand.

- they discover the Temple of Moon, buried in sand. The basement level is the only extant part of the structure. They find 3 moon cloaks, taken by the elves — Ervendio’s is black, Carol/Ann’s is light gray, Golgaraz’s is a deep green.

- downstairs, the find the EYE, protected by an elven banshee. They start to battle it, but Golgaraz turns the malevolent spirit, and it dissipates and escapes into the desert beyond.

- They place the EYE and the ORB in the Statue of Greyhaven. The sands shift and sink away, and Glimmer Greyhaven rises — or, what he has become. He is now the avignon, a massive, moth-like creature that has spent centuries (longer!) at the center of the moon, protecting a piece of the rod.

- He is reluctant to part with it — he tells the Revengers that the Wolf wants to pieces re-joined, and that by pitting different groups against one another this result only becomes more and more likely.

- (Glimmer speaks to the Revengers telepathically, in each individual’s native tongue)

- Glimmer is prepared to fight the Knights to protect the rod, but is eventually won over by the Revengers. He advises that the Revengers work together to gather the pieces, but then part ways and never see one another again — thereby ensuring the rod will never be rejoined.

- Glimmer gives the 4th piece, called Justitia, to Ervendio, asking him to promise to never intentionally join the pieces together. Ervendio does so.

- Glimmer says there is no way to “fix” the effects magic has wrought on the moon, except to stop practicing magic.

- Glimmer tells Valeria that it was he who convinced Edrick to shatter the rod in the first place — Edrick didn’t want to fight his friend Nemonad.

- Glimmer also reveals that the Wolf has recently returned to corporeal form on Urth, even though his true power remains scattered in the form of the Rod of 7 Parts.

- Mildred offers Marq Prime — the reanimated mammoth skeleton — as a traveling companion for Glimmer now that The Avignon no longer has to guard the rod. Glimmer agrees, and the two depart into the strange desert of the hollow moon….

large scorpion, 175
elven banshee, 4000
the eye & the orb, 2000
The Avignon, 10,000
Justitia: The 4th Piece of the Rod of 7 Parts, 10,000

Group Total: 26,175 Individual Awards 4363

Individual Totals
Bea 6363 (Lady of the Rings 2000, Group 4363)
Bertram 6363 (Sand Bath 2000, Group 4363)
Ervendio 6363 (Justitia 2000, Group 4363)
Golgaraz 6363 (Banshee Turner 2000, Group 4363)
Mildred 6363 (Goodbye Marq Prime 2000, Group 4363)
Valeria 6463 (Bug Buster 2000, Had Actual Baby 100, Group 4363)

broken pottery shards from the Yaramulke museum
the ORB (placed on the Greyhaven statue)
a vibrating dagger
3 rings
3 moon cloaks (Ervendio, Carol/Ann, Golgaraz)
the EYE (placed on the Greyhaven statue)
Justitia: 8-inch segment that can create a gust of wind five times a day. The gust is 10 feet wide and 200 yards long.

71: The Lost Tribe of Gith
our heroes explore a deserted elven city

At the Kuraphai estate, the surviving Silverwind guard is brought in for questioning. Matron Artenia arranges for the body of the ghul and dead Silverwinds to be recovered. The Matron seeks Ervendio’s advice/thoughts on moving forward.

Bea learns that the tiara won back in Ocean’s Deep can make her younger, but at the cost of experience and memories. (Mechanically: it de-ages 2d6 years and takes away 1d4 levels)

Realizing the other Revengers have entered the Hollow Moon, the Matron allows Ervendio and Bea to follow them with a traveling stone — it allows for instantaneous transportation, but at possible psychic cost. Glimmer Greyhaven can be found in the Hollow, but may not be recognizable as an elf anymore. The Matron tells Ervendio and Bea, “You will need the Eye and the Orb to find him.”

Using the stone, they are (safely!) transported to Yaramulke, a once-great elven city, now in ruins. They meet the rest of the Revengers at a ruined mural/visitor’s center. The magic of the mural still works, and a moving picture on the obsidian stone tells a story of the city — it was founded by another Greyhaven, long ago. Though the place where the city once stood is now covered in sand and ruins, the mural pinpoints where Yaramulke’s museum once stood — and that is where they can find the Eye of the Moon.

Heading across the trackless desert, the Revengers cross the bones of an old, ancient, very deceased mammoth. Mildred animates the bones, naming the creature “Marq.” Actual Marq, now Second Marq, feels ashamed of himself.

The Revengers discover a cave where near-savage githyanki live. They are dressed in tatters and are surviving off of scraps off food. Bertram, invisible, steals some cheese crumbs. Ervendio makes friends with one of the githyanki, trading information from the natives for (magically conjured) food in the morning. Valeria uses her paladin powers to heal the illest one.

Golgaraz takes pity on a little girl of the tribe — Lillian, near wild, ignored by the others because her parents have died. Golgaraz dubs her Lil Yankee and adopts her as his own.

In the morning, Bertram asks the githyanki their wildest, most decadent dream: a bone marrow soup. He makes it, with cook. Even this modest spell seeps life energy from the barren moon. After the feast, the tribe tells them that the Eye is in the museum and the Orb is in the temple — both must be placed in the Statue of Greyhaven in order to find Glimmer. They are warned to avoid the cacti, which are totally normal cacti, in that it will spear you with needles, drag you close, and suck your blood.

En route to the temple, the party finds a ruined warehouse. They creep down & inside, discovering LOOT. Including some books & weapons & very old jerky & various spices. They rest for the night. Valeria eats all of the jerky and peaches; Bertram invisibles her so (Second) Marq cant’ see her poop. Carol/Ann ponders murdering Lil Yankee, to bond Golgaraz to her.

The firelight slowly fades…night in the hollow moon is a soft, cold blue….

Group Awards
Teleport Stone, 600
Gith Friends, 2000
Lil’ Yankee Joins the Party, 3000
Warehouse Rummage Party, 3000

Group Total: 8600, Individual Award 1434

Bea 2934 (Tiara Questions 1500, Group 1434)
Bertram 2934 (Cheese Thief 1500, Group 1434)
Ervendio 2934 (Mission from Mom 1500, Group 1434)
Golgaraz 2934 (New Dad 1500, Group 1434)
Mildred 2934 (Hello Marq Prime 1500, Group 1434)
Valeria 2934 (Ill Reparations 1500, Group 1434)

Crate (5): A magic item from DMG Table 7-1 or see Magic Item Compendium Appendix 2 (Magic Items)
- Crate (4): Beef, Smoked (Meat) 4gp per lb (808gp)
- Crate (3): 1d3 Shields from DMG Table 7-4 or Magic Item Compendium Table A-3 (Armor/Shields)
- Crate (2): 2d4 Uncommon Weapons from DMG Table 7-12 or Magic Item Compendium Table A-4 (Weapons)
- Crate (1): 2d4 Uncommon Weapons from DMG Table 7-12 or Magic Item Compendium Table A-4 (Weapons)

Crate (19): Ginger (Spice/Seasoning) 10gp per oz (9,600gp)

- Crate (18): Lemon balm (Spice/Seasoning) 2sp per oz (192gp)
- Crate (17): Poppy seed (Spice/Seasoning) 8gp per oz (7,680gp)
- Crate (16): Fabric, exotic (Commodities) 1gp per lb (60gp)
- Crate (15): Fabric, fine (Commodities) 25sp per lb (150gp)
- Crate (14): A magic item from DMG Table 7-1 or see Magic Item Compendium Appendix 2 (Magic Items)
- Crate (13): Prunes (Dried) 3gp per lb (180gp)
- Crate (12): Perfume, rare (Commodities) 18gp per oz (17,280gp)
- Crate (11): Peaches (Dried) 15gp per lb (900gp)
- Crate (10): Bergamont (Spice/Seasoning) 3cp per oz (29gp)
- Crate (9): Lumber, local (Commodities) 7sp per lb (42gp)
- Crate (8): An old masterpiece painting (Art Object), 1,400gp
- Crate (7): Oats (Corn) 7gp per lb (420gp)
- Crate (6): A magic item from DMG Table 7-1 or see Magic Item Compendium Appendix 2 (Magic Items)

70: Too Wounded to Run
our heroes enter the hollow moon...

En route to the Janglemancer statue on the Moon, Golgaraz hears the voice of his deity, Saerilenne. A primal and largely forgotten elven goddess, she warns Golgaraz that there are two halves to the Moon — one verdant and green, the other … different.

Marq tells Valeria that the Mountain That Moves, referenced on the Grudgewood Janglemancer statue, is an old kobold legend — maybe where they come from — and it appears in the Horse Plains every 20 years or so. His mother told him about it!

After revealing the statue’s secrets, the Revengers are ambushed at the statute! A group of guards from House Silverwind, led by a great ghul dressed like one of those the Revengers encountered on Jad’s boat. They shoot one of the Kuraphai guards in the leg with an arrow and announce that no one else will get hurt if they turn over the letter they found in the statue.

Valeria takes an offensive stance — the ghul takes off its mask, revealing its donkey ears — everyone laughs — battle!

Valeria takes some hits from the ghul; Bertram turns invisible; Mildred “amplifies” her spells, drawing on the hidden power of the Moon itself — it causes intense pain to the elves closest to Mildred and the grass around her feet turns brown, brittle, and dead. Golgaraz and Marq join Valeria in melee against the ghul, and the Revengers easily best them.

One Silverwind elf dies, one is captured, and the rest run. The ghul is killed by Valeria. Bertram invisibly follows the escape Silverwind, watching them clamber over the wall that borders the Kuraphai estate. The Kuraphai captain takes the survivor back to the manor to be questioned — the guards tell the Revengers they can reach the Hollow Moon by going to Fort Nost, located in the wooded area of the Kuraphai estate. But they are probably, technically, not allowed to do so — so don’t be weird if they get caught.

At Fort Nost, they find the body of an old elf — a guard who looks like he died there peacefully. They cannot find any notes, letters, or clues to his identity in the small fort’s clutter — only a staircase leading down. Mildred speaks with dead and learns the hollow is past the gate, the gate is at the perimeter, and that there is no key.

They remember — hey! — they did not check the bodies of the dead ghul and Silverwind elf. They double back and and discover, on the ghul, a simple scimitar, a single jeweled glove, and a jeweled basket.

They return to Fort Nost and rest. Marq pledges his sword to Valeria and becomes her squire/henchman. Patrolling the perimeter of the fort, Golgaraz communes with Saerilenne again and learns that the way to the hollow is “down.” She expresses concern that there is a foreign influence on his mind.

After a rest, they enter a tunnel in the fort’s basement. There is a hot, hot heat in the tunnel, and after a few hours of walking they experience a gravity switch and find themselves in a ruined, desert landscape with an inversed horizon — curving upward, and around them. A single red orb floats freely in the middle. The Hollow Moon is a blasted, dead landscape.

The tunnel opens onto a well-trodden road. Following it, Mildred spies a murky, inky black watering hole. Valeria detects great evil coming from the water, and they avoid it. They are struck by a sudden sand storm and they nearly lose Golgaraz — Marq wanders off, but they manage to find him.

After the storm, they encounter a group of traveling, silent kenku traders. They spend hundreds of mammaries* on a ring, an owl amulet, a top hat, a new shirt for Marq, bread and water and bracers — but it all turns to dust a few hours after they part ways with the traders.


Valeria, in her metal armor, is drenched in sweat. There is sand in their waterskins. The horizon is filled with a dead, imposing desert world. But — what is that, shimmering in the distance? A structure, or a mirage….?

Group Awards
Elven Guards, 2520
Great Ghul, 2000
Into the Hollow Moon, 1200
Kenku Traders, 4000

Group Total: 9720 Individual Awards: 2430

Individual Totals
Bertram 3930 (Invisible Tracker 1500, Group 2430)
Ervendio 1500 (Home with Mother 1500, Group -)
Golgaraz 3930 (Moon Whispers 1500, Group 2430)
Mildred 3930 (Flaps & Folds 1500, Group 2430)
Valeria 3930 (There’s Evil in the Water 1500, Group 2430)

1 jeweled glove
1 jeweled basket
1 scimitar (non-magical)
lots of sand (kenku items)

69: From Urth to the Moon
our heroes travel to the land of the elves

After the fight with Darcie Bill, Svendar … remembers!

“We are seven-and-one,” he says, "forged two-thousand years ago from the ashes of old Gith, by our Count Who Still Lives. He is quite old, quite powerful, older now and stronger too. We were a secret order. Gathered from different places, from different points of view — this way, we would not be blinded by dogma or tradition.

“But something has changed while I was gone. I can sense it. I can hear it, if I listen. The rods are being gathered. They were never intended to be! We were supposed to be loyal to the balance — when it swings too much in one direction, all will be lost. Law will break apart and become Chaos. Chaos strangles all others and leaves only Law. Twisted, mirror-images of the other.

“The pieces should not be gathered. But The Count orders their assemblage. The Enemy grows stronger. My brothers, by their very actions, turn against their ideals. The rods corrupt — you see it with your own! (points to Golgaraz) — but can be corrupted in turn. Look at that one! — (points to Valeria). Just imagine what has become of REX, so long in the possession of The Count. Twisted and evil, like he has become. If the others are assembled, one by one, affixed to REX — the joined rod will be an artifact of chaos. THE WOLF will return."

Svendar blinks and returns to himself. He is able to answer a few questions, but he is obviously addled.

The Knights of Mypp are an old order, and each has a title. The titles are passed down after one of them dies. He can sense that one of them has died. The Illrigger — lawful, but selfish. He also remember the Myrikkhan — a good man, but disant; and the Fantra, the one he just faced — Darcie Bill — unpredictable and impossible to trust. He, Svendar, is the Paramander, the ultimate balancer.

Svendar wants to leave the Revengers, to go off and right what has become wrong with the Knights of Mypp. Ervendio believes Svendar might suffer whatever corruption has befallen the others if he does so; Svendar is convinced to stay with them.

Bea — now able to see once again — points out that, however Darcie Bill teleported away, it wasn’t with magic.

The Revengers go upstairs and find they are still in Ocean’s Deep — they’ve just in a different part of Ocean’s Deep. They go to the New Revengers recruitment office and meet Marq Urd, a newly-minted warrior and a desk-jockey for the New Revengers. Marq tries to recruit them into the fold, and the real Revengers are disappointed to learn there is a six week, paperwork-laden wait to receive help from the New Revengers themselves. They leave the offices, taking with them Marq and 2 bunches of bananas.

Before leaving the city, Bea says goodbye to her parents. They are surprised, having assumed she had put the adventuring life behind her, but they bid her farewell. Valeria pays one more visit to the Janglemancer statue and, on Bertram’s insistence, she pushes, pulls, and prods the statue for secret compartments. She finds one! It contains a note, quite old, assuring her that there are no further secrets in the statue.

Bertram writes a letter to Queen Facistasia and leaves it with CHUCK, who says he will definitely read it before passing it on. Bertram gives him an IOU for his 5k bar tab, and promises it’s good at the 1st Bank of Grudgewood. It is not.

They book passage on a spelljammer — the _ SSPounder_, captained by Boris Dewhammer, a giff who loves the freedom of the spaceways. For a cost of 750 gold, he agrees to take them to visit Grudgewood, and then off to the elven Moon.

In Grudgewood, the party meets with Red Al. Grudgewood has grown — in fact, now it is the capital province of a kingdom called Barrow Wood. Red Al has forged alliance with other power players in the region, and his forces have fought further battles with the Duke of Bark to the north. He wishes the Revengers well — he is genuinely glad to see them — but he is very busy ruling the domain.

They compare notes — Al knew Jad from his adventuring days, but did not realize his old friend was one of the Knights of Mypp. Al had sought the rod — what he knew as the First Key — as a bargaining chip in his quest to forge a human kingdom here in the Westlands. Red Al bestows knighthoods over the party that wasn’t here for the Battle for Grudgewood, because why not? Also he tells Bertram that he’s an earl now — Earl Culinarius — and that he is also broke. Jongle was made earl as well — Earl of the Clutch — and this title is inherited by Valeria.

There is another statue of Jongle in Grudgewood — the locals say it has always been there — and it says, Look To The Mountain That Moves. There is another secret message inside that reads, “seriously there is no secret message here.”

The party boards the Pounder and they fly to the Moon. A beautiful yet alien world, there are three phases of day/night/urthlight, which sometimes overlap. There are seas and forests and golden mountains — and byzantine rules of etiquette and courtly behavior. Ervendio leads the way, and they are allowed past the guards of House Koroset on the Kuraphai name.

Arriving on the Moon, the arcane spellcasters present — Bea, Mildred, Golgaraz — recognize that the curse of the chaos storm does not reach the Moon. There are no chances for wild surges here, but neither can Bea access her wild magic spells. But at the same time, they sense instinctively that their magic may be more powerful here, if they will it. This has yet to be tested.

At the Kuraphai estate, the party is met by Bebel, a cousin and minor noble of Ervendio’s house. Is job is plainly to determine whether Ervendio’s return is cause for concern. He shares that the Knights of Mypp are on the Moon as guests of House Silverwind. Bebel arranges for Ervendio to meet with his mother, Matron Artenia, the next day, and for the other Revengers to travel to a meadow on the Kuraphai estate where another Janglemancer statue is to be found.

Ervendio meets privately with his mother. She spares little time for sentimentality. She chides him gently for returning from his mission too soon, but is intrigued at the possibility that the elves could claim the Rod of 7 Parts for their own. She reveals the knights are here seeking Glimmer Greyhaven, who they believe to still be alive. She knows where Glimmer is, but Ervendio recognizes it is improper to seek this information himself.

The Matron proposes a dinner to be held on the Kuraphai estate, inviting the Knights. Ervendio will pretend his geas is still in place, preventing him from seeking Jad’s rod through violence or treachery. Then they will spring the trap — destroying the two knights and taking their pieces of the rod for the Kuraphai.

Meanwhile, the other Revengers enjoy a ride across the elven estate. In a peaceful meadow, they find the Janglemancer statue surrounded by trees. It is less weathered than those found on Urth. From the statue’s secret crotch compartment, 777 gold pieces spill out; from one armpit, 77 copper pieces spill out. From the other armpit, comes another scroll — this time in the form of a letter:

My Husband Jongle,

Hello. I miss you. I’m sure it has been some time since we were separated — longer for me than for you, if that makes sense. The years have given me a lot of time to think about us, and a lot of time to not think about us. I love you and have remained true to you, in my way. Also I remarried. It’s complicated!

Our daughter is a brave warrior. She is somehow not like us at all, but also like us very much. She took all of the good parts of us and none of the bad. She made this strange adventure worth all of the pain. I am grateful for her and for you.

I hope that you found peace in my absence. I hope that you lived a long, long life, and that when you think of me it is with kindness and forgiveness and love. I hope that you find the 7 parts of this stupid rod and put them together or throw them away or … whatever it is you need to do. I have done what I can to help you. You will find my research attached.

Say hello to Valeria and also to Teks. I miss them both terribly.

I am alone now. The Moon is nice. I have one more journey to take. I believe you will see me again, but I don’t think I will see you.


Included with the letter is the following information:

“Knights of Mypp are the Seven-and-One:

“Myrikkhan: Spiro, good, can be trusted.

“Garath: Tank, good, funny & can sing; I like him very much.

“Lyan: Harbourr, stiff and strange, too tall, can be talked into impossible situations; use him, but do not rely on him.

“Paramander: Svendar, missing, the others speak well of him, but say he ‘goes his own way’; something familiar here, but cannot place it.

“Fantra: Kieronymous, unstable, charming but deceptive; never never never believe in him.

“Illrigger: Rang, cruel and unusual; not a liar, but evil to the core. An enemy.

“Arrikkhan: I never discovered this one’s name; others unwilling to discuss; most dangerous of all?

“The Count Who Lives: their leader, one of them but separate; never met, but he lives on Urth; ruler of Gith; a bad feeling, but nothing I can prove.”

On a separate scroll is the following:

“The Rod of 7 Parts.

“1, Ruat: a friend. Teks.

“2, Coelum: somewhere in goblin kingdoms. held by men. The piece taken by Jad?

“3, Fiat: in hernia, this was stolen and sought by Teks. Jad know holds it.

“4, Justitia: gust of wind. This is the piece I now seek. Held by Glimmer, in the Hollow of the Moon.

“5, Ecce: hidden in the mountain that moves. impossible to track like the others. find the mountain, find the rod.

“6, Lex: in the storm. out of my reach. I am too scared to go back there.

“7, Rex: held by the Count. Twisted now. A big problem.”

Invitations to Jad and Darcie Bill must be sent. Preparations must be made.

Group Awards
Svendar Info Dump, 3000
The New Revengers Information Station, 6000
Return to Grudgewood, 6000
Welcome to the Moon, 3000

Group Total: 18,000 Individual Award: 3000

Individual Totals
Bea 4500 (Dreaming of Wizard School 1500, Group 3000)
Bertram 4500 (Earl Culinarius 1500, Group 3000)
Ervendio 4500 (Big Mucky Muck 1500, Group )
Golgaraz 4500 (Half an Elf 1500, Group 3000)
Mildred 4500 (Another Druid Situation 1500, Group 3000)
Valeria 4500 (Wrestling Coach 1500, Group 3000)

2 bunches of bananas
777 gold pieces
77 copper pieces
like 3 or 4 separate infodumps

68.1: Meanwhile, in Grudgewood...
grudgewood expands its influence...

After the Revengers left Grudgewood, Red Al, Mayor Mammarie, Hennelly, and Aloysius Bouchard work to expand the influence of Grudgewood in the region. They levy moderate taxes and establish a trade route with Oakenburgh, a town in Prinzfeld (Grudgewood sends silver north; Oakenburgh sends lumber south). Hennelly mobilizes the priests of Martiff, growing the church’s influence and increasing the loyalty and happiness of Grudgewood’s citizenry.

In the Eddistone province, whispers of strange cultist activity has grown. Sigils of one-eyed skulls have been seen, but when asked if outsiders have been seen the answer is always “I have seen no-one.”

On Fort Hangtooth’s turn, they establish a holding in the Eddistone province of Grudgewood; the Cult of Nemo now has a Temple (1) holding there.

this domain turn constitutes the first four months of activity around Grudgewood after the Revengers have left. There are 6 more domain turns before catching up to the present day…

68: The Gnome Queen's Court
our heroes hold a royal meeting ...

After a full day exploring the grand city of Ocean’s Deep, the Revengers meet over breakfast at the Misty Beard. Svendar is already there, first thing in the morning, and he seems confused — he doesn’t remember how he got there. He barely remembers anything from the Chaos Storm until the present moment. With a little prodding from Ervendio, he recalls their adventures together — Aggie’s death, the Underdark — and he settles into eating some breakfast.

Valeria arrives in full plate mail armor, bearing the sigil of the Archduke of Rook, a goblin duke who rebelled against a long-dead goblin pope. Bertram arrives hungover from a night at the Happy Shamrock.

At the suggestion of Grumpus Purplebottom, Sr, Bea’s father, they go to see Doctor Easterly off Gut Alley, in the Dock Ward. He is a dirty, strange, and mysterious surgeon who offers to graft a beholder-eye into Bea’s socket — for the price of the two opals in her head. The delicate surgery fails — until a staggered Bea casts alternate reality — and suddenly the surgery succeeds. Bea winds up with a slightly larger-than-normal green-eyed eyeball that can cast a beholder ray of disintegration three times a day.

The doctor accepts his opals, and the Revengers go to the gnomish court.

It’s a carnival, in the midst of the city of the dead! Rides, music, games of chance — the gnomes fail to guess MIldred’s age (“one-hundred and twenty?”) and she wins a plush crab. Ervendio buys funnel cakes for himself and for Carol/Ann — curious to learn more of her lunar elvish heritage — but for Bertram, it costs 2 coppers instead of 1.

Svendar wins a game of strength, but Valeria is drawn to one of dexterity promising “eternal life” as a prize. Bertram pays for 3 balls, and throws true, but wild — one of his balls knocks down the bottles, a second misses entirely, and the third beans Bea on the head. It triggers a
dormant wild surge, causing a velvet, feathered hat to appear on Bea’s head. The knocked-down bottles win a strange tiara that radiates strong alteration magic. Bea refuses to wear it.

Bertram leads them to the funhouse. Triggering a strange mirror, a trapdoor opens beneath them — and they find themselves in the gnomish court.

Surrounded by trays of wine and hor d’oeuvres, Ervendio teaches Carol/Ann the ways of the court. Valeria’s instincts serve her well, and she proves a quick study in etiquette and impresses the gathered gnomes. The queen’s personal assistant, Madrigal, arrives and attempts to keep Bertram from meeting the queen.

But Bertram is insistent. Despite Madrigal’s warnings that he might not like what happens, Bertram will not deliver his letter to anyone but Queen Facistasia Claudia Wonderfrock IX herself.

Madrigal consents. He leads them toward the queen’s court, but suddenly stops. Glassy-eyed, Madrigal states that “I must go to brunch,” and disappears down a side corridor.

The shadows coalesce. Someone steps from them. It is Darcie Bill, Bertram’s old ally in the service of her majesty. He breathes hot in Bertram’s ear, wanting to know why he is here. He asks if Bertram has it — the rod — and says if he wants to know more, to follow him down the hall.

Bertram won’t follow.

The party goes to court. This time, the party doesn’t quite know what etiquette requires of them — they bow stiffly, and too slow. The Queen wants to know where Bertram has been, what he has been up to, but he speaks in grand but vague terms. He delivers the deep gnome queen’s letter, and Facistasia reads it aloud:

Your Royal Highness, Facistasia Claudia Wonderfrock IX

It is with excitement and joy that I write to you, queen of the top-top gnomes. I am Haverdash, and am also a liege of the gnomish folk. I and my people live far underground. We do not see light at all. Perhaps you have heard of us, or perhaps we are only a myth to you. I must confess, until I met your agent Bertram Figg, I was not certain that you and yours were any more than stories.

Now I know otherwise. Please know that I found your agent to be kind and trustworthy. I was pleased to help him on his journey. I do not know what brought him to the underdark, but I do believe he was eager return to the top-top. I hope he has done so.

I must warn you: the plight of our people, down here below, is little improved from when we came to this urth so long ago. We are surrounded by enemies. Drow, the hated illithid, vampires — even some of our own.

I propose that you and I meet. Royal ambassadors, a meeting of people who have been too long apart. I believe that only by combining our interests (and, frankly, assets) can our people ever pull ourselves out of misery.

I believe there is much opportunity to be found in the chaos and war that overwhelms the urth, but above and below the surface. I hope that we can find a way to traverse these challenges together.

Your agent Figg has my trust, completely.

Yours sincerely,

Her Royal Highness, Haverdash XVIII

Queen Facistasia asks Bertram if she has his loyalty; he states that “there is another in my heart.” The Queen clearly believes Bertram acts against her interests, or at the very least for the benefit of another. He is directed to leave — plainly told this will be his last visit to the court.

Flabbergasted by what has occurred, the Revengers go through Darcie Bill’s doorway — a dimension door to a far-away place — and are confronted by Darcie Bill and a gang of lizardfolk. After some smalltalk and jesting — Bertram has made out with the gnome queen! — Darcie Bill and the lizardfolk attack. Darcie Bill reveals himself as one of the The Knights of Mypp, wielding a flaming whip.

Combat! Golgaraz’s enlarge spell goes awry and a surge strikes Valeria, turning her into a pillar of clay. But then, thanks to Bea’s alternate reality — it never happened at all.

The Revengers make short work of the lizardfolks and MIldred’s black tentacles entangle Darcie Bill — but not before a whip-crack costs Golgaraz an eye. But then — the dimension door opens again and Svendar comes through. He rushes forward, wielding flaming gauntlets and declaring that “I remember it all! This isn’t right!”

Svendar attacks Darcie Bill, who clearly recognizes him. Darcie Bill states that he’ll see the Revengers on the Moon, and teleports away — in spit of Bertram’s casting an irritation spell that should have interrupted any spellcasting.

Valeria loots the bodies of the fallen lizardfolk. Svendar stands with flaming fists. “I remember,” he says, “I remember everything!”

Group Awards
Beholder Graft, 6000
The Carnival, 6000
Finding the Court, 3000
Meeting the Queen, 6000
lizardfolk x4, 260
lizardfolk shaman x2, 1300
lizardfolk king x1, 975

Group Total: 23,535 Individual Award: 3,923

Individual Total:
Bea 5423 (Eye of the Beaholder 1500, Group 3923)
Bertram 5423 (It Was All A Code 1500, Group 3923)
Ervendio 5423 (Silk Underthings 1500, Group 3923)
Golgaraz 5423 (Eye for an Eye 1500, Group 3923)
Mildred 5423 (There’s No Fixing This 1500, Group 3923)
Valeria 5423 (I Want to Stay Huge 1500, Group 3923)

- a plush crab (Mildred)
- a strange tiara (Bea)
- a red velvet hat with a feather (Bea, then Bertram)

- 6,000 copper pieces
- 18,000 silver pieces
- 8,000 gold pieces
- 600 platinum pieces

- 1 scroll of leomund’s tiny hut
- pouch of dust
- suit of field plate armor
- short sword

67.3: Ervendio and Carol/Ann
ervendio introduces carol/ann to the tel-quessir

Once Ervendio secured himself a room at The Misty Beard with the others he was determined to find an adequate bathhouse to take a hot bath and scrub away the filth that he had been unable to cleanse by magic.

“Carol Anne, would you accompany me to find a bath? I will show you elven luxury as best I can in this city. I would like you to stay in my room as well. You may decline if you like, but I would tell you of the Tel-quessir.”

“What is the Tel-quessir?”

“We are the Tel-quessir Carol Anne. We are Elves. You are not just a drow and a wererat. You are an Elf and the Tel-quessir. Now we must teach you how to live like the Tel-quessir and gain your own identity that is not under the rule of the mind flayers. The mind flayers are the sworn enemy of the Tel-quessir. It pains me to see any elf under the rule of them. Yet, it brightens my heart that you are not like the other drow of Erelhei-Cinlu. You are special Carol Anne. Remember that. I’d like to help Golgaraz see it too, if he hasn’t already.”


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