AD&D - New World

Bertram's Letter to Facistasia Claudia Wonderfrock IX

Your Majesty,

Greetings from your loyal subject Bertram Figg, son of Joseph and Llewellyn; former apprentice to Claudius Bigglesby. My letter comes to you at a pivotal point in the history of the Middlemarsh. As a result of powerful wish magic, the city of Grudgewood has been transformed into a safe-haven for humans and “human-friendly” beings. The wording of this wish came from a former apprentice of mine, a human, Beatrice Purplebottom. I cautioned her against this, but to no avail. Accomplished engineer Phillaeus Phillbert has been transported here as a result of the wish, and is overseeing the city’s construction, but more tradesmen and craftsmen will be needed to undertake the massive project.
I take it as my duty to inform you of what is transpiring here, because for our people to survive, gnomes must have a stake in this new city-state. Phillaeus Phillbert and I are the only representatives here of our race, and are well regarded amongst the populace. However there are other, more nefarious individuals whom are giving us gnomes a bad reputation.
J. Claxton, former mayor, sold out Prinzfeld to a new incarnation of the Pomarj Army in the weeks prior to the battle of Grudgewood, and a gnome girl, disguised as an old man calling himself Volo, was working directly with cultists of Nemo in Cano City to obtain the remains of the Risen King after the fall of Barrows. As I am writing you, the Knights of Mypp and cultists of Nemo are conspiring to collect the keys to the staff of the Wolf of Arcworth. Myself, and my band of adventurers known as the Mildred’s Revengers have secured two of the keys. Details of my adventures can be verified in my entries into the Hall of Records in Rumperdink Ghetto.

Grudgewood is now strategically poised to withstand assault from the Westlands. The men of the Twelve Barrows are led by Aloysius Bouchard, who at this moment is ready to take the city by force unless he is proclaimed Lord Commander of this newly realized city-state, which has sprung from the ground seemingly overnight. Fertile soil and extreme growth of foliage has transformed the surrounding landscape. This city could likely sustain a large populace despite the arid, dry clime. Mildred’s Revengers are preparing to make a plea to the Knights of the Twelve Barrows to establish an inclusive government, and it is very likely Phillaeus Philbert will hold a significant office in the new government. I put myself at your service, your Majesty, and remain ever devoted to the cause as I await further instruction.

Profoundest Sincerities,

Bertram Figg

28: The Social Contract
our heroes negotiate peace.

The Revengers divvy up magic items and trade equipment.

Bertram & Bea, after days spent in the dark dungeons, relax at the bar — Bertram realizing, finally, that Bea the Wild Mage is the very same Purplebottom girl he reared and changed and taught the basics of magic. Despite his initial impulse to banish her to safety, Bertram and Bea come to a new understanding of one another — as individuals, as wizards.

Khalid meets Jad, an old associate of Red Al’s, who has come to Grudgewood to deliver supplies. Too late to assist in the Battle for Grudgewood, Jad nonetheless remains in town during the siege.

But the Knights negotiate a possible peace treaty, finding common ground with Aloysius and Drea. The Barrow Knights agree that democracy will rule the day, so long as Red Al is not guaranteed a position of power.

Red Al is not won over, uncertain that a vote is what is required to bring Grudgewood stability. But a separation of police & the military, along with the prospect of Mammarie as Mayor, wins him over. Mammarie also agrees, with the stipulation that once elected she will be Mayor for life. Bunk is nominated for Sheriff and, aside from Red Al needing a new bartender, all of the Grudgewood factions are satisfied. All parties are pleased, and the gates are opened once again.

Mildred’s Revengers are faced with the uncertainty of the future. With peace in Grudgewood, the quest for the Keys are the most pressing issue. But how to proceed, and who to trust?

Group Awards
Wrote a Constitution: 6000
Individual Totals: 1000

Individual Awards
Bea 1750 (A Kind Revelation 750, Group 1000)
Bertram 1750 (Paternal Pride 750, Group 1000)
Ervendio 1750 (New Bonewandwielder 750, Group 1000)
Jongle 1750 (Identifier 750, Group 1000)
Khalid 1750 (Lawbringer 750, Group 1000)
Proteus 1750 (Watchman 750, Group 1000)


Interlude: A Return to Grudgewood
our heroes have a moment to reflect

Mildred’s Revengers, now also known as the Knights of Grudgewood, have returned from a near-death mission in Cano City. As the alliance of humans threatens to break, as the keys are being assembled, as the forces of law and chaos wage unending war, they find themselves back in their makeshift home. With time to recover from their wounds — and unable to sleep due to the potions of vitality still coursing through their bodies — they are able to reflect on what has come to pass and what is still to come…

Bea wants only to adventure – have fun, experience danger, build relationships in the party and become more powerful as she experiments with magic.

Bea is disappointed to find that there is conflict back in Grudgewood – she had hoped that the efforts of the party and her carefully-worded wish would create a place of peace there where people could go on living and growing stronger in all areas of human and human-friendly endeavor. It’s maybe the first crack in her inherently naive outlook, that things will ‘work out in the end,’ that grandiose and selfless efforts necessarily bear beautiful fruit. It hasn’t overwhelmed her youthful sense of invincibility, adventure and wanderlust, however. Even horrors are still thought of subconsciously as part of a big interesting celestial clockwork of interrelated destinies.

While Bea cherishes the growing relationships with the party, and thinks of them as the family who understands her, she’s gregarious by nature and is beginning to look outward. She wants to meet new and interesting people, to collect friends and acquaintances across the world – she’s much more likely to feel that a new place has enriched her life if it contains a person worth thinking about later.

Bea doesn’t quite realize the extent to which the other party members are looking out for her – while she’s recognized and appreciated it from time to time, she tends to think of herself as generally pretty bad ass. Taking most of the credit for her successes – from surviving near misses to dramatic takedowns – she’s possibly a bit more arrogant and cavalier than she should be. She feels like is on a path that will find her extremely powerful one day, which scares her to the extent that it would mean she would lose herself, change into another person than she is now. It also gives her a sort of superiority complex, which she recognizes but hopes is tempered by what she sees as her commitment to selflessness and humanity.

Bertram wants to resolve the conflict in Grudgewood, he hopes in can become that shining light on the hill for all that it was supposed to be, and feels partly responsible for the mess that has occurred.

The loss of Shadow Ryder was very painful for Bertram, and sometimes he wakes himself believing he left the gate open for Scraps to escape. All of Prinzfeld is upset with him about it. He doesn’t know if it is the universe trying to tell him something, or perhaps he really shouldn’t try to care for animals with his current lifestyle, but he longs for companionship in whatever form it may take. Of all things to be worried about, a little doggie! He had watched Canicus get eaten whole by a wyvern, zombies, demons, fields of corpses…

Walking through the cloud in the Halls of Torment made Bertram reflect on his life up to that moment. He was surrounded by friends, yet somehow still alone. He loved that little wizard girl, he didn’t know why. Whatever had happened to Khalid, he was still a low-down and dirty thief, and Jongle: a constant thorn in his side, a foil, a fop. Ervendio: a pompous elf, who treated Bertram as a child. Proteus: he wondered to what ends the human’s thirst for violence would take him. Did all men carry this capacity? Bertram reviled it in himself, yet Proteus seemed to ride it effortlessly.

The world is at war, but protecting innocents— that’s what should matter! Can that be done until all our enemies have been defeated and the keys collected? How many must die for that to happen? Will Grudgewood be enough, one last breakwater against the storm?

Bertram felt something change inside him in the dungeons under Cano City. Those moments when he saw his friends dying around him, covered in blood, he at times felt himself willing to kill anything and everything. He was filled with bloodlust. It was a terrible feeling, one brought out of instinct and desperation no doubt. Gnomes are known to fight viciously when backed into a corner. Bertram hated himself for it, and wondered if anyone had seen the madness in his eyes, he hoped they had not. He didn’t want to be remembered like that. Not like Volo,

He wondered if that’s what that girl wanted. To be feared? Well, then she had succeeded! Bertram has never been more terrified in his life. Such power for such a young girl! How much of it was real? He couldn’t be sure. It was a mad, terrible place. He hoped a meteor struck those Halls from existence forever. Maybe if he gets a crack at a wish he will make it so.

But wasn’t that the problem here? Law and Chaos want all or nothing it seems, it was silly really. These keys— they toys of wizards, demons, gods and politicians, fighting amongst themselves like petulant children. What they needed was a little diplomacy. There were only a few people alive that could get that deal done, and he knew one of them…

Ervendio wants to search for the keys in hopes that they will also lead to other magical artifacts that can be used for the Elven war against the mind flayers. He actually enjoys the Revengers and is pleased his search for magical items can coincide with their involvement with finding the keys.

Things are going quite well with Ervendio right now. He’s allied with strong friends that are on a magical quest too. He can help them succeed while succeeding at his own goal. He’s concerned for Bea, she’s young and fragile and war isn’t the place for a young girl. She needs Bertram’s tutelage again and the rest of the groups protection.

Jongle wants to rid the world of the Pope, Nemo, and Goblin society as it is right now, and he supposes gathering the keys is the best way to actually do that.

You’d have to be a fool to believe things are going well! It’s lucky that Jongle never gets depressed for long, after seeing the heinous things they’ve encountered, and the state of Skullcap and Cano City. He thinks Proteus and Khalid are doing just fine, but he’s always slightly worried for Bea, and he often wonders what is motivating Bertram with all his grumblings and protestations.

Khalid wants to gather the keys and lock away the Wolf forever.

Khalid is so changed, and he sees the party now as his people. He thinks Psilofyr must have taken him for a purpose, and he sees the keys as that purpose, and the party as his fellows in that purpose (also, this purpose is a close fit to what he was raised to do, and so it makes sense to him). He respects Jongle, is slightly frightened of but also grateful to Proteus, looks up to Ervendio (who is better at being a cleric than he is), feels protective of Bea, (although he is sometimes frustrated by her chaotic ways, being so much more lawful), and thinks of Bertram as a friend, and as the most honest of the group.

He thinks the world is in too much flux, and that it needs stability and room to grow. He thinks people are fundamentally good, but that power and need create evil in the world, and that the law should balance those things. Violence is a last resort to him, but he finds himself needing last resort quite often.

He is also worried that the past will catch up with him. He keeps telling himself that he died and is free of his old vows, but he worries that his former masters will disagree. He pretends to want to go home, but he is terrified of going back to Amara.

Proteus wants peace; he’s tired of war and fighting and is torn apart by the actions of his once brother and friend Aloysius.

Proteus feels that the party has come together in a grand fashion; people’s thoughts and hearts beat more as one rather than disparate with an unfocused goal. While he has only known them for a short while, each has had an impact. Khalid’s desire to find another way to overcome obstacles – one that doesn’t generally involve combat – is a welcome counterpoint to Proteus’ own thoughts (though he feels that Khalid somehow has a knack for finding random encounters with monsters). Ervendio is a stalwart ally and his healing arts have kept Proteus in the fight more times than he can count already. Bea has matured and grown as a person, shedding her former timid nature in favor of a more bold and engaging one that is still tempered by her feminine sensibilities. Bertram’s innocence and overwhelming desire to do the right then remind Proteus of a time in his life where things were uncomplicated and joyful, and perhaps instills a small glimmer of hope that there is a chance to return to such a life. Lastly, Jongle the Lothario, whose ability to turn a phrase just as soon as put a dart (or three) in your eye has earned Proteus’ respect; he still cannot believe one who seems so flippant has the heart of a fighter and the mind of a spy.

The only thing Proteus is worried about at this time is the way Aloysius is flying against all that the Barrows and the Risen King stood for. It’s a foolish battle and one that he would rather not fight, but the idea of these people who worked so hard to create their frontier kingdom of Grudgewood just unceremoniously turning it over to him is unconscionable, as are the rest of his demands. This is no longer the Knight Commander he once knew; gone is the altruism and justice that he stood for, likely fallen along with the walls of the Barrows.

27: Father Robert
our heroes rescue a prisoner + return home

Separated by the magicks of the Judge’s Court, the Revengers explore two wings of the lowest level of the Cano City jails. Khalid, Ervendio, and Bea encounter the illusionist Volo, a gnome who has eluded them several times before, while Bertram, Proteus, and Jongle meet The Bailiff, a tanar’ri in service to this level’s master, a herzou called The Judge.

Khalid, Ervendio, and Bea manage to incapacitate their nemesis Volo. Though they are nearly interrupted by a wandering manticore, but Ervendio’s impromptu ventriloquisim sends it away. They discover a treasure trove of magical items, scrolls, and notes in Volo’s sanctum, and they decide to leave their foe tied up and gagged with an old sock — incapacitated, but very much alive.

Meanwhile, Bertram, Proteus, and Jongle manage to fool the Bailiff into believing that Jongle is really Zensher, the warden of the Halls of Torment. The Bailiff falls for Jongle’s continued polymorph and presents the trio to the Bailiff. Jongle bluffs his way past the Judge, despite not understanding a lick of the Judge’s abyssal speech. Proteus, realizing that the bones the Bailiff is arranging are that of The Risen King, collects the bones while still invisible. They pass through the main corridor of this level, passing through a dark cloud that plays on their deepest doubts and fears: loneliness, the death of their friends, the doom of their peers.

Rejoined in Volo’s room, the Revengers search the place and discover the old illusionist’s notes and spellbook, but nothing on Father Robert. Ervendio has also discovered a wand — The Second Key, the second piece of the rod of Nemonad Arcworth. After briefly possessing it, he passes the wand to Khalid, who previously possessed the first part.

Before the group can decide how to proceed, a blood-curdling scream cuts through the air — it is the Bailiff, having discovered his bones are gone. The Bailiff arrives, enraged and eager for blood, but Jongle convinces him that Volo is the thief. The Bailiff murders Volo — who, in reality, is a young gnomish girl, and not an elderly man at all. Bertram, once again, has a brief moment of realization that he is alone — but needn’t have been.

The group passes through a reconstituted dark cloud that attacks their physical and mental well-beings, and Ervendio’s elven eyes perceive secret doors that lead to prison cells. They discover three Knights of the Twelve Barrows — Sir Gorge Entome, Sir Jelmayne Vissius, and Sir Brit Hulme, all of them wounded in some way or other, as well as Father Robert, their quarry.

Rendering themselves silent + invisible, the Revengers pass secretly past the Judge and make way for a mysterious portal. Proteus quaffs a potion of fire giant strength in order to carry away the Judge’s chest of treasure, and nearly kills himself carrying away a freezing silver key, as the group passes through the portal — finding themselves on the salt plains of the Abyss, the plane of chaotic evil and devilry. Quickly planeshifting away, they return home — finally — to Grudgewood.

But Grudgewood is itself in the throes of chaos. Aloysius Bouchard and the Knights of the Last Barrow have declared war on Grudgewood, laying siege and catapulting the last bastion of humanity. A dozen Grudgewood citizens have been killed, including the scout Jyson Muraz and the newly-transported librarian Hannah Clutchwood. Tensions are running high, and Red Al asks that the Revengers — now, due their reward, officially Knights of Grudgewood — sneak into the camp of the Barrow Knights and assassinate their leader.

Red Al has offered the group the night to rest and think over his request. A red dawn awaits, and a fateful decision that could alter the destiny of humanity….

Group Awards
Volo — Defeated! – 10,000
The Bailiff — Outwitted! – 8,000
The Judge — Avoided! – 8,000
The Second Key – 20,000
Father Robert — Feed! – 30,000
Barrow Knight Rescue – 3,000
Group Total: 79,000. Individual Totals: 13,167

Individual Awards
Bea 13,917 (Homeseeker 750, Group 13,167)
Bertram 14,117 (Forever Alone 750, Last Will & Testament 200, Group 13,167)
Ervendio 13,917 (Manticore Deceptor 750, Group 13,167)
Jongle 13,917 (Bedeviler 750, Group 13,167)
Khalid 13,917 (Wand Bearer 750, Group 13,167)
Proteus 13,917 (Bonetaker 750, Group 13,167)

potion of extra-healing (x2)
ring (from Volo’s finger)
jewelry worth 3500gp
scroll of shadow magic
scroll of project image
potion of hill giant strength
5,000 gp
Volo’s spellbook
Volo’s notes on illusions
The Second KeyCoelum — 5-inch segment. can create a slow effect once a day with a duration of 23 rounds.
the freezing key

The Chest of the Judge
8,000 sp
5,500 gp
1,700 pp
jewelry & gems worth 21,000 gp
a wand
a ring
four potions
scroll of polymorph other
scroll of eyebite
scroll of incendiary cloud
scroll of disintegrate
scroll of advanced illusion
scroll of permanent illusion
scroll programmed illusion
a suit of elven chain mail

To Whom it May Concern...
Bertram's letter

::Bertram works out a brick in one of the cell walls and stuffs a letter inside, he marks it with a piece of chalk ‘OO’ an old gnomish hobo code he picked up in his years on the road, it means ‘Never Give Up, Never Surrender’::

“Once again I write my dying wish on a scrap of paper for posterity sake, (insert date). My name is Bertram Figg, I was sent here to find Father Robert and return him to human held lands in the East, the fortress of Grudgewood. Hopefully, during whatever time the reader comes upon this epistle, Grudgewood still stands as a beacon of hope for ‘human friendly people’ and that humans are still friendly with the rest of us. I am a gnome, as you can probably tell from my microscopic penmanship, but trust i was not as diminutive in lIfe! I blossomed late into being a hero. Maybe that is what brought you here, and likely under different circumstances, since I am here as a rescuer and not a prisoner, and I realize that we may indeed die before we find our quarry.
There were others like you up above, desperate, hoping for escape. If we had released them, they would have surely died to the horrors we have encountered since. The interior rooms of this dungeon are filled with all manner of beasts, so explore at your own peril. If you were brought here, it means you were too useful, or too dangerous, to them to allow you to starve or get eaten, drained, or eviscerated. You would be happy to know we dispatched Mordlok the Executioner, shadow creatures, two giant apes, and who knows what else.
If you should manage to get to the elevator room, speak the words ‘Nemo genachtek’ to ascend to the top floor. It is an area poorly guarded, and you could use the sewer tunnels to escape to Cano City. I leave with you what I can spare: one hundred gold, a piece of chalk to measure your days, some nuts which hopefully haven’t spoiled, salt and pepper to season whatever gruel they are feeding you, and encouragement should you feel downtrodden and ready to give up. Do not be afraid. You are strong, and strong people do not let places like this break them!
If perhaps our quest was unsuccessful, and I am in the cell next to you, in much the same state, take this and don’t look back! Remember, only the strong survive!
Use the gold to bribe a guard for your escape, or to purchase safe passage should you make it to Cano City, And if you do make it out of here, send a letter to your friend Bertram Figg, courtesy PO Box 4072, Hall of Records, Rumperdink Ghetto, Middlemarsh. Hopefully my physical person is still intact, drinking tea somewhere, and reminiscing about adventures long past, and friends long forgotten. And if not, I will die knowing at least I gave you a shot at getting out of these wretched halls.

__Your brother in arms,

Bertram Figg

PS. I am also enclosing a coin of “Wizard Lock” which hopefully you may use to turn the tables on your captors, and three spikes from my darts. Use it well! Good luck to you sir, or madam, and I’ll see you on the other side.

PPS. The warden is a demon by the name Zensher, as you may be aware. He is most concerned with seeing out the rest of his term here without incident. Make things difficult enough for him, and he might just let you walk out of this place! He carries a sword that compels him to fight any adversary to the death, and a ring that will heal him from harm._"

26: Deal with a Devil
our heroes breach the judge's court

Taking care to hide the bodies of Mordlock, the bar-lgura, and the ghasts, the Revengers take refuge in Mordlock’s inner sanctum. As Bea and Jongle read scrolls and add them to their spellbooks, Khalid peeks under Mordlock’s opulent furred bed. Finding a locked box and locked drawers in a shrine to Nemo, Khalid is attacked by a magical shadow before he can unlock them. Joined by two other shadows, the creatures attacked the Revengers and drained their strength from them before being destroyed by Proteus’s sword and Bertram’s bonewand.

Before exploring the Halls of Torment further, the Revengers drink their potions of vitality and memorize spells. They prop up Mordlock’s body and use a scroll of magic mouth to create an illusion of life. With a silver piece stuffed in his mouth, anyone who enters his sanctum will hear the words, “Get out of here, I’m busy! And no one’s been here.”

Traversing a bone-littered hallway, the Revengers meet Zensher, a cambion and warden of this level of the jail. Indentured by an unseen master, Zensher only wishes to end the violence the Revengers have inflicted on the jail. They make a deal with the fiend — in exchange for Bertram’s ring of regeneration (taken from Mordlock) and Proteus’s cursed sword Murderer’s Hand (taken from another cambion in the sewers), Zensher allows them free passage through the Halls of Torment and the passwords for a magical elevator room: Nemo genachtek to ascend and Nemo dekennek to descend. Zensher warns them they will encounter The Judge below, a creature Zensher himself has no desire to draw the ire of.

Entering the level called the Judge’s Court, Jongle quaffs a potion of polymorph self and disguises himself as Zensher. The others make themselves invisible. The group is separated by a magical trap, sending Bertram, Jongle, and Proteus into an empty prison corridor and Bea, Ervendio, and Khalid to a different trapped and webbed hallway. Separated and invisible, the heroes sense they are close to the end of their mission…

Group Awards
Shadows, 1260
A Deal With A Devil, 3200
Enter the Judge’s Court, 3200
Group Total, 5660. Individual Awards, 943.

Bea 1443 (Trap Resistor 500, Group 943)
Bertram 1443 (Bonesaw! 500 , Group 943)
Ervendio 1443 (Web-Cutter 500, Group 943)
Jongle 1443( Horse Cock 500, Group 943)
Khalid 1443 (Lost in the Dark 500, Group 943)
Proteus 1453 (Curse-Free 500, Missed the Mist 10, Group 943)

4000 copper pieces
3000 silver pieces
1003 platinum pieces
2 gems
1000 gp worth of jewelry

Elixir of Youth
Potion of Polymorph Self
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Super-Heroics (warrior)

Scroll of Protection from Electricity
Scroll of Knock
Scroll of Polymorph Any Object
Scroll of Magic Mouth

(( magic plate mail — from Mordlok ))
(( magic battle axe — from Mordlok ))

25: A Ghastly Fight
our heroes are cornered by webs + monsters

Face to face with Mordlok the Executioner, an unrelenting killing (and/or executioning) machine, the Revengers do battle! Though Mordlok is wrapped up in Khalid’s rope of entanglement, two horrifying ghasts heed his screams of battle and join in.

Bea casts a spell of her own creation, Bea’s Lucid Dreamer, which causes all of Mordlok’s teeth to fall out as he comes to believe he is in a dream. But dreaming or awake, the Executioner cares for little other than the death. He struggles against the rope as the Revengers slowly hack away at him. His throat is cut by Khalid’s scimitar as Jongle webs the hallway to slow down the advancing ghasts.

Even as Mordlok is killed, two pursuing bar-lgura appear — ape-like demons from the Abyss. The combination of the ghasts and the fiends nearly overwhelms the heroes — Khalid finds a piece of his fungal form bitten away, Ervendio and Proteus are dispatched and nearly killed, and Bea is almost lost to friendly fire when Bertram fires Mordlok’s bonewand into the hall.

But the Revengers rally! Jongle experiences a surge of wild magic energy when he casts shocking grasp, gaining the power to fly like an eagle when nude. Bertram collects not only the bonewand, but also Mordlok’s ring of regeneration, moments before it would have resurrected Mordlok himself.

The ghasts and the bar-lgura are finally dispatched and the Revengers are in Mordlok’s office in the Halls of Torment. The robed figure who initially spied Bertram is still nowhere to be seen….

Group Awards
Mordlok: 6,000
ghasts (2): 1,300
bar-lgura (2): 16,000

Group Total: 23,300 Individual Award: 3884

Bea 4384 (Lucid Dreamer 500, Group 3884)
Bertram 4384 (Bone Wander 500, Group 3884)
Ervendio 4384 (Near Death 500, Group 3884)
Jongle 4384 (Fly Like An Eagle) 500, Group 3884)
Khalid 4384 (Mushroom Meal 500, Group 3884)
Proteus 4384 (Point & Fight 500, Group 3884)

- bonewand

- ring of regeneration (restores 1 point of damage per turn; can regrow limbs and even resurrect its wearer from death; only works if damage is received while the ring is being worn)

- Mordlok’s axe & chainmail

24: The Halls of Torment
our heroes pass the bone stairway...

The Revengers go through the robes of the priests they have defeated, as well as whatever records they can find. Khalid finds paperwork and records about the jail’s prisoners, but nothing indicating Father Robert‘s location — except that important prisoners are kept in the third, and lowest, level. Jongle outfits himself in the priest of Nemo’s robes and holy symbol, including a cloak of fear that radiates a fearful aura. After the rest of the group has left the room, Ervendio quietly cuts the throat of the priest of Edrick.

Using the holy symbol of Nemo, the Revengers descend the bone stairs to the second level of the jail — the Halls of Torment.

Once on the second level, Bertram strides directly into a concealed pit trap. He is saved when Bea reads a scroll of feather fall. The Revengers are stymied by several doors that appear to be wizard locked.

The giant Herankul reappears, hands covered in blood and dragging a dead priest behind him, ready to stick it to Darcie Bill. Instead, Lord Jongle convinces the fomorian to follow his orders. The giant is with the Revengers when they come upon several grotesque monstrosities — rutterkin, simplistic but ferocious fiends from the Abyss. Bertram attempts an audible illusion to frighten them, but instead sends the fomorian giant screaming back up the bone stairs. After a tense confrontation — and a second room of rutterkin — the Revengers are victorious.

The Revengers recover strange coins from the rutterkin, allowing them to open the wizard locked doors. They find a strange handprint in the hallways beyond, which Jongle promptly touches — causing him to disappear. Jongle reappears in a different hallway in the prison. One by one, the Revengers disappear and reappear in the new corridor, until only Bertram remains behind.

Khalid explores the new hallway, opening a door to discover a large hobgoblin angrily clutching a quill in his fist, struggling as he writes some kind of report. Khalid attempts to ensare the hobgoblin with his rope of entanglement, but misses. The hobgoblin angrily snaps his quill in twain and draws a battleaxe with the very same movement — this is Mordlok the Executioner, scourge of the Halls of Torment.

Meanwhile, a black robed priest comes upon Bertram, alone in the first corridor. Bertram immediately joins his fellows, about to combat Mordlok, his pursuers only moments behind…

Group Awards
Breached the Halls of Torment, 1200
Giantfriend, 500
Rutterkin, 1275
Group Total 2975. Individual Totals 595

Individual Totals
Bea 1095 (Mages of a Feather 500, Group 595)
Bertram 1095 (Pit Walker 500, Group 595)
Ervendio 1095 (No Prisoners 500, Group 595)
Jongle 1095 (Lord Jongle 500, Group 595)
Khalid 1095 (Entangle Mishap 500, Group 595)

- Halls of Wretchedness reports
- cloak of fear
- ring (pearly white)
- priestly robes
- 2 remaining “wizard lock” coins

- unclaimed? chain mail, two-handed long-sword

23: A Conflict!
our heroes battle priests + ogres

Bertram’s illusion of Darcie Bill convinces Herankul the Fomorian to chase after the priests who escaped from the Revengers and smash them into paste.

Proteus, under the control of his cursed sword Murderer’s Hand, is set to pursue his perceived enemy — but Bertram’s illusions trick Proteus into believing that the giant has been killed.

As the Revengers debate what to do next, a pair of crazed ogres smash their way out of a nearby room. Seemingly incoherent with rage, the ogres attack our heroes, who are split in how to react: run, or engage. Some of the Revengers attempt to force entry into a nearby priests’ quarters while the others battle the ogres. Bea is knocked unconscious and nearly killed while engaging with one of the creatures.

The ogres are ultimately defeated — once again, the Revengers’ signature grease-and-fire combination is employed, and Khalid and Jongle realize that if they pair their melee attacks they are more powerful than if they attack separately — but even as one battle ends, another begins. The Revengers are faced by two goblin priests, one of whom wields magic and a secret holy symbol of Nemo.

The Revengers kill the priest of Nemo and capture the priest of Edrick, who is cowering and powerless before them…

Group Awards
Fomorian Giant, distracted: 2000
Snorloc, Priest of Nemo: 2500
ogres: 540
Group Total: 5040, Individual Totals: 1260

Individual Totals
Bea 2010 (Near Death XP 500, Group 1260, DM bad math 250)
Bertram 2010 (Tricking A Friend 500, Group 1260, DM bad math 250)
Ervendio 250 (DM bad math 250)
Jongle 2010 (Scissor Attack 500, Group 1260, DM bad math 250)
Khalid 2010 (Scissor Attack 500 , Group 1260, DM bad math 250)
Proteus 250 (DM bad math 250)

1 holy symbol of Nemo
1 holy symbol of Edrick

22: "The Giant's Keys"
our heroes explore the prison...

Continuing to explore the Halls of Wretchedness, Jongle sneaks into the quarters of Herankul the fomorian giant. Catching him indisposed, Jongle slips the giant’s key ring off of his discarded belt.

Bertram casts invisibility, 10’ radius, and the Revengers move unseen throughout the jail, seeking Father Robert. Instead, they discover a number of cells holding wretched goblin prisoners — none have seen a human in their midst, all are pathetic and fearful and desperate to be free.

The Revengers avoid run-ins with any of the guards, even the ogre torturers who drag an imprisoned goblin into a grim and blood-spattered room, where he is soon silenced. Ervendio holds the line, reminding the group to stick to the mission.

After spending some more time in the (seemingly!) empty room near where they entered the jail, the Revengers decide to confront the giant and the priest they believe he is seeking advice + succor from. They linger outside of this room, unwilling to enter.

Finally, a group of priests rounds the corner. A mysterious spell is cast, and — there! The priests detect the Revengers’ invisibility and a battle ensues. Two of the priests are killed and two run away, even as the giant Herankul steps into the hallway, ready to kill whoever he sees. Bertram conjures an illusion of Darcie Bill as a distraction.


But will it work?

Group Awards
Key Snatchers: 600
2 Priests of Nemo: 1075
Group Total: 1675 Individual Totals: 280

Individual Totals
Bea 780 (Watch & Wait 500, Group 280)
Bertram 780 (Circle of Invisibility 500, Group 280)
Ervendio 780 (Heart of Elven Stone 500, Group 280)
Jongle 780 (Nimble Fingers 500, Group 280)
Khalid 780 (Siren Call of an Empty Room 500, Group 280)
Proteus 780 (A Coiled Spring 500, Group 280)

2 holy symbols of Nemo:


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