AD&D - New World

12: "Web-Slog"
our heroes are ambushed

Bertram cannot convince Karl Cutter to give up one of his men to help them in their journey to Prinzfeld Province, so the party continues on. Making camp that night, they are ambushed by a group of Spyder-Fiends, a sub-race or tanar’ri from the chaotic plane of Abyss.

The creatures nearly kill Jongle, but seem to single in on Khalid — saying in a gutteral, demonic language that if the party were to turn over the wand — or, the rod — they would leave them be. The party battles with fiends without finding a way to harm them, eventually fleeing with the help of an illusion from Bertram, but not before Ervendio beheads their goblin prisoner as he attempts to make an escape.

The group travels on through the night, leaving the southern badlands and entering the valley. They take refuge in a burned farm, finding the bodies of the kobold farmer — still clutching his pitchfork, body riddled with arrows — and his wife and child. Traveling off the road, they encounter an orc — not a native to this land — who is dehydrated and confused. He asks Khalid if he is an ally of the Pomarj, and when Khalid answers no, the orc attacks. Unable to calm the orc, the party leaves him to his fate.

Traveling on, they encounter a party of priests and priestesses of Ehlonna, an erotic koboldic goddess of healing and sensuality. Jongle pleases, and is pleasured. The others are left uncomfortable, if strangely intrigued, by the fire….

Group Awards
Spyder-Fiends, Evaded: 500
A Farm, Destroyed: 250
An Orc, Encountered: 250
Kobold Clerics, Pleasured: 250
Group Total: 1250
Individual Total: 250

Individual Totals
Bea: 750 (spider greaser 500; group 250)
Bertram: 750 (wyvern illusionist 500; group 250)
Ervendio: 750 (goblin cleaver 500; group 250)
Jongle: 750 (lover, not a spider 500; group 250)
Khalid: 750 (tree-climber 500; group 250)

11: "Wolf Webbed"
our heroes travel north, warning of war

Bea turns the strange wand over to Khalid, who accepts it willingly.

(( Khalid becomes fastidious in his cleanliness and gains 1 to CHA. He suffers a -10% penalty to Pick Pockets, Open Locks, Hide in Shadows and Hear Noise; he gains a +15% bonus to Find/Remove Traps and Read Languages. ))

The journey back to Grudgewood is uneventful, but there are several pillars of smoke visible in the distance — woodfires or smoke from traveling armies? It is impossible to tell.

Upon returning to town, the group is met by a reader seeking some kind of identification. Recognized as The Soupbearers, the group is welcomed back to town. Nearly every citizen is engaged in preparing for the town’s defense — building a great wall, digging trenches, and securing outlying areas. Martiff, the town’s unofficial sheriff, passes them wearing a bloody cloak as they approach Red Al’s sanctum.

The group turns over a magical spear found in the Haunted Halls in order to gain Red Al’s trust. Al entrusts them with a vital mission: scouts have reported that the army of The Duke of Bark is on the march and will arrive in Grudgewood no later than 2 weeks’ time. Al had already requested a legion of kobold dragoons from the province of Prinzfeld, but they have not arrived; he needs the heroes to travel there and ascertain the dragoons’ whereabouts, as well as warn Prinzfeld — if the Duke’s army does not turn to Grudgewood, it may well attack Prinzfeld, as the province stands between the Duke’s lands and the Kingdom of the Twelve Barrows.

Al purchases some of their nonmagical treasure from the Halls, and the group gathers supplies. Khalid invests 1,000 gold with Rex, the town blacksmith, and Jongle spends the night preparing and casting Identify on The First Key, the strange wand found embedded in a zombie’s cheek. Jongle realizes that the “wand” is actually a four-inch gear-like piece that radiates strange magic — the “wand” is a non-magical ten-inch ebony handle fitted to it. Jongle’s spell reveals no other information.

Bea requests access to any spare spellbooks Red Al has lying around, drawing attention to the fact that they have yet to leave. Al is aghast, but the heroes set out at first light — tying to exhausted Jongle to a horse. Supplied by Al, Khalid and Bertram ride Shadow Ryder/Smiley 2, Jongle rides the Dinglemancer, Bea rides Buttram, and Ervendio rides his sturdy steed Silverwind. Stefan is asleep in the stables, seemingly unable to awaken.

A half-day’s ride from Grudgewood, the group come upon the sounds of battle. A small contingent of humans, led by Karl Cutter, are beset by a band of wolf-riding goblins and hobgoblins. The heroes drive off the goblins, taking one prisoner, and Karl and his surviving band head south to join in on the defense of Grudgewood.

The humans of the south Westlands seem to agree — the Twelve Barrows, by all accounts besieged by goblins, are sure to fall; Grudgewood is the last chance for human civilization to make a foothold for itself and to avoid a return to slavery in a strange land.

The Soupbearers are left on the Duke’s Road, Grudgewood to the South and Prinzfeld Province still 2.5 days to the north, with a goblin prisoner before them…

Group Rewards
Return to Grudgewood: 1000
A Business Investment: 900
Goblins, Hobgoblins, Wolves: 700
Rescued Humans: 1000
Group Total: 3600
Individual Total: 720

Individual Totals
Bea 1220 (Wild Focus 500, Group 720)
Bertram 1220 (Shadow Ryders 500, Group 720)
Ervendio 1220 (Dust Devil 500, Group 720)
Jongle 1220 (Wand Research 500, Group 720)
Khalid 1720 (Business Man 500, Wand Wielder 500, Group 720)

- gold from Al’s purchase (amount: ???)
- Red Al’s letter of promise, good for horse exchange at human settlements

10. "Dinner in the Mourning"
our heroes pay a blood price ...

Ervendio takes some time to pray for the fallen and burned kobolds he killed the day before. As the group prepares to continue their exploration of the Halls, Stiv is touched by Ervendio’s assistance in preparing Kurl’s body. Without entirely understanding what was happening, Stiv takes the first step toward the path of good. He asks to become Canicus’s squire, but is rebuffed — Khalid offers to take him on as well, and despite not being a knight, Stiv agrees.

Our heroes continue to explore the nooks and crannies of the Haunted Halls, encountering a mummy and two skeletons. With the mummy turned to dust, they discover a mysterious book in the mummy’s coffin — and Bea discovers that, though she can still memorize wild magic spells, she can no longer cast them. She suspects this, and her new fastidiousness, is related to the wand she’s been wielding. She subtly reaches out to Bertram for help, but Bertram tells her this is something that all girls go through. No one else in the group pays her troubles any mind.

As the Revengers debate what other avenues to explore in the Halls, an emissary from General Xiang finds them and presents them with an invitation to dinner. After resting for the night, they climb the ladder, leaving the Halls behind, and are met by Commander Gud Urd and several Flapping Wings.

Finally brought to brunch to meet General Xiang, he reveals that he believes they have found the object he has been seeking: the First Key. Xiang reveals that the “night wolves” were a fiction he used to further his own goals in the area, and that the Key is one of seven that could be used to free — or keep imprisoned — a powerful extraplanar being of chaos & disorder. He offers to grant the heroes psionic power if they turn over the First Key to him, as well as send them to the suspected location of the Second Key. But when Canicus detects evil emanating from the General, they refuse his offer. The General draws his flaming Unholy Reaver, and they battle!

Bea’s attempt to cast reckless dweomer fails and she is incapacitated for the length of the battle; Gud Urd and his kobolds rush in, and Ervendio’s hold person spell incapacitates the General. The Revengers slay the General (and Canicus claims his flaming sword), but Gud Urd kills Stiv with a single swipe of his battleaxe. Stiv is melted by Bertram’s chromatic orb and Gud is killed by Khalid.

Then, the wyvern arrives.

In the ensuing chaos and following the swift deaths of Gud Urd and General Xiang, the Flapping Wings scatter and the brunch tent erupts in flames. Jongle cuts an exit out of the back of the tent and Canicus holds off the wyvern to allow the others to escape. The wyvern promptly gobbles up the Gallant of the Twelfth Barrow, the Scion of the Risen King.

In a final vision before darkness claimed him, Canicus saw a range of seven torches, of which one was lit: a lawful light surrounded by the darkness of chaos.

Canicus has died, and so has General Xiang. In the chaos of the Flapping Wings’ camp, Mildred’s Revengers flee….

Group Awards
Stiv Becomes A Squire: 800
Mummy: 3000
Skeletons (2): 130
An Invitation to Dinner: 200
Commander Gud Urd: 975
General Xiang, the Illrigger: 8000
Wyvern (escaped): 700
Group Total: 13,805
Individual Total: 2301

Bea: 2801 (Spellcasting Stoppage, 500; Group, 2301)
Bertram: 2801 (Father-like Advice, 500; Group, 2301)
Canicus: 2801 (“I’ll Cover Their Escape,” 500; Group, 2301)
Ervendio: 2801 (Kind to a Grieving Kobold, 500; Group, 2301)
Jongle: 2801 (“We’re Eating Dinner in the Morning?” 500; Group, 2301)
Khalid: 2801 (A New Squire, 500; Group, 230)

large necklace — made of 14 rubies
mysterious book (thieves cant on the cover)

9: "Ko"
our heroes master the Halls...

Mildred’s Revengers formally bring on Kurl as hireling, against the advice of Stiv. Kurl takes offense when Bertram refuses to promise to murder him, and the more Bertram equivocates the more Kurl is convinced the gnome wishes him ill. Though the two finally shake hands, there is tension in the air.

Continuing to explore the Halls, they find a hall of statues. With more than a dozen unique statues, the heroes explore them looking for some kind of clue or surprise. Jongle, having just completed a humping routine on the leg of a mailed-and-maced figure, is struck from behind by a creature called Ko, a doppleganger who resides in the Halls and survives by picking off unsuspecting kobold guards. Once bested, Ko pledges his friendship to the group and asks to join them. With reservations regarding his behavior, the group agrees.

Ko reveals that he comes from the Northerly Mountains, and has made his way south from one town to another, taking advantage of those weaker than him and taking “what he deserves,” until the locals discover him and he is driven away. Most recently he resided in a nearby town called Rittersmarche.

Canicus kills a rat.

Experimenting with the mysterious wand found the previous day, Bea discovers it has a command word — Ruat — that causes the wand to cast cure light wounds. Bea is increasingly paying more mind to the disorderly nature of her surroundings, and her constant and assiduous attention to detail, including that of her own person and appearance, raises Bea’s Charisma 1 point.

After tangling with a large spider, the Revengers finally encounter a large squad of Flapping Wings that have been hunting them throughout the Halls. But a combination of spells from Jongle and Ervendio — grease and produce flame — engulfs the Wings in flame and they die horrible, flaming deaths in a matter of moments.

Horrified and afraid, Ko returns to his true form — a hairless, gray humanoid — and he flees back into the depths of the Halls. “What does it mean that he thinks we are the monsters?” Jongle asks.

When no one is looking, Bertram tastes just a fingertip’s worth of the grease, mixed with the blood and ash of more than a dozen dead kobolds. Somewhere, like a fly on a spiderweb, the fabric of law + chaos and good + evil shudders. Bertram’s alignment shifts one space, to either LN or NG; or, a half-XP penalty is taken for this session

The group presses on. They encounter a megalocentipede, five feet long, wrapped around a mound of humanoid bones. Canicus destroys it, but not before it sinks its pincers into Kurl — twice — killing the kobold with poison.

Stiv, who had been silently plotting an attack on his former comrade, immediately lamented his comrade’s death. With the centipede dead, Canicus asked Stiv how he wanted to honor his friend. Stiv said he wanted to take him back above ground, and bury him in a simple rock cairn.

The Revengers agreed.

Group Awards:
Kurl’s Employment: 500
Giant Rat: 15
Doppleganger Recruited: 500
Huge Spider: 270
Kobold Squad E: 350
Megalocentipede: 175
C-C-C-Combo Attack — Midnight Oil: 500

Group Total: 2310

Individual Totals:
Bea 1135 (Obsessive-Compulsive Destiny 250, A Word of Power is Discovered 500, Group 385)
Bertram 635 (A Taste of Grease 250, Group 385)
Canicus 635 (Kobold Empathy 250, Group 385)
Ervendio 635 (Doppleganger Kindness 250, Group 385)
Jongle 635 (Statuesque Humping 250, Group 385)
Khalid 635 (Trapfinder 250, Group 385)

18 copper
12 silver
6 gold
15 platinum
4 gems

8: "Insects of Infinite Varieties"
our heroes delve deeper...

The Revengers (?!) rest up in the empty feast hall, letting Bea recover from her encounter with the stirge. A swarm of giant centipedes interrupts their rest, but the group dispatches them before returning to sleep. Rested, they decide to push deeper into the Halls.

Finding a number of seemingly abandoned/empty rooms, they encounter a solitary ankheg in a dead-end path. They kill the creature before being caught in its pincers, and after several hours excavating the corpse from its hole, they recover a haul of copper, gold, and art objects (!) from the tunnel.

Exploring a secret passage, the heroes maneuver past a potential plungefall and discover a room containing still, tepid pool and four strange pillars. Jongle distrubs the pool with a tossed rock, causing two of the pillars to open. Two long-hidden juju zombies emerge, one with a wand piercing its face. Too powerful for Ervendio to turn, the undead creatures move toward the party.

Retreating past the plungefall (and weakening it further), the Revengers lure the zombies over the unsteady rock — causing them to fall into a twenty-feet-deep tunnel. But before the zombies fall, Bea lassos the wand piercing one of the creatures and Canicus pulls it free. Bea catches the wand and the heroes leave the zombies behind.

Discovering two secret cells that hold nothing but moldering straw and bones — including two elves that wished for their remains to be returned to their lunar home — the Revengers rest once again…

Giant Centipedes: 420
Ankheg: 200
Ju-Ju Zombies (escaped): 975
Discovery of a Mysterious Artifact: 6000
Group Total: 7595 Individual Breakdown: 1266

Bea 1466 (wand-wrangler 200, group 1266)
Bertram 1466 (bug-killer 200, group 1266)
Canicus 1466 (rock-breaker 200, group 1266)
Ervendio 1466 (bone-finder 200, group 1266)
Jongle 1466 (stone-skipper 200, group 1266)
Khalid 1466 (wall-crawler 200, group 1266)

5000 cp
3003 sp
200 gp
1 golden frame
1 silver boot
20 lbs of ankheg meat
ankheg carapace plates
1 mysterious wand (14" long, ebony handle, dark stone tip)
2 elven skulls/bones + a note

7: "Bea's Blood"
our heroes seek out magic + danger...

The Frowzywig Avengers spend much time in the kobold guardroom discussing their options. Pressing Stiv for more information, they discover that General Xiang has the kobolds searching the Haunted Halls for a very specific magical artifact called the First Key. They’re not entirely sure what it looks like, only that the General has them collecting anything magical and presenting them to him.

Choosing to continue exploring the Halls, the ’vengers encounter a mimic and a strange, moving painting in an otherwise abandoned empty throne room. The mimic — and the darts of his friends — nearly do in Khalid, but the group soldiers on.

Exploring the Halls, the group finally discovers some of the magic they were seeking to gain Red Al’s favor: a ring of shocking grasp, a mysterious silver tome, a spear of giant-slaying, and a magical broadsword are including in their loot. They also find a non-magical necklace, a sapphire hidden in the boot of a long-dead thief, and two mysterious liquid vials. Scrolls of detect magic plundered from the kobolds help them identify some of their discoveries.

After coming upon an empty former feast hall — and after Bea is nearly killed by a waiting stirge — the group decides to make camp once again inside the Haunted Halls of Grudgewood…

Individual Rewards
Bea 403 (pretty cantrips 50, treasure hunter 100, group 253)
Bertram 403 (brickhouse 50, treasure hunter 100, group 253)
Canicus 403 (tin canned 50, treasure hunter 100, group 253)
Ervendio 403 (fundamental healing 50, treasure hunter 100, group 253)
Jongle 403 (little boy blue 50, treasure hunter 100,, group 253
Khalid 403 (mimicry 50, treasure hunter 100, group 253)

Group Breakdown
Mimic: 975
Crawling Claw: 35
Monster Skeleton (escaped): 325
Stirge: 175
Group Total: 1510
Individual Reward: 253

1 sapphire
1 gold piece
3 silver pieces
1 obsidian teardrop necklace
8 5 detect magic scrolls
Ring of Shocking Grasp
1 silver tome
1 spear of giant-slaying +2
1 broadsword +2
2 unknown liquid vials

6: "Return to the Haunted Halls"
our heroes exit + enter the Haunted Halls...

- Leaving the Haunted Halls, our heroes avoid arrows from above. Canicus attempts to reunite with the group.

- Amongst the kobolds there is a hideous, winged urd — a bat-winged creature that attacks from above. Bertram creates an illusion of the corpse discovered within the halls that gets the urd’s attention. It also gets Canicus’s attention, but the group manages to regain his attention.

- Khalid ventures back into the owlbear cave to rescue Smiley the mule, and the group escapes the canyon unharmed. Another winged creature is seen overheard, with a dark-cloaked rider. Is it a Night Wolf?

- Journey to Grudgewood — they meet a bugbear traveler, who tells them the Pope was nearly killed by snake men, who appeared out of smoke. Khalid alone recognizes their description as Serpent Lords, normally kind creatures from his homeland.

- Bertram antagonizes the traveler until it nearly comes to blows — but the bugbear is hypnotized and sent away.

- Back to Grudgewood, Red Al blows off the heroes since they did not return with a magic item for his case.

- The heroes rest up, then agree that the best way to proceed is to help the Kingdom of the Twelve Barrows. And the best way to do that will be to gain Red Al’s favor. They return to the Halls.

- They encounter a green slime, but finding it impervious to all of their attempts of attack, they evade it.

- Khalid sets off a trap in a hallway. The group encounters a small band of kobolds — mercenaries from the Flapping Wings company — and even though one of them hits Canicus with a poisoned crossbow bolt, putting him to sleep for a few minutes, the rest of the kobolds are dispatched. 2 are taken prisoner as our heroes begin to question them…

Bea: 119 (50 RP, 20 spellcastery, 49 group)
Bertram: 129 (50 RP, 20 distracting the urd, 10 vs. the bugbear, 49 group)
Canicus: 119 (50 RP, 20 rescuing a fake maiden, 49 group)
Ervendio: 119 (50 RP, 20 horsecare, 49 group)
Jongle: 119 (50 RP, 20 puppet show, 49 group
Khalid: 129 (50 RP, 30 rescuing Smiley, 49 group)

Group XP Rewards
Escape from the Halls: 50
Evading the Wings: 50
A Bugbear in Need: 15
Return to the Halls: 50
Evading a Green Slime: 33
Kobold Guards: 95
Group Total: 211, 49 each

??? none, I think — except for what you bought back in town

5: "Into the Haunted Halls"
our heroes enter + exit the Haunted Halls of Grudgewood...

Leaving Canicus to recuperate in the now-empty owlbear cave, the heroes find the actual entrance to the Haunted Halls in another fissure of Starwater Gorge.

Entering the Halls, the group encounters a pile of worn but usable weapons — a mix of swords, knives, and a large metal shield — and a magical mouth appears on the shield, announcing Beware! These were carried in by those who will never carry them out again! The mouth disappeared and the spell — if it was one — confounded the heroes.

Ervendio discovered a secret door that took them around a rusty barred gate that proved unmovable. They discovered a green slime clinging to a ceiling, and immediately retreated; they discovered a putrid-smelling privy and immediately retreated; they discovered a slain human woman, evidently killed by the Night Wolves, cultists and Westland boogeyman, and Khalid promptly stole the dagger that had killed her while Bertram stabbed the fresh corpse. An icy gaze seemed to focus on Bertram for a moment, then receded.

The group encountered a goblin in a room just beyond the corpse. The goblin professed to be a prisoner and patsy of the Night Wolves, who forced him to lure the woman from Grudgewood so that she could be used in their terrible ritual. Ervendio took the goblin prisoner and they brought him with them.

Encountering two statues that were trapped with some sort of (possibly magical) electricity, Bea was able to open two bronze doors from a distance with a rope, enabling the group to dash past. They found a trapped chest, which they triggered from the hall, and it contained gold and four rings. Jongle detected magic on the rings and told his companions they were indeed magical.

Bertram and Khalid climbed a rope they discovered in the ceiling above the chest, and though the rope broke — and the two sustained a nasty fall — Khalid first discovered a number of kobolds camping in the ruins above the Halls. With their supposed magic rings, the group decided to leave.

Stepping out of the Haunted Halls, their goblin prisoners still in tow, the group was suddenly set upon — from the cliff above! — by the kobolds Khalid had seen. “Rain down hell!” the kobolds yelled, readying their bows!

Group Rewards: Entered the Haunted Halls 150, Evaded the Statues 200, Discovered the Night Wolves’ Victim 100, Disarmed a Treasure Trap 75. Total Group Reward: 525, 105 each.

Bea: (rope use 50, group reward 105): 155
Bertram: (courageous climbing 50, group reward 105): 155
Ervendio: (secret doors found 50, group reward 105): 155
Jongle: (jokery + magic detection 50, group reward 105): 155
Khalid: (traps checked 50, group reward 105): 155

40 silver pieces
2 canvas sacks, each holding 225 gold pieces (450gp total)
4 golden rings, each set with 3 emeralds

3 short swords, 2 long swords, 1 bastard sword, 1 dagger, 1 large metal shield, 2 belt buckles

4. "Owlbear Country"
our heroes go into the urth...

After making a delicious soup for Grudgewood, Bertram is crestfallen when Stefan announces that he does not like the soup. Stefan puts Bertram on notice.

Bertram tells the others that Mad Hettie has been murdered, but he refuses to alert Red Al or anyone else in Grudgewood. Bertram and Bea pounce on Mad Hettie's spellbook, which Bertram retrieved from the remains of her hut, and which Bertram believes was the cause of her death. The spellbook is later given to Drea when she is dispatched to warn the Kingdom of the Twelve Barrows of the impending goblin attack.

The goblin army approaches your borders, reads the message to the Twelve Barrows, send couriers and scouts to the watchtowers. Ready the Fourth Order. Goblin armies unifed = Duke of Bark.

Meanwhile, others in the town discover Mad Hettie's remains and they give her head a proper burial. They surmise that goblins killed her in retaliation for the attack on the guards at Vast Bridge, which is believed to have be the fault of bandits.

The group heads to the Haunted Halls to retrieve gold, treasure, and a tribute for Red Al's case. They approach the Halls' entrance in Starwater Gorge and enter a dark, rank cave, only to discover it is the lair of an owlbear! Forced into combat, Canicus is dispatched and nearly killed by the beast's bite. Bertram momentarily distracts it with an illusion as the other pepper it (and, occasionally, Khalid) with darts. The owlbear is finally killed when the wizards are rallied to the attack.

After a hard battle, and with Canicus stable but unconcsious, the heroes elect to make camp in the owlbear's lair…

Bea: 220 [50 (the soup thing), 100 (Drea dispatched), 70 (owlbear)]
Bertram: 220 [50 (the soup thing), 100 (Drea dispatched), 70 (owlbear)]
Canicus: 220 [50 (the soup thing), 100 (Drea dispatched), 70 (owlbear)]
Ervendio: 220 [50 (the soup thing), 100 (Drea dispatched), 70 (owlbear)]
Jongle: 220 [50 (the soup thing), 100 (Drea dispatched), 70 (owlbear)]
Khalid: 220 [50 (the soup thing), 100 (Drea dispatched), 70 (owlbear)]


  • Mad Hettie's spellbook (given to Drea)
  • 71 gp


3. "Swimming Through Flaming Horses"
our heroes rescue a prisoner...

We begin with Khalid alone in the tower at Eddistone Point and Bertram unconscious outside. Bea has disappeared in the woods, but Ervendio and Canicus have returned to help their friends.

(Ervendio had been distracted by a sylvan get-together somewhere on the trail; Canicus had a misty vision of the Risen King and found himself lost in the netherworld, or, the fog)

Bandits attacked Khalid, still alone, and the dwarf was felled with one blow. Knocked unconscious, Khalid was stablized by Ungerd, one of the bandits, who ordered the jester Jongle to take him down below with the other prisoners. Khalid subsequently lost both his scimitar and his bird.

Outside, Canicus and Ervendio saw to Bertram’s wounds. Canicus and Ervendio charged the tower to seek a way inside (with Mildred’s corpse strapped to Canicus’s back), while Bertram remained in the trees.

In the tower, Jongle saw this hubub as his chance to escape his cruel employers/captors. Recruiting Brang, the elderly goblin who worked in the tower, they opened the tower’s secret downstairs door. Canicus and Ervendio took the opportunity to enter even as Brang made a break for it across the clearing — and was shot down by an arrow from above.

Bertram cast a simple cantrip to hopefully distract from further attacks as the others debated what to do. As they tried to plan, the bandits tossed a torch down into the crowded stable setting it aflame. This spooked the many horses crammed inside, but Ervendio calmed the animals and led them out one by one. Canicus and a revived Khalid grabbed an unconscious Drea, and they all made their escape under horse-cover.

The group fled the flaming tower, encountering Smiley the mule on the way. 20 horses and mules waited for them at the trail’s head, and Ervendio led the herd back toward Grudgewood.

But the herd attracted hungry, wandering ogres, who were only dissuaded from eating the entire group by their new friend Jongle, who turned the ogres around with a few knock-knock jokes:

You have to say “who’s there.” Knock-Knock.
Who’s there?

You have to say “Ogre who.” Knock-knock.
Who’s there?
Ogre who?
Let’s do it ogre again. Knock-knock…

When making camp later, the group was briefly beset by an unrelated band of goblin bandits, but Khalid scared them off by being terrifying and stabby.

After bringing Drea back from unconsciousness, she told the group that she believed Scalf and the goblins at Eddistone Point were planning to use the signal mirror to rally other goblin lords into attacking the Kingdom of the Twelve Barrows. She then offered a 100 gold reward if they returned to retrieve her spellbook, but the group pressed on to Grudgewood.

Bertram, Canicus, Ervendio, and Khalid saw to Mildred’s burial in Grudgewood’s small cemetery as Jongle escorted Drea back to Mammarie’s and accepted the group’s reward of 2,000 gp. Jongle spent 105 gold on drinks for everyone at the Lonesome Tankard, and nearly turned the crowd against him upon speaking vaguely of the bandit goblins’ “plans,” but tensions eased when the rest of the group arrived.

They went upstairs to speak to Red Al, who saw the goblins’ plans to attack the Twelve Barrows as an opportunity to move against Fort Hangtooth itself….

Bertram: 678
Canicus: 678
Ervendio: 678
Khalid: 678
Jongle: 678

individual breakdown

Bertram: 20 (tower ingenuity), 20 (breakfast), 108 (ogres), 10 (goblins), 20 (burying a friend), 500 (Drea’s rescue)
Canicus: 20 (tower ingenuity), 20 (damsel rescue), 108 (ogres), 10 (goblins), 20 (burying a friend), 500 (Drea’s rescue)
Ervendio: 20 (tower ingenuity), 20 (horse calming), 108 (ogres), 10 (goblins), 20 (burying a friend), 500 (Drea’s rescue)
Khalid: 20 (tower ingenuity), 20 (damsel rescue), 108 (ogres), 10 (goblins), 20 (burying a friend), 500 (Drea’s rescue)
Jongle: 20 (tower ingenuity), 20 (ogre jokes), 108 (ogres), 10 (goblins), 20 (taking credit), 500 (Drea’s rescue)

1895 gp
permanent 50% discount at Mammarie’s (Jongle only)


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