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Teks Tik

He’s the Mantis

Kalak (Ranger) 6

AC: 5
HP: 38|Current: 38
Experience: 51,916
thAC0: 15

Alignment: NG
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Thri-Kreen
Weight 444 lb.
Height 6’9”
Age 12 Years Old


Strength: 18 To Hit: +2 | Damage Mod: +3 | Wt Allowance: 160 | Max Press : 305 | Open Doors: 13 | Bend Bars: 25%

Dexterity: 16 Surprise Adj: +1 | Missile Attack Adj. +1 | Defense Adj.: -2

Constitution: 14 HP Adj.: 0 | System Shock: 88 | Res Survival: 92 | Poison Save: 0 | Regeneration: nil

Intelligence: 10 Languages: 2 | Max Spell Lvl: 5 | Learn Spell: 40 | Max Spells/Lvl: 7 | Ill Imm: nil

Wisdom: 14 Mag Def Adj.: 0 | Spell Failure:0, Bonus Spells: 1 | Spell Immunity: none

Charisma: 8 Henchmen: 3 | Loyalty Base: -1 | Reaction Adj. 0
Par/Poi/Death: 11
R/S/W: 13
Petr/Poly: 12
Breath Weapon 13
Spell: 14

Racial Abilities:
Race: Thri-kreen
Racial Abilities: +2 DEX, -2 CHA, +1 WIS, -1 INT

Infravision 60’
4 Claws, 1 Bite
Antenna: Decrease penalties for darkness one step.
Move: Walk at 6 mph, Run at 30 mph, Leap up 20’, Leap forward 50’
Does not sleep

Poison: Can use venomous saliva with bite attack. Opponents must save vs. paralyzation or be paralyzed; small creatures are paralyzed for 2d10 rounds, medium creatures for 2d8 rounds, and large creatures for 1d8 rounds. Gargantuan or larger are affected for 1 round.

Wild Talent:
Aura Sight
Control Light

Gythka, 1/1, Speed 9, Atk 2, Dmg 2d43
Chatkcha 1/1, Speed 4, Atk 2, Dmg d63
Chatkcha (Thrown) 2/1, Speed 4, Atk 1, Dmg d65
Zerka, (Thrown), 1/1, Speed 7, Atk 1, Dmg 2d43 (entagles)
Claw 4/1, Speed 1, Atk 2, Dmg d43
Bite 1/1, Speed 2, Atk 2, Dmg d44 (+poison. 1/day)
Wrestling 1/1, Speed 1, Atk +0, Dmg +-1 on table

Gythka Proficiency
Zerka Proficiency
Spear Proficiency
Wrestling Proficiency
Open 1 Proficiency
Open 2 Proficiency
Chatkcha Proficiency
Tracking (Bonus): +|Wis (14)|Check Mod: +0
Hunting (Bonus): +|Wis (14)|Check Mod: +0
Alertness: +|Wis (14)|Check Mod: -1 (reduces chance to be surprised)
Direction Sense: +|Wis (14)|Check Mod: +1
Waterfinding: +|Wis (14)| Check Mod: +1
Common Language: +|Int (10)|Check Mod: -2
Endurance: +|Con (14)| Check Mod: +0

Ranger Skills
Move Silently 52
Hide in Shadows 67

Class Skills:
Primary Terrain: Desert (species enemy: Jann)
Tracking and Identification
Animal Empathy: Save vs Rods -2
Nature Lore: DC 14
Survival: Primary Terrain

Psionics: Power Points 45

Aura Sight
Power Score: Wis -5
Initial Cost: 9
Maintenance Cost: 9/round
Range: 50 yds.
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: personal
Prerequisites: none
When a psionicist uses this power, he can see auras. Interpreting an aura requires some concentration, however. With each use of this power, the psionicist can learn only one piece of information-either the subject’s alignment or experience level, but not both simultaneously. A psionicist can examine up to two auras per round. (He must be able to see both subjects.) Alternately, he can examine the same aura twice, to verify his first impression with a second reading or to pick up remaining information. In any case, the psionicist must make a new power check each time he attempts to interpret an aura

Control Light
Power Score: Int
Initial Cost: 12
Maintenance Cost: 4/round
Range: 25 yards
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: 400 sq ft
Prerequisites: none
The psionicist can manipulate existing light with this devotion. He cannot create light from darkness, but he can create darkness from light. This power can accomplish the following, and anything else the DM allows:
-Deepen existing shadows, making them inky black. A thief hiding in this shadow gets a 20% bonus on his ability roll. Lighten existing shadows, reducing a thief‘s hiding ability by 20%.
-Brighten a light source until it hurts to look at it. This gives everyone exposed to the light a 2 penalty on attack rolls.
-Dim a light source so it resembles twi
light. This does not affect anyone’s attack rolls.
-Extend shadows into areas that are other- wise well lit. Only an existing shadow can be extended, but its size can be increased by 200% (i.e., its size can be tripled).
-Extend light into areas that are otherwise in shadow. Shadows can be reduced in size by 50%
Power Score-The maintenance cost is reduced to 1 PSP per round.
20-The effect is the opposite of what is desired, and maintenance fails.


Spheres Available: Animal, Plant.

1 (0)

2 (0)

3 (0)

3 Chatkcha
Duster: 9 sp
Flint and Tinder: 5 sp
Backpack 2gp wt. 2
Belt pouch (small): 7 sp wt.
1/2 Candle: 1 cp
Chalk 1cp
Trail rations (7)
Soap: 5 sp wt. 1lb
Encumbrance: 6 lbs.



xTeks Tik

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