Rathan Swordreaver

an old spirit of Law


In life, Sir Rathan Swordreaver was a cleric of elemental earth and a companion of Edrick, Half-Ogre. He was also friend and companion to Nemonad, The Wolf of Arcworth. Rathan was horribly burned when he was caught in the effects of one of his own spells — some say it was a mixture of entangle and produce flame that went awry — and though he could have used his considerable power to heal himself, he instead carried his scars for the rest of his life, as a reminder to always be wary of unleashing unchecked lethal force.

As Edrick’s reach grew and he became a living god, Rathan was one of his most trusted advisors. Rathan served as the High Priest of Zephyrus and was present during the final battle with the Wolf.

As an old spirit, Rathan is worshipped by many throughout Ur. He is particular popular among vegepygmies and other denizens of the Middlemarsh.


Khalid encountered Rathan on the Outer Plane of Mechanus. Regarding The First Key, Rathan had the following to say:

“The first is at hand. The second is mistaken for a relic. The third is home. The fourth circles the urth. The fifth is precious to a jealous seer. The sixth is lost to me. The seventh is already in the hands of the enemy.”

“The Wolf is ever aware of his rod’s use, even in its sundered state. Any use of it — any change in ownership, even — may draw the attention of his spyder-fiends.”

“If reassembled, it may lock away the Wolf for another thousand years — or it may free him. If you would serve Order, you must not allow him to return to your world. This artifact — his artifact — is blessed with the aura of Law, until it is fully reassembled. To gather the rod is folly. To allow the enemy to gather it is worse.”

“One piece will lead you to the next. But first you must seek the Sage of Cano.”

Rathan Swordreaver

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