xPope Pior XII

long-ruling pope of the western church


The Church of the West is the de facto ruling power of the Goblin Kingdoms, and Pope Pior XII is the long-ruling head of the church. A kingmaker and a proud goblin pontiff, Pope Pior XII has the ear of kings.

He is a strict fundamentalist and speaks proudly of the tradition of law and order the Church — and the Westland kingdoms — has long been the steward of.

He has ruled as Pope for decades and his health is believed to be failing. He is rarely seen in public now, and it is whispered that his ill-health is a reason for the growing unrest among goblin lords and nobles.

Pope Pior XII dies in his sleep in Cano City, only weeks after surviving an assassination attempt. Upon his death, goblin cardinals convene to debate & vote for Pior’s successor.


xPope Pior XII

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