young & eager student at the Great University of Tvashtri


STR 4 (-2 to hit, -1 dam, 10 wt. allow., 25 max. press, 3 od)
CON 16 (2 hp, 90% ss, 95% rs)
INT 16 (5 lang, 8th sp lv, 70% learn sp, 11 sp/lv)
WIS 16 (
2 mag def., 0% spell fail.)
CHA 7 (3 hench, -2 loyalty, -1 reaction)

Level 1 Diviner-swami (Opposing schools: Conjuration/Summoning)

AC: 10
HP: 6|Current: 6
Experience: 250
thAC0: 20

Alignment: LG
Languages: Sri Raji, Common, Elven, Dwarven
Weight 60 lbs
Height 3’5’’
Age 17 Years Old

Par/Poi/Death: 14 (poison only – 13)
R/S/W: 10
Petr/Poly: 13
Breath Weapon 15
Spell: 9

Racial Abilities:
- 60’ infravision
- For every 3 ½ points of CON, +1 to saves vs. spells, rod/staff/wands, & poison.
- +1 to attack rolls with slings & thrown weapons.
- -4 to opponents’ surprise when wearing non-metal armor, when alone or with only halflings or elves.

Kit Abilities:
A swami uses his focus as a spell repository instead of a spellbook.

While scanning the spirit world through the focus, the Swami will come across many spirits who control spells; it takes one hour per spell level to find a specific spirit. Assuming he is of
adequate level, the Swami may try to engage a spirit in a simple magical combat. If the Swami makes a Chance to Learn Spell roll modified by -5% per spell level, the spirit and its spell are imprisoned in the focus permanently. If he fails the roll, however, the spirit retaliates. The
Swami makes a Wisdom check at -1 per spell level, falling into unconsciousness for one hour per spell level if failed.

Thereafter, the Swami may try to capture the spell again, but each subsequent attempt is at -5% cumulative chance of success to get that spell.

The Swami can use his focus as a spell conduit, being able to send spells into it. He can send any spell with a range greater than zero to the limits of his ability to see. If using spells like clairvoyance, the Swami can even send fireballs miles away. The focus can be magicked with
any number of spells. He can transfer spells from one focus into another but may have only one at a time.

Weapon Profiencies

Nonweapon Profiencies
Etiquette CHA
Ancient History INT-1
Ancient Lang. INT
Reading/Writing INT+1
Spellcraft INT-2

1 dagger
belt pouch
tattered bed roll
1 pure pearl (spell focus)

Spells ( Primary School: Greater Div/Lesser Div; Opposing schools: Conjuration/Summoning)
1st level
Read Magic
Detect Magic


A young student at Tvashtri’s Great University. Tasked with gather books for the Revengers, he never returned from a particularly dark & forboding tower.

Weeks after disappearing into one of the towers, Paqi reappeared — carrying a spellbook thought to have once belonged to a young Arijani, before he was Maharajah. Paqi convinced the Revengers to take him when they left Sri Raji.


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