Vegepygmy of the Apes


name: Munch
race: Vegepygmy
class: Barbarian
kit: Forest Lord 1 p42. Complete Barbarians Handbook
alignment: TN

height: 4.5 ft.
weight: 80 lbs

str 14 hit prob norm/damage adj: none/ weight allow 55/ max press 170/open doors 8/ bend bars if gates 7%
dex 18 react+2 /missile att. adj +2/Def Adj, -4
con 13 hp adj.: 0/system shock 85%/res surv 90%/poison save 0/reg: nil
int 6 # lang 1
wis 14
cha 5 reaction adj. -3

thaCo 20

ac: 4

weapon prof

blowgun +
spear +


Bonus: Alertness +

Crude Weaponsmithing.+

common (speak only)

Hide +

Move Silently +

Animal products barter?.

(Despite his isolation, he occasionally trades with neighboring tribes.)

Wealth Options: Because he travels lightly, a Forest Lord begins with only ld4 gp worth of tradable goods. Armor and Equipment: A Forest Lord wears nothing but an animal skin loincloth or tunic. If adventuring in colder climates, he may acquire padded or leather armor, but generally avoids armor with an Armor Class better than 8. He rarely carries a shield, as it interferes with movement.

Special Benefits

Stealth: A Forest Lord recelves a +2 bonus to all hiding proficiency checks. In natural settings, he has a 5% chance per level (to a maximum of 95%) to mm silently (as the thief skill).

Enhanced Healing: A Forest Lord recovers lost hit points at twice the normal rate. This does not apply to magical healing.

Speak with Animals: A Forest Lord can use this ability at will with his animal kinsmen. He may speak with other animals if he first makes a suc-
cessful Wisdom check. This ability is otherwise similar to the 2nd-level priest spell, but requires no components or casting times.

Summon Kinsmen: In his homeland terrain, aForest Lord can attempt to summon animal kinsmen. He thumps his chest and screeches at the top of his lungs for 14 rounds, then makes a Wisdom check. If the check succeeds, ld4 kins-
men arrive within the next hour (assuming the DM decides they’re available). The kinsmen act as followers for the next 2d6 hours, obeying the Forest Lord’s commands. A Forest Lord can attempt to summon kinsmen once per day.

Tree Top Movement: By swinging and leaping from branch to branch, a Forest Lord moves
through the tree tops at a base movement rate of 12.

Special Hindrances:

Weapon Restriction: The Forest Lord suffers a

non proficiency penalty of -2 when using weap

ons he has not made himself.

Honor Animal Kinsmen: The Forest Lord musthonor his animal kinsmen in the following ways:

-He may not wear clothing, wield weapons, or use products derived from his kinsmen.

_He may not intentionally or unintentionally harm a kinsman, and must intervene to pre
vent others from harming a kinsman._

--He must protect his kinsmen from predators.

-He must care for in+ or ill kinsmen.

-He must liberate captive kinsmen, including those in zoos, game reserves, and commercial enterprises. (He may use his speak with animals ability to determine if a particular animal is being held against its will)

If a Forest Lord violates any of these tenets, he is consumed by remorse and cannot use his
special benefits for 4d4 days. If his action or inaction results in the death of a kinsman, he is denied his special benefits for the next ld41 weeks. An atonement spell halves the duration of this penalty.

_Racial Notes _

-60’ Infravision.

-Natural AC of 4. Vegepygmies cannot wear armor of any kind.

-Vegepygmies start play with “Plantman Language,” a combination of clicks, whistles, and sign language. They must spend a nonweapon proficiency to learn Common.

-Fire-based attacks do 2x damage. Water-based attacks do half-damage.

-Outside of moist, swampy areas, must wet themselves 2x a day with a full waterskin, or suffer -2CON per missed bath.

session notes 11/16/16

newsporth and sarah’s rest inn- escorting civilians through bog on their way to grudgewood

Munch, Berp and Woolly Boole.

Equipment -



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