orphan goblin/wife of Jongle


STR 12 (45 weight allow., 140 max. press, 7 od, 4% bb/lg)
DEX 12
CON 8 (60% ss, 65% rs)
INT 11 (2 lang., 5th sp lv., 45% learn spell, 7 max sp/lv)
WIS 14 (1, 1 bonus spells)
CHA 16 (8 max. hench, +4 loyalty, +5 react)

Level 4 Thief

AC: 8
HP: 15|Current: 15
Experience: 5000
XP Next Level: 10000
thAC0: 19

Alignment: LN
Languages: Sri Raji, Common
Weight 60 lbs
Height 4’1’’
Age 26 Years Old

Par/Poi/Death: 13
R/S/W: 14
Petr/Poly: 12
Breath Weapon 16
Spell: 15


Racial Abilities:
60’ infravision

Weapon Profiencies

Thief Skills
Pick Pockets 50%
Open Locks 40%
Find/Remove Traps 5%
Move Silently 50%
Hide in Shadows 35%
Detect Noise 45%
Climb Walls 70%
Read Languages 0%

Backstab x2

Nonweapon Profiencies
Agriculture INT
Artistic Ability WIS
Etiquette CHA
Pottery DEX -2
Direction Sense WIS +1

simple robe & cloak
leather armor
ivory mask
tunic & breeches
Boots of Springing and Striding


An orphan whose parents found themselves trapped on the strange, foggy island of Sri Raji many years ago. Minja has never known her own homeland, and she was raised by grandmum and grandpap, two halfling ivory carvers native to Sri Raji.

Having learned Westlands Common from her parents (before they died in the violent and mysterious jungles of Sri Raji), Minja was often the person strangers would come to in Sri Raji. When the strangers inevitably wanted to leave the island, she would direct them to the temple of Maharaja Arijani — the ruler of the island — who, she assumes, sent them home.

Upon meeting the Revengers, Minja was courted by Jongle G. Janglemancer. She resisted his affections, but only barely. When Jongle presented a gift to her (a stolen bracelet of three flowers — representing “you, me, and our future”), Minja believed they were married.

She left her home in Pakat for a life of adventure with Jongle and Mildred’s Revengers.


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