xKurl Urd

a kobold imprisoned/employed by our heroes


Kurl was captured by the group as they explored the Haunted Halls. His colleague Stiv joined the heroes as a hired blade, while Kurl was tied and gagged and led through the Halls.

Kurl agreed to enter into the Revengers’ employment while in the Halls. His former Wings associate Stiv clearly held a grudge toward him, but the curmudgeonly Kurl generally paid him no mind. He was content to work for the Revengers, so long as they treated him fairly. He was offended by Bertram’s refusal to promise not to murder him, but was won over the gnome’s offer of a promise + handshake.

Kurl was killed by a megalocentipede in the depths of the Haunted Halls.

xKurl Urd

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