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The Garath; a Knight of Mypp, son of Teks.


AC: 7
HP: 29|Current: 22
Experience: Psionicist 55000/55000 Garath 99573/100500
thAC0: 17 psionicist 15 paladin
Alignment: CG
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Thri-Kreen
Weight 150 lbs
Height 5’4
Age: .01 Years Young

Strength: 10 To Hit: Normal|Damage Mod: none|Wt Allowance: 40|Max Press : 115|Open Doors: 6|Bend Bars: 2%

Dexterity: 15 Surprise Adj: 0|Missile Attack Adj.: 0| Defense Adj.: -1

Constitution: 12 HP Adj.: 0|System Shock: 80| Res Survival: 85|Poison Save: 0| Regeneration: nil

Intelligence: 12 Languages: 3|Max Spell Lvl: 6|Learn Spell: 50|Max Spells/Lvl: 7| Ill Imm: nil

Wisdom: 15 Mag Def Adj.: +1|Spell Failure: 0, Bonus Spells: 2nd|Spell Immunity: none

Charisma: 16 Henchmen: 8|Loyalty Base: -4|Reaction Adj. 5


Par/Poi/Death: 9 R/S/W: 11 Petr/Poly: 10 Breath Weapon 11
Spell: 12


Reading/Writing (Common): +|Int (12)|Check Mod: +1

Harness Subconscious: +|Wis (15)|Check Mod: -1

Hypnosis: +|Cha (16)| Check Mod: -2

Rejuvenation: +|Wis (15)|Check Mod: -3

Religion: +|Wis (15)|Check Mod: 0

Diagnostics: +|Wis (15)|Check Mod: -1

Scimitar +
Dagger +
Spear +
Chatka +
Zerka +
Warhammer +


Dagger wt. 1 spd 2 dmg. 1d4+2 type: P

Chatka Speed 4, dmg 1d6+2 type: P At 5th level, gains a free chatkcha weapon proficiency, the traditional crystal throwing wedge of the thri-kreen. Chatkcha can be thrown up to 30 yards and return to the wielder, doing 1d6+2 damage.

Chatka, flame-tongue
+1 in general, +2 vs. regenerating creatures, +3 vs. cold-using, inflammable, or avian creatures, +4 vs. undead

This weapon sheds light when its possessor speaks a command word (“garath”). When activated, the flame-tongue illuminates an area as brightly as a torch. The flame easily ignites oil, burns webs, or sets fire to paper, parchment, dry wood, etc. Cold-using creature are those whose attack mode involves cold (ice toads, white dragons, winter wolves, yeti, etc)

Claw 2/1 Speed 1, dmg 1d4+2 type: S

Bite Speed 2, dmg 1d4 +3 (poison 1/day) type: P (At 5th level, can use venomous saliva with bite attack. Opponents must save vs. paralyzation or be paralyzed; small creatures are paralyzed for 2d10 rounds, medium creatures for 2d8 rounds, and large creatures for 1d8 rounds. Gargantuan or larger are affected for 1 round.)



Encumbrance: 00/40 lbs. +
cloth cloak 12 sp
backpack 2gp 50 lb cap wgt 2
greek oil x5 50 gp wt.6
paper 6 gp
quiver 8 sp
ink 8 gp 1 lb
mirror 10 gp
scroll case 8 sp
hooded lantern 7 gp 2 lb
holy item 25 gp
chalk 1 cp
dried meat for 10 meals
crampons 4gp 2 lb 50 ft silk rope 10 gp 8 lbs 2 weeks dry rations 20 gp
10 pitons 30 cp 5 lbs. candle 1 cp
gloves 1 gp
linen keffiyeh 10 cp 10
fishhooks 10 sp.
grappling hook 8 sp 4 lbs
flint and tinder


Wild Talent: Synaptic Static

Mental Defenses: Tower of Iron Will, Mind Blank, Thought Shield. Intellect Fortress

Sciences: Mindlink (Power Score: Wisdom -5). Fate Link

Devotions: Contact, Conceal Thoughts, ESP, Send Thoughts, Post Hypnotic Suggestion, Incarnation Awareness, Synaptic Static

Power Score: Wisdom (15)
Maintenance Cost: 1/rd.
Range: special
Area of Effect: Individual
Prereq: None
Roll of power score: Contact maintained for rounds for free.
Roll of 20: Further contact is impossible at this exp level.


Science: Energy Containment

Devotion: Enhance Strength, Suspend Animation. Biofeedback, Body Control


Molecular Agitation


90 PSP’S


-20’ Vertical Jump. 50’ Broad Jump

-Vestigial antennae lessen any darkness or blindness-based penalty by 1 point (or 5%), not included ranged activities.

-Thri-kreen do not need sleep.

-At 7th level, can dodge physical missiles on a roll of 3+ on 1d20. Cannot dodge magical effects. Magical missile weapons (such as enchanted arrows) modify this roll by their plus.

-Cannot wear armor. Cannot use magical rings, girdles, armor, or cloaks.

-Starting languages: thri-kreen. A non-weapon proficiency must be spent to know Common.

-The thri-kreens sensitive antennae, which detect tiny changes in air pressure, reduce melee combat penalties due to darkness, blindness, or invisibility by 1 point (or 5%, as appropriate). Thus, a thri-kreen fighting in total darkness receives a 3 penalty to attack rolls, instead of the standard 4. The adjustment applies to attack rolls, and saving throws, movement check and Armor Class, as detailed in Chapter 13 of the DMG. Ranged activities,
like missile fire, do not get this benefit.


1. Detection of evil within a 100’ radius, revealing only the general
direction of the evil source and requiring total concentration.
2. Saving throw bonuses against evil magic at 1 for each three levels
the garath possesses (
1 at 1st through 3rd level, 2 at 4th through 6th
level, etc.). Evil magic includes any spells cast by evil NPCs or
monsters, and any effects of magic items that are intrinsically evil or
that are used by evil beings.
3. Protection from devils beginning at 5th level, including all lawful
evil creatures from the lower planes.
4. Spell use at 8th level and above. Garath Table II shows the number
and level of such spells.
5. The ability to use all holy swords (of chaotic good alignment) as
paladins do.
6. Good welcome from any allied chaotic good church. A garath abuses
this only at the risk of deviating from his alignment.
7. Hit and damage bonuses of +1 for each 4 levels of experience (
1 at
1st through 4th level, +2 at 5th through 8th level, etc.) with any
weapon, due to their fierce fighting ability and devotion.
8. Two bodyguards appointed at 7th level. These two 1st-level fighters,
of the same race as the garath, progress in level as normal NPCs and will
serve unto death. The church will not replace killed bodyguards.
9. Garath Hit and Damage Bonus +2 at lvl 6

The strictures of a garath are:
1. Forbidden retention of wealth. Garaths keep non-monetary treasure if
desired; otherwise, they give it to the church.
2. Use of force only against non-good-aligned individuals, except for
self-defense or church defense.
3. Employment of only good-aligned individuals, except for church


In the years after Minja sent off Teks and Valeria in Sigil, the City of Gates, she became increasingly impatient with the fact that she couldn’t possibly know if they had been successful in their journey. She lost a dear friend, and a daughter that day. Maybe, they were safe and eating dinner with Bertram carrying on about bad onions next to a warm campfire? Maybe, they had been torn about trying to teleport through time and are specks of star dust streaming across the sky at night. She consulted some old contacts she had in Mercantus to devise ways to send messages/messengers forward. The monuments and statues came out of these collaborations, and a trust was established to guarantee their preservation and maintenance within the New Revengers’ charter.
Returning to Acardia, Minja consulted Tek’s wife Kytlk. Minja wanted to know if Teks had given Kytlk any indication or clue about how he planned to return for her. Kytlk was clearly pregnant. How could this be? Thirty years had passed since Teks and Valeria left. As it happens, formorian queens can store the sperm of their mate for up to fifty years. She considered terminating the pregnancy when Teks left, not knowing if she could raise a child that reminded her so much of the husband she would likely never see again.
Minja begged Kytlk to keep the egg, and invited her to return with Minja to Mercantus, where she planned to make contact with Irpex in Mycelia.
Kytlk could not cope with life in Mercantus, she constantly felt an intense urge to move her egg from place to place. Minja would disappear for days on end, and the maids of the Brass Tacks were terrified of her. She abandoned her egg, and disappeared. She left Minja with a letter, and another addressed to Teks.

I’m so sorry, I can’t stay here, and I can’t raise this child. If you do ever find a way to make it back, bring him with you. He will want to know his father. What we talked about— I still believe it.”

He is your son, by god, I don’t know how, or why. I waited as long as I could before ovulating. I held on. But he’s not my son. Not when I can never feel your mouthparts on my exoskeleton again. I don’t like Minja, I never have. You both seem to have this bond that always took precedence over us. I can’t forgive you for leaving, and I won’t bear the responsibility of seeing your plan through to help a future I’ll never live to see/he’ll likely never live to see. I refuse this madness. I refuse it.”

Minja read the letters aloud on her return to the Tacks. She was joined by Babo Yishti, an old friend and artificer who she had relied on heavily for her research on the rods. Yishti knew Minja did not want to raise another child at her age, and also knew something of formorian biology:

“…under the right conditions, formorian eggs can survive for centuries as long as the development can be put into stasis, and the integrity of the shell is not compromised.”

xKit Tik

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