Khalid Ibrin bin Sallah

He who was once a dwarf


Khalid Ibrin Bin Sallah

He Who Was Once a Dwarf

Holy Assassin 4, Priest of Psilofyr 6

AC: 10 (-3 Def Adj. +3 armor/buckler)=4
HP: 38|Current: 35
Experience: 33,598/55,000
thAC0: 18

Alignment: LN
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Orc, Bullywug
Weight 180 lbs
Height 5’
Age 31 Years Old


Strength: 10 To Hit: 0 | Damage Mod: none | Wt Allowance: 40 | Max Press : 115 | Open Doors: 6 | Bend Bars: 2

Dexterity: 17 Surprise Adj: +2 | Missile Attack Adj. +2 | Defense Adj.: -3

Constitution: 15 HP Adj.: 1 | System Shock: 90 | Res Survival: 94 | Poison Save: 0 | Regeneration: nil

Intelligence: 13 Languages: 3 | Max Spell Lvl: 6 | Learn Spell: 55 | Max Spells/Lvl: 9 | Ill Imm: nil

Wisdom: 14 Mag Def Adj.: 0 | Spell Failure:0, Bonus Spells: 1 | Spell Immunity: none

Charisma: 12 Henchmen: 5 | Loyalty Base: 0 | Reaction Adj. 0
Par/Poi/Death: 9
R/S/W: 13
Petr/Poly: 12
Breath Weapon 15
Spell: 14

Scimitar, 3/2, Speed 5, Atk 1, Dmg d82
Dagger (OwBear, melee) 1/1, Speed 2, Atk 1, Dmg d41 (magical)
Dagger (Thrown) 3/1, Speed 2, Atk 2, Dmg d40
Short Bow 2/1, Speed 7, Atk 2, Dmg d60
Wrestling/Boxing 1/1, Speed 1, Atk +0, Dmg +-1 on table

Armor: Leather, Buckler
Ring: Blink

Racial Abilities:
Race: Myconid – dwarfskin (unique)
Racial Abilities: +2 WIS, -2 CHA.

Infravision 60’.

Spore Thought: A small cloud of spores aimed at one person. The person may make a save vs. poison (or, they can choose to fail). On failure, a 2-way telepathic rapport is established, speaking mind to mind as if normal speech. The range is 40 feet. The duration is a number of turns equal to the level (or HD) of the myconid. 4/day.

Spore Attack: Spew forth sleep-inducing spores. A single target must save vs. poison, or become totally passive — unable to do anything — even if attacked. Range is 40’, the duration is equal to the level (or HD) of the myconid. 1/day.

Disguise (Bonus): +|Cha (12)|Check Mod: -1
Locksmithing: +|Dex (17)|Check Mod: 0
Tumbling: +|Dex (17)|Check Mod: 0
Observation: +|Int (13)|Check Mod: 0
Set Snares: +|Dex (17)| Check Mod: -1
Outer Planes (EXP): +|Int (13)| Check Mod: -3
Weather Sense (Bonus): +|Wis (14)|Check Mod: +1
Animal Handling: +|Wis (14)|Check Mod: -1
Direction Sense: +|Wis (14)|Check Mod: +1
Reading and Writing: +|Int (13)| Check Mod: +1
Herbalism (2): +|Int (13)|Check Mod: -2
Seamanship: +|Dex (17)| Check Mod: +1

Thief Skills
Modifiers Points Total
Pick Pockets 10 0 10
Open Locks 40 30 65
Find/Remove Traps 25 50 75
Move Silently 20 15 35
Hide in Shadows 15 15 35
Detect Noise 15 0 15
Climb Walls 50 40 90
Read Languages -10 0 -10
Class Skills:
Backstab x2
Tumbling:-4 to AC
Set Man Traps
Thieves Cant

3 Daggers
Robe (Common): 9 sp
Bedroll and Blanket
Flint and Tinder: 5 sp
Backpack 2gp wt. 2
50 ft Rope
Grappling Hook
Belt pouch (small): 7 sp wt.
1/2 Candle: 1 cp
Chalk 1cp
quill and ink
Trail rations (7)
Soap: 5 sp wt. 1lb
Encumbrance: 9/20 lbs.


Magic Items:

Rope of Entanglement
Ring of Spell Storing
Potion of Greater Healing
elixer of youth


Spheres Available: All, Elemental Earth, Guardian, Healing, Law, Plant, Protection (major) Creation, Numbers, Summoning, Wards, Weather(minor).

1 (4)
faerie fire
Protection from Evil
Cure Light (ct 5)

2 (3)
Warp Wood

3 (2)
Stone Shape

By means of this spell, the wizard causes his material form to "blink directly from one point to another at a random time and in a random direction. This means that me- lee attacks against the wizard automatically miss if initiative indicates they fall after he has blinked.
Each round the spell is in effect, the wiz- ard rolls 2d8 to determine the timing of the blink-the result of the dice roll is used as the wizards initiative for that round. The wizard disappears and instantaneously re- appears 10feet distant from his previous po- sition. (Direction is determined by roll of ld8: 1 = right ahead, 2 = right, 3 = right behind, 4 = behind, 5 = left behind, 6 = left, 7 left ahead, 8 = ahead.) The caster cannot blink into a solid object; if such is in- dicated, reroll the direction. Movable ob- jects of size and mass comparable to the caster are shoved aside when the caster blinks in. If blinking is impossible except into a fixed, solid object, the caster is then trapped on the Ethereal plane.
During each round that he blinks, the spellcaster can be attacked only by oppo- nents who win initiative or by those who are able to strike both locations at once (e.g., with a breath weapon, fireball, or similar wide-area attack forms). Opponents with multiple attacks, or those operating under haste or similar effects, can often strike early enough to have at least one attack against the caster.


Khalid Ibrin bin Sallah

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