xJad, the Myrikhan

one of the Knights of Mypp


A friendly dwarven sailor from Amara. An old associate of Red Al’s, Jad came to Grudgewood to bring weapons & supplies to help in the Battle for Grudgewood. Arriving too late for that particular engagement, he has remained to help in whatever fashion he can.

Usually dressed only in loose-fitting trousers, Jad also wears a small metal symbol — scales of balance — on a tight-fitting, suede collar around his neck.

Secretly, Jad is the Myrikhan, one of the Knights of Mypp. He seeks revenge for the death of his brother-knight Xiang. He lured the Revengers out to sea, then attacked them with the might of his fiery sword and Xiang’s wyvern Sǐwáng, which was hidden in the hold.

Jad was turned to sand by Ervendio’s shield during the Kuraphai/Silverwind War.


xJad, the Myrikhan

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