a wizard and ally of the Twelve Barrows


An employee at Mammarie’s (and rumored wizard) from Grudgewood, she ran off more than a week ago with a passing hobgoblin. Mammarie convinced Red Al to send some of his mercenaries to coax her home, but they never returned.

More recently, Drea’s white crow flew to town to deliver a handwritten message: “bandits at the tower.” Al believes this means Eddistone Point, the tallest point in several days travel.

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Drea made it to the Barrows, but too late to warn them of the attack. She encountered Aloysius Bouchard’s troops doing training maneuvers outside of the city-state and joined with them as they engaged with the goblin enemies from the hills around the Barrows.

Called “the Violet Woman” by the remnants of the Fourth Order, she is a close confidant of Aloysius Bouchard.


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