xCpt. Chas Cameron-DECEASEDx

Blockheads never forget.


Captain Chaz Cameron

Alignment: LG

STR: 12
weight allow 45
max press: 140
open doors 7
bend bars/ lift gate 4

Dex: 14

Con: 10

Int :10

*Wis:13 *

Cha 6

HP: 10

AC 5

Weapon Profs.:
++ Longsword, +1 Attack +2 Dmg
++Lance. +1 Attack +2 dmg


+ Riding (Land Based
Gaming: +
Hunting: +
Local History: +
Religion: +

_Scale Mail
Bit and Bridle
Horseshoes and Shoeing
Longsword spd 5 dmg 1d8

(Lance) 6 gp spd 6 dmg 1d6

boots riding -3 gp
Gloves 1 gp
Plain brooch 10 gp
Tunic 8 sp
Fine Fur 50 gp
Map case: 8 sp
Mirror: 10 gp
Parchment 3 sheets 3 gp
Soap 5 sp
Signet Ring
Ink & Quill
last squad to go to library died
tentacles in the dark
superior officer needs blockheads


Chas Cameron came from a large, wealthy Goblin family of six sisters and four brothers. His father held the title to extensive lands he leased to the church. The Cameron’s raised their children to be humble, but understand that they were a cut above the peasants that depended on patriarch Brak Cameron for work, and land to dwell on and tend crops. They were given education at home, and child rearing duties were handed off to the older siblings in their spare hours. Brak Cameron was a stern man, who expected obedience. He called on all four of his sons to volunteer for service during the recent rebellions in the Middlemarsh, and serve their Lord with distinction. He hoped when Chas returned, he would take up the monastic life to prepare to serve the family from within the church while they served it from without.
Chas was given the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, and slowly worked his way to Captain in the Campaign for the Twelve Barrows, which proved to be an extremely costly one for the Goblin armies. Chas watched as waves of his peers were felled like wheat against a thresher before the human cavalry, blood everywhere, shields crashing. He kept his head down, he stayed alive. That was enough to earn a promotion under the current leadership. The Goblin army overtook the first barrow after they overran a series of bridges leading into town, although some of the Knights of the Twelve Barrows had managed to secure their escape. Lawlessness and looting ensued, and Chas quickly saw that the standards and morals he had been raised to uphold quickly flew out the window in the days after the city fell. He knew to let it continue would set a dangerous precedent, but he also knew that if he too harshly absconded his men he might lose them completely.
Chas favored loyalty above all other things, but he tried to be fair and assess his soldiers for their strengths and utilize them in a way that let their personalities thrive. He had done the same at home. He knew what is was to lead, how to fight came later.
He was killed in action during the Battle for the Barrows. Notably, he is credited as being among the Goblins that raised the flag of Lord Baldric when the first barrow fell; a decisive moment in a pitched battle that raised Goblin morale considerably.

xCpt. Chas Cameron-DECEASEDx

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