a wererat/drow of the underdark


St: 9
De: 17
Co: 13
In: 17
Wi: 10
Ch: 9

class: Thief-troubleshooter
lv: 1

thief skills:

pp 20 (-10 5 +5 +5n/a base: 15 points: )
ol 30 (
5 -5 10 base: 10 points: 10)
f/r t 20 (
5 base: 5, points: 10)
ms 40 (5 +5 +10n/a base 10, points: 20)
his 35 (
10 5 +5n/a base: 5, points: 10)
dn 30 (
5 base: 15, points: 10)
cw 70 (+10 base 60, points: )
rl 0 (base: 0, points )

Weapon Profs: dagger, crossbow
Nonweapon Profs: Observation, Alertness, Fast-talking, Locksmithing, Trailing

Racial Abilities:

90% resistant to sleep & charm spells.
Discover secret/concealed doors on a roll of 1 on a 1d6.
+1 to hit with bows, short and longswords.
Move silently and invisibly through forest and other natural terrain.

90’ infravision.
Once per day, use the spells dancing lights, faerie fire, and darkness. At 4th level, add levitate, know alignment, and detect magic.
Drow priest can cast clairvoyance, detect lie, suggestion, and dispel magic once a day.

50% magic resistance at 1st level, increase at 2% every level, to a maximum of 80%.

Completely blind in any light brighter than torchlight. Light spells do not contribute to this blindness.

In bright light, drows suffer -2 DEX, -2 attack rolls, and opponents gain +2 saving throws against drow spells.

After 2 weeks aboveground, drow lose their special advantages at a rate of one per day, starting with the most powerful. MR is lost at 10% a day concurrently.

Moon elves react to drow at -4 reaction.


A rat of the Underdark, Carol met the Revengers after they escaped the Chaos Storm. Carol is subject to Mildred’s animal friendship spell, and begins traveling with them as a guide.

Carol is revealed to be a wererat! She tries to leave the Revengers, but is pulled back by their kindness and friendship. She takes her drow form and believes she has tricked everyone (except Bertram) that her name is Ann.


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