AD&D - New World

62: Tentacles in the Dark

our heroes encounter a terrible new foe...

Backtracking to the drow camp in an attempt to cut around a suspected mind-flayer ambush, the Revengers sneak past the dark elves using Bertram’s invisibility and Ervendio’s camouflage. Sneaking past, they see that a fight had broken out between the male and female drow after they left; the women won and killed the men, including Droth. The women were trussing and bleeding the corpses of their former comrades.

Moving on down the side tunnel, the party travels for several uneventful hours. Six small rats suddenly come upon them, running up and around them, circling, then going back the way they came. Shortly thereafter, the rats return — leading a scouting party of four mind-flayers!


The tentacle-faced creatures mindblast Mildred and Golgaraz, stunning them for the rest of the fight. Bea fireballs the corridor, incinerating the rats and revealing them as lycanthrope thralls of the mind-flayers. Bertram’s fear causes two of the mind-flayers to flee. Despite the initial success of their spells, the Revengers discover the mind-flayers are largely resistant to magic, but the Revengers battle decisively and kill the alien creatures. Bertram dispatches one with his dagger, and Ervendio kills another at close range with his bow.

After the battle, Ervendio sets to decapitating and amputating the feet of his people’s ancient enemies. Carol, in a near-panic, tries to assure Bertram that, while she is like those other rats, she’s also not like those other rats. Bertram’s reaction — cooly aloof — causes Carol to panic and run away. Ervendio searches the bodies of the mind-flayers, discover some gold & platinum, 2 magic potions, 4 black and glittery cloaks, and a silver brooch engraved with the symbol of a spider.

The Revengers make camp after reaching an elevated side-tunnel. Golgaraz studies the his companions’ spellbooks. Valeria writes poetry. Bea sings a haunting and beautiful song about a red dragon. Bertram creates an illusory wall for the Revengers and their druidic retinue to rest within.

In the night, Carol the rat returns — squeaking, looking for a way in. Bertram wakes up and pursues her. He accuses her of being a wererat — and she transforms into a drow. She is a lycanthrope, but she wishes the Revengers no harm. Mildred approaches and Bertram introduces the drow as “Ann.” Mildred pretends not to know that Carol/Ann are one and the same, inviting Ann to join the party.

Ann them of a drow city in the underdark — Erelhei-Cinlu — from which she was lured as a child, hearing the illithid in her dreams. She does not tell them she is a wererat, but most in the party understand that she is. She tells them the mind-flayers scout the underdark, battling the drow when they find each other. There is also a race of fish-folk down here — the kuo-toa — who are dangerous and mad. The druids reveal they are now pacifists, having seen their friends murdered by their other friends.

The Revengers approach the Grand Cavern, a place Ann says is dangerous and full of scouting drow and other beasts. But it is the only way forward. They elect Ann to pretend to be their slavemaster, taking them to Erelhei-Cinlu to be sold. It works! They bypass the drow guard. Volcano sniffs out some large pack animals — big, slow, probably tasty. An illusion spell cast by Bertram surges, leaving him unable to cast any spells except illusions for the next 24 hours.

The Revengers pass through the Grand Cavern and the tunnel narrows again. Valeria gives Ann a high-five They continue into the underdark, where more dangers surely await them….

Group Awards
Wererats (6), 1620
Mind-Flayers (4), 36,000
Carol/Ann, 6000
Slave Masters of the Grand Cavern, 6000

Group Total: 49,620 Individual Award: 8270

Individual Totals
Bea 9470 (Dragon Lullaby 1200, Group 8270)
Bertram 9470 (A Lie Agreed Upon 1200, Group 8270)
Ervendio 9470 (Calamari Cutter 1200, Group 8270)
Golgaraz 9470 (Bad Meistersinger 1200, Group 8270)
Mildred 9470 (Last Time I Make Friends With Something You Can Talk To 1200, Group 8270)
Valeria 9470 (High Five 1200, Group 8270)

2 potions (magic, unidentified)
silver spider brooch
23 platinum pieces
45 gold pieces
4 black & glittery cloaks


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